Increased Productivity

Do you want increased productivity? Would you like to be able to accomplish more in less time? Many people desire this yet few fulfill it. Sadly, the process to doing more is rather simple. We will discuss an easy way to achieve this outcome.

Often, I like to watch what others do. The actions of others provides me with so many wonderful lessons. It seems those who "do it all wrong" teach me more than those who are succeeding. For example, I found it easy to understand why so few are productive. Have you ever noticed how people behave when they first get to work? What is the typical person's agenda when he or she begins the day? This is what I found to be rather common.

When one gets to the office, the first thing he or she does is turn on the computer. While the computer is booting, this person may go get a cup of coffee. Along the way, our employee sees a colleague who happened to watch the same game last night. Of course, a chat ensues for a 5-10 minutes. Once back at the desk, it is time to check emails. Personal emails accounts come first in out procrastinator's mind. After the emails are completed, there are a few websites that need to be checked out. A recap on the game is a great place to start. Checking the box score is crucial.

I could go on but I think you get the point. Our example illustrates how people waste a large amount of time. They key to productivity is to get stated. This is the one thing that guarantees more output. We lose so much time focusing on other non-vital activities.

Here is a system that will help you in getting you day started.

1. Make a list.

Do this the night before. Write down all the important activities you need to focus upon the next day.

2. Prioritize.

A report for the boss due at noon is more crucial that cleaning your desk. Assign the priorities with an ABC or 123 system. I do like to put a rather easy task as my first priority to build momentum.

3. Get Busy.

Start immediately on the first task. Momentum really help multiply your output. Beginning your day in a productive manner sets the tone for the rest of your day.

These are a few steps you can take to increase you output. Use them starting today.
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