Maintaining Flexibility

Football season is here and we already saw a number of key injuries around the NFL. The biggest of them all is the New England's Patriot's loss of Tom Brady. This man is the heart and soul of this team. He is most likely the only player the Patriots could not afford to lose. They went from a team that was looking at the Superbowl to one that can only hope to make the playoffs. How quickly things change.

I allude to this situation as a way to illustrate how things can occur. Life can change in an instant. There are no guarantees that what we become accustomed to will repeat itself today. Each day carries with it new perils and risks. For most, nothing dramatic happens. However, occasionally the star quarterback is unexpectedly hurt.

The Patriots were planning on the World Championship. Everything they did in the off season and training camp was geared to this end. Now, all those plans are altered. This is how life is. We can plan all we want, but the outcome is out of our hands. Make financial plans to retire at a certain age and you might find the market turned against you. Consider the plight of those who owned Enron stock as an example. All their planning went out the window because of fraudulent behavior of others.

Successful people remain flexible in how they approach life. Planning is an important exercise the successful use often. However, no matter how well one plans, circumstances have a way of going awry. Being able to handle the surprises that life can serve is crucial. This begins with taking responsibility for what occurs. It is this mindset which allows us to take control of situations. Remember, if it is their fault, then you must fix them before the situation is handled. Maintaining the power of responsibility is a terrific enhancement.

Flexibility helps to determine our attitude. One who has an optimistic outlook while encountering the bumps along the way will enjoy greater success. A proper mindset is a crucial part of achievement. Often, our results are created in our own minds before any action is taken. Be versatile in your approach to life.

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