Keep Moving Forward

The world is awaiting the vote by the United States Congress on the "bailout" of the financial system; a move that will cost $700 billion. The intention is to shore up the markets and institutions to avoid a worldwide recession (depression). As I write this, the House is voting on it. Will it pass? It looks like it will. How does this affect you? Only time will reveal that answer.

It is easy to get caught "standing around". I like the analogy of the players at the end of a basketball game watching the superstar take control. Often, the team loses because everyone else is standing around watching. In effect, the star goes 1 on 5. He is left all alone.

We can follow a similar path if we are not careful. This morning the President addressed the nation regarding the need for this legislation to pass. However, most people got up and went to work. They are carrying forward in spite of what is transpiring in Washington. Yet, there are a few who are waiting the results to help them out. It reminds me of the people who were waiting helpless after Katrina for someone to come in and save them. They turned all their personal power over to another.

The last few days I wrote about personal responsibility and taking control of your life (click here). These examples show how people choose not to do that. Please bear in mind that I am not trying to make light of those who suffered in the hurricane a couple years back. Nevertheless, there was a time before the storm hit where people could have done something. The same thing with this financial mess. There was a time when you could have done something different. The fact that you did not put you in this situation. That is the "I am responsible" attitude.

How do we go about changing the situation that we are in? It starts with us continuing to move forward regardless of what anyone else does. If the financial bailout benefits you, wonderful. In the intern, decide to resolve the situation yourself. Do what is necessary to handle to circumstances on your own. Resist the temptation to depend on the government to help you. Remember, approximately 1,500 people in New Orleans put their faith in that source only to lose their lives. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself.

Get proactive in your life. Those in Washington will carry on with their lives regardless of what happens to you. Their concern ceases the minute they leave work. Trust me; you are not on their minds at cocktail parties. Responsibility means that you take care of yourself. Begin by taking the steps to move yourself forward.

The benefit to all of this is that what does not kill you will make you stronger. This is an old saying. My experience is that a saying becomes old because it is true. You will be a better person for enduring what you go through. Success is the result of experience. Sometimes we learn the most from the negative experiences in life. This is where growth comes from.

Where do you go from here? "Onward and upward" is what one of my employer use to say. It was his favorite saying. He died with a net worth of around $225 million so I believe he knew his stuff. Wherever you are at this moment, keep moving forward. The next thing you need to do is whatever is in front of you. Make it your goal to do that task to the best of your ability. Then, follow it up with the next activity. That is how we get past times such as these.

Remember that situations are temporary. Bad stuff only happens for a certain period of time. If you are broke now, that does not mean that you will be that way forever. Take responsibility for your financial situation to resolve it. The opportunity to learn is often worth the price you pay for the lesson. The key is to prohibit the situation from stopping you. This is the guaranteed way to fail.
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