Personal Responsibility

"It is all your making". "You created the situation that you are in". These are words that make people tremble. It goes against the prevailing belief that so many have. Most want to absolve themselves of any responsibility. The "blame game" is the preferred method for dealing with issues. We want to blame anyone that we can for our plight in life.

The successful do not partake in this. Sure, the economy might be lagging. However, a successful sales person knows that sales are made each day regardless of what the economy is doing. He or she overcomes the excuses while taking responsibility for what occurs in life. This is what allows one to change circumstances. If I am responsible for it, then I am the one who can change it. Yet, if you are responsible, then I must change you. The later shows the impossibility of making any adjustments.

Each decision you made led to the point that you are at. It is understandable that you do not like you ex-wife. However, who forced you to marry her. Hating your job is a common idea; who forced you to go to work there? The point is that somewhere along the line we made a choice that gets us the result we presently enjoy (or despise).

Begin today by taking responsibility for all that occurs in your life. When something is not going how you wish, look back to see where a choice you made created this situation. Often, this will hold the insight into resolving the situation. It will enable you to make a decision today that will move you in a different direction.
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