Beliefs Lead To Focus

I watched the Presidential Debate last night. It was interesting to notice the perspective that everyone took when watching the same thing. Both McCain and Obama did very well. According to the "experts", each scored points in certain areas. However, there was a diversity of opinion who did better.

Most felt that it was a close debate resulting in a tie. Yet there were others who felt that Obama won in a landslide. And still others believed it was McCain who dominated. It is critical to remember this is the "impartial" media who is producing these results. We are ignoring the statements made by the campaigns themselves since we know the bias.

So what does all this mean? I noticed the conclusion that one reached was a result of what that person chose to focus upon. When the part that covered the economy is isolated, Obama seems like the winner. At the same time, when one looks at foreign affairs, McCain pops out into the lead. The focus determines one's experience.

This goes a little deeper. What one focuses upon is based upon the beliefs that person carries. I noticed the ones who were Obama fans gave him a more favorable rating. The reverse is true for McCain. The beliefs about what is important to that person causes him/her to look at things differently than another with opposing beliefs. Therefore, it is the existing belief system that determines what one focuses upon.

Your life is the same way. If you are one who believes that life sucks, your focus will be a lot different than the person who believes that life is a gift. The first looks at all the negativity while the later concentrates on all that is good. Both are looking at the same thing, life, but getting two different results. To get another experience, we only need to change our focus. This is something that fairly easy at the conscious level. However, when our focus is unconscious, stemming from our beliefs, it is more difficult. It is here where we need to look at our belief system.

Most of our beliefs come from others. Rarely do people consciously choose a belief. We are products of our environment. It is common to see people in the same family carrying similar beliefs. They look at life the same way. "Sameness of thought" is a result of being around people with like minds. This is a natural occurrence. Take a look at your beliefs.

How do we go about this? The easiest way is to write down our beliefs. What do you think about life? How do you feel about your job or the people you work with? What is your religious/spiritual concepts? Get it all down on paper. Once you did that, ask yourself "why do I believe this" and "is this belief working for me". We often find that we believe something simply because that is what we were taught. If the belief no longer serves you, get rid of it. This will begin the process of changing your focus.
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