A Life Of Choices

Life is nothing more than a series of choices. All day long we are making choices which affect the quality of our lives. This is not a novel concept to anyone. However, most choose to focus upon the major decisions which have a big impact on life. "To change your life, these choices must be made differently" is the common belief. Unfortunately, these aren't the selections which usually hinder people's lives. Instead, it is the day-to-day decisions which determine how life progresses.

Improvement is a daily activity. The best way to improve in any area of life is to make daily progress. Over time, this adds up to result in a major difference. Each decision will build on the previous so that after a few months, one literally thinks completely different. Many small changes do have an effect.

Here are three areas where you can make a difference in your life right now,

1. What you focus upon.

You choose what you focus upon at any moment. Are you thinking how awful things are? Do you look at how much work needs to be done? Or are you considering how fortunate you are? The difference in our focus affects how we approach our day. People often derive their attitude based upon what they focus upon. Dwell in the negative and that is what you will get.

2. How you spend your time.

Do you come home and plop in front of the television for hours at a time? This is a decision that affects your life. How you choose to spend your time, especially those non-working hours, is what reveals the life we are leading. Instead of spending time watching television, why not read a book that will enhance your knowledge? Perhaps the time would be more beneficial if you started a side business. Exercising as opposed to lounging around really has an impact on the life you lead.

3. Who you interact with.

Have you ever noticed how negative people associate with other negative people? Like seems to attract like. The quality of people that you are around has an impact of the success that you will experience. There are some who simply will always focus upon what is wrong. If you are one who seeks to move forward in life, these are the people who need to be removed. They are like a cancer that will strangle your progress. Be aware of who you choose to interact with.

Consider these areas when making you daily selections. We can improve in each of these incrementally to make a huge difference in the quality of our lives. Try this and notice how the "compounding" affect really takes hold. You will be amazed in a short period of time.
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Chell said...

This blog is absolutely right. When you change your thoughts, you change the world. When you change your thoughts, you change your behavior. When you think positive, you see positive results. Not everyone has the ability to see this. Thanks for sharing.

Belinda, Time Traveler said...

Thanks for a great article. The information you shared is true.
I've heard that it's not what we hear, but what we hear over and over again that sinks in.
My grandmother often told me that I would be judged by the company that I kept. Like attract like.

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