Time To Step Up

The baseball season is rapidly coming to an end. Today is the last day of the regular season. There are a number of teams fighting for a couple of playoff positions. One of the teams, the New York Mets, found themselves in a must win situation yesterday. If they lost that game, their season was pretty much done. The chances of making the playoffs would be reduced drastically.

To prevent that outcome, they put out their best pitcher, Johan Santana. He is the one in the who signed an astronomical contract in the off season. Many thought it was ridiculous to pay such money for a player who only plays once every 5 days. Yesterday, he proved why the team paid so much.

Santana's performance goes deeper than his on-field accomplishment. This situation is a lesson what we all need to do in our lives. Too often, people avoid these type of circumstances. Only a few step up and get the job done. Here are three things that Santana did which you can apply to your own life.

1. Have the desire to be in there

He threw the most pitches in any outing just 4 days before. However, knowing the situation, he went to the manager to offer to pitch on 3 days rest. This is a day shorter than is usual. Yet, he was not about to defer to a teammate. He wanted to be the one pitching in this situation.

2. His mindset was one of victory

Santana told his manager that he would win the game. That is the outlook of the successful. Our results first appear in our mind. Santana never allowed the possibility of defeat to enter into his thought process. Also, notice how there was no uncertainty in his outlook. He was not hoping, desiring, or wishing. He knew he would win that day.

3. He performed his best.

There are many who want to be in this type of situation yet bomb when they get there. According to one of the announcers who watches the team all year, Santana threw his best game of the year. That is what the highly successful do. They perform their best in the most important situations. It is one thing to throw a wonderful game in April; a different matter when your team's playoff hopes are on the line.

How many times do you encounter a situation where there is a of pressure? Do you relish these times by asking to be involved? Or do you cower from them? This is what determines whether you are an ace or not. Consider yourself the all-star in your life and match all your actions to that belief. This will instantly make a difference in how you perform.
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