A Rifle Versus A Shoutgun

Most know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun. A rifle is packed with a bullet that can be aimed with tremendous precision. It is the standard weapon used by snipers. A shotgun, on the other hand, is ideal for creating a mess of human flesh. In essence, a shotgun sprays a bunch of pellets into the person. The shot is not very accurate but will destroy anything it hits at close range.

Why do I refer to these different weapons? The reason is the analogy to life that they bring. Focus is what makes the difference between using a shotgun versus a rifle. People who lack the ability to concentrate are going through life trying to use the shotgun. If they hit anything, it is because they put so much out there. The results gotten will be more haphazard.

A more effective way to accomplish this "mission" is to use the rifle. Focus is the tool we use in this arena. When we concentrate our efforts, we access all the power that we have within us. Our actions are not deluded because we are all over the place. All the power is aimed at one specific area.

To take out multiple people, a sharpshooter needs to hit one person before moving onto the next. This is what produces the desired results. Life is the same for us. We need to aim our power on one activity until it is completed before moving onto the next. This is how we are effective.

Remember this analogy when you find yourself drifting aimlessly. At those times you are trying to use a shotgun when a rifle is the proper weapon. Concentrate your efforts so that all the power within you is aimed where you need it to be. This is how you can immediately increase your success.
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