Create Change

Most people look for change to happen in their life. They sitting around waiting for things to be different. This is a common occurrence among people. Instead of taking proactive steps towards implementing change in their lives, they magically hope that something will be different next week, next month, or next year. Life is spent always looking forward with hope.

The only constant in the world is change. However, people rarely embrace this concept. Rather, they look for ways to keep things the same. This creates a terrible habit when one is in dire need of creating a new life. The status quo can be the enemy of most. Living life on the continual merry-go-round when one is unfulfilled is death.

I often say that life is a contact sport. One must be active to be successful. Creating change in one's life is a way of taking control. Proactive always beats reactive. You must be the driving force in your life.

Humans are creatures of habit. Each week is basically a carbon copy of the week before. After a while, we are able to put our blinders on and proceed through our day. We awaken at the same time, take the same path to work at the same job, return the same way, and go to be at roughly the same time. This is the routine for the largest percentage of the population. Any wonder why people are bored with their lives.

It is time for you to start becoming one who creates change in your life. The best way to go about this is to start doing something different. It matters none how big or small the action is. The important factor is that you begin to create new results. I find that making lots of little changes ultimately adds up to a different life path. Make 1,000 changes in your life over the next 30 days and you will notice a substantial difference.

The clock is ticking. Now is when you need to get after your life. Let nothing stand in your way.
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Survival Of The Fittest

This is something that I am going to be commenting on over the next few posts. Across the globe we are seeing people turn to the governments for support. People are afraid what the future holds because they are inadequately prepared to deal with what is in front of them. Life, for many, was too easy. Now, with circumstances getting worse by the day, people are turning to that which they were promised would take care of them.

I witnessed this activity are few years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. The death total there numbered around 1,500. I clearly remember the image of people waiting for the government rescuers to get to them. Sadly, for many, they perished before that help arrived.

The episode showed how woefully inadequate the government is in handling anything. We again witnessed a similar situation with the BP oil spill. A number of years later and a new administration results in the same. Woeful action.

Many are promised safety and comfort by our leaders. The sad truth is this doesnt work since it goes against nature. Man, no matter how much he tries to get away from it, is part of the Animal Kingdom. All the laws present in nature apply to us equally. And the overriding policy in the wild is survival of the fittest.

Man wants to believe that he is a more civilized creature. Society drums into us dogma about being concerned about the entire human race. We are told that we are all interconnected. Funny how unconnected we are when the utility company is cutting off our power. Or how lonely it feels when hearing the screaming of a child because he or she is hungry. All of a sudden the interconnectedness of it all is out the window and survival is one's focus.

Your life is your responsibility. It is that simple. Do not believe the preachings and sales job that people give you to the contrary. Ultimately, the only one you can count on is yourself (and a select few who are close to you). Protecting yourself and your family is the onus we all bear. Life is a survival game. Spend your time worrying about those not under your domain and you will weaken your chances of helping those closest to you.

In the end, survival starts with the understanding that living any other way is a for of slavery. When people promise to take care of you, you suddenly are indebted to them. All "gifts" come with a string attached. Watch the actions of the governments around the world to fully understand this concept. People taking from the system are dependent upon that system for their survival. The second someone pulls that support, these people are finished.

If you think this is too cold a view of the world, I challenge you to look around. See how many are suffering because they are ill-equipped to deal with the reality of life. They became dependent upon others and were let down. Promises are broken on a daily basis. In the end, only the strong survive. Are you one of them?
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How To Think Like A Billionaire

Warren Buffet is considered by many to be the greatest investor in the last 50 years. Since he is the 2nd richest man in the world, I guess we can agree with that sentiment. He is a billionaire many times over (40-50 times). Certainly he has something insightful for the rest of us to improve our lives.

Buffet, true to his nature, has three keys to success in life.

1. Have The Right Heroes

Pattern your life around the actions of someone you admire. Make then a mentor by utilizing their life as a blueprint for yours. Action is the key to success and success leaves clues. Having a hero will enable you to follow the path that was already laid out for you.

2. Follow Your Passion

Warren Buffet absolutely loves the stock market. There is not a person on this planet who enjoys researching and finding quality companies at an inexpensive price. With $40 million, this man doesnt need to work but he shows up everyday even though he is more than a decade past the usual retirement age.

3. Invest In Yourself

We all need to do the things that will improve our lives. Our minds are a powerful computer. Pack it full of powerful ideas. Read the books that will enhance your mindset. Invest in a series of audio tapes so that you can cram useful information during your daily drive.

These are the three keys to success according to one of the richest men in the history of the civilized world. I think his ideas say it all. This is how you think like a billionaire.

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New Actions

Life is a contact sport. To achieve success, one must take action. Everything we do produces results. Some will say that some results are good while others are bad. I disagree with these judgments. Nature doesnt have good or bad. It simply has results. Now, when applying this to our lives, we do get results that are intended and some that are unintended.

If you are at the stage you do not like what is occurring in your life, it is safe to say that you have a lot of unintended results. What I mean by this is that the action you are presently taking is not creating the results that you desire. Therefore, it is paramount that you change the action you take on a daily basis if you want new results to arise.

Here is the catch: new actions create new results. It is that simple. Remember, everything we do produces a result. Anything different will create a different result in your life. Stack enough different actions and results and you will find that your life takes on a new direction. The downward spiral can be reversed and moved in an upward direction. This is done by rethinking the action that you take.

One caveat that I want to throw in is the idea that people fail to take action. Actually, when considered, failure to take action is actually taking an action. When one decides to not get off the couch and exercise, one is really deciding to sit and watch television. That action produces the result of flabbiness. If one wants a different outcome, exercising is the new action that needs to be taken.

Therefore, if you want to start changing your life today, begin by taking different action. This is the fastest way to set yourself on a new path. All the planning in the world will not alter anything if not followed up by action. It was your actions that created your present circumstances. Those same actions will make your future identical unless you opt to change. Begin that practice today.
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Stop The Whining

I spent the better part of this past weekend with someone who is dealing with some health issues. For that reason, I was a bit more tolerant that I usually am for dismal behavior. However, this is a person who reflects the "non-success" attitude. She spent most of the time we were together complaining about things. This led to her being condescending and outright arrogant at times. To me, this is the path to loneliness. Who wants to interact long-term with someone like this?

As I mentioned yesterday, success starts in the head. What we think about is what we can materialize. If we choose to focus upon all the negativity in our life, then that is what we are going to experience. Law of attraction or not, this is a simple reality. Try walking down the street and notice everything that is red. When you are continually focusing upon something, you will find it.

Part of the change in your path to success is to stop whining about different things in your life. The circumstances which you experience are results of decisions you made in the past. This is the essence of taking responsibility for your life. Everything is an outcome of some past choice you made. This is a worthwhile sentiment to remember.

Whining turns people off. Nobody who is successful wants to be around those who focus upon and spread misery. Overcoming challenges needs to be a part of your "success tool bag" Those who allow circumstances to get them down inevitably become a slave to those circumstances. Exercise your power by figuring out the solution instead of the problem.

Life is not a solo exercise. Those who truly excel know that the input of others is crucial. Whiners repel people. They do not attract those who have the ability to assist in the creation of better things. Whiners are stuck in one place and usually will not move off it. On the other hand, the "movers and shakers" in society like to interact with those who are doing the same. Progress is made one step at a time. Whining is a indication that one is stuck in neutral.

The next time you want to whine, picture yourself handing a nice big sign with the words "I am going nowhere in life" painted on it in red. Is that the idea you want everyone to have of you? If not, shut your mouth and work on the solution.
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Being The Best

What is it that separates the great ones from all the rest? Have you ever sat down and thought what exactly started the process? Is it talent? Determination? Blessing from a higher power? Obviously there is something that makes the great ones great. Figuring out what that is can go a long way to helping us to understand how to improve our lives.

Fortunately, I am going to give you some help with the answers to these questions. All success starts in the mind. Even before talent, luck, or environment comes into play, one must succeed in his or her mind. Mankind has proven this truth throughout history. As you think, so you will be.

The simple fact is that those who achieve the ultimate success do so because they believe they are going to be the best. It is that easy. That is where all grand achievement comes from. If you are able to direct your thoughts in this direction, your entire life will change. Instantly, all actions change.

The best behave differently than the average person. These people take the actions that others are unwilling to do. They start their day in a different manner and that carries throughout. Watch how the successful behave and compare that to your life. You will see an immediate difference. Again, the reason this occurs is because the best believe so in their mind.

Tiger Woods, before this season, went out expecting to win every golf tournament. In his mind, he was the best before he ever teed the ball up. What was the "Woods Mystique"? The biggest advantage that Tiger Woods had on his competitors was all mental. He believed he was better and so did they.

The New York Yankees fit into this category also. The past 38 years, when owned by the recently departed George Steinbrenner, saw the expectation of championships. Finishing second was not tolerable. The team was designed to win and that was expected. Every player knew to believe they were the best team in baseball. Thus, all actions were taken with the desire to prove this mindset.

It is time you began to live your life in a similar fashion. Decide today that you are going to be the best in everything that you do. Your were designed to live at the top level of the food chain. Mentally, you can put yourself there in this instance. Remember, all success is preceded by the mind. From there, you simply need to contour your actions with the mindset you create. Mental success followed by directed action leads to physical success. There is no simpler formula than that.

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