Fear: The Unseen Enemy

Have you ever stopped to consider how much fear controls the average person's life? This is the single greatest obstacle to success that exists. There is nothing else on this planet that even comes close to destroying as many dreams as fear does. The mastering of this single emotion will set you on the path to instant success.

Fear is something that exists entirely in our head. Now, when I talk about fear, I am not referring to the fight or flight instinct that humans are born with. This sort of fear is a benefit when we find ourselves in a situation where physical danger is present. The fight or flight trigger has physical benefits to ensure our survival. It is not this which stops people's progress.

When I mention fear, I am alluding to the mental creation which prevents us from taking action. It is that little voice which tells us everything is wrong. We "see" images in our minds of failure or rejection which puts us on edge. All projections are negative, thus picturing a horrific outcome. This is the fear which stops people dead in their tracks.

Fear is the unseen enemy of success. It is the overriding factor in most individual's lives. Sadly, it is not something that exists. Fear is a production of the mind. It is not something that one can touch, taste, or fear. The entire reason it is there is to prevent one from entering into the unknown.

This is the reason fear exists. The mind abhors the unknown. Instead, it prefers certainty. That being said, understand the mind will do anything to create that certainty for itself. Fear is a powerful weapon against you entering into the unknown. Anytime there is a doubt in your mind of how things will work out, fear is used to sway you from going in that direction.

Many believe the status quo is safe. They seek out security in all they do. Unfortunately, all their choices are driven by fear. It becomes their jailer. The possibility of positive outcomes are discounted since the mind doesn't experience certainty there. All that is recognized is negativity. The mind literally scares you into making the choice that fear wants you to make.

Would you allow Santa Claus to run your life? Most sane adults would say "no". Then how come these same people will allow something just as illogical to run their lives. Santa Claus is a something believed in by children. He does not exist. Rational adults know it to be true since Santa Claus cannot be seen, touched, nor heard. As was just mentioned, the same is true of fear. It simply does not exist.

Fear creeps up on you and slowly drains your life. People who suffer from procrastination are almost paralyzed by fear. Over time, individuals will lose the ability to do even the easiest of tasks. Fear exists in all they do. However, it did not start that way. It is something that patiently took hold as the years past. That is why many call it the silent killer.

Be mindful of the fear you experience on a daily basis. It is something that is robbing you blind. Ask yourself throughout the day if what you are feeling is real. Identify what is really there. If it is fear-based, you will find nothing. Remember the tricks the mind plays. Whatever it is envisioning, there is no certainty that is how the situation will resolve itself. In fact, the odds are great that the circumstances will be resolved in a way that is more favorable then what you pictured.

Like Einstein said, "I fear 10,000 things in my life, most of which never came true".
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Get The Day Started Right

Over the last few weeks, we discussed how action is the bridge from the invisible to the visible world. It is what takes an idea and makes it reality. Sadly, most fall short at this phase of their progress. Fear in the form of procrastination takes over resulting in self-sabotage. Moving ahead in an active manner is crucial to our success.

I often mention having a list of things that you want to get done on a particular day. This helps to visually see all that you are trying to accomplish. Many suggest using this technique for personal success. However, I find that there is a thought that says start with the hardest activity first. Thus, if you complete the difficult tasks, your day will be complete even if all is not done.

Over the years, I dealt with people who were bitten by the procrastination bug. To a person, this method was a total failure. People who put things off are not going to compensate for the by handling a difficult task first thing in the morning. They will seek other ways to delay confronting that activity.

Momentum is a force that the most successful are able to harness. When we get something flowing, momentum builds which "pushes" us further ahead. Instead of continual struggle, we have energy helping us. Nevertheless, to build momentum, it is necessary to first get started. And, for a procrastinator, this is often an impossible task.

In these situations, I prefer to have 4 or 5 items at the top of the list that are rather easy to accomplish. Completing simple tasks while crossing them off is what helps to create some momentum. In other words, it gets the person started in the right direction. They start their day off right by building the immediate momentum. Then, they are better prepared to move onto some of the tougher tasks.

Following a system like this helps to set the tone for the day. People often fall into habitual behavior which causes them to suffer. Instead of starting productively, they begin by going to their favorite time wasters. Some will turn on the television while others surf the net. Regardless of the mechanism, success is not created in these activities.

Success is not a secret. It is a simple as deciding what you want and taking the action to get yourself there. No success was ever attain without action. Start you day right by completing a few items in a quick fashion. This will help you to build some momentum.
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Consistency = Trust

Everyone wants to be trusted. It is something that many crave without even being aware of it. In fact, the majority of people believe they are trustworthy. And in some regards they are. However, there are many ways in which they are not.

It begins with how we view trust. In other words, what is our basic definition of trust. I would say that most look at it as being honest. They are trustworthy because they will not steal from you. I believe this makes them honest, not necessarily trustworthy. Nevertheless, for their definition, they are trustworthy.

To me, being trustworthy means being able to be depended upon. Not stealing my dvd player is a good start but it goes much deeper than that. If I am to trust someone, that person needs to show the ability to do what is promised. I believe that each day we make unwritten contracts with each other. Unfortunately, most break these contracts with their actions. These are the people who I believe are untrustworthy.

What is the top quality that endears trust? Consistency. When someone is consistent, they are predictable. This is something that is not held in high esteem by most of society. Yet, it is the easiest way to garner the trust of another. Be consistent in your actions. Those who are "all over the place" make people uneasy since they never know what to expect. Emotional control is a great predictor of the ability for one to perform.

Another factor I find extremely important is one who consistently does what he or she says. Keeping your word is another quality that is not emphasized like it was in the past. There was a time when "your word is your bond". Now, many will make statements without giving any thought as to whether the action will be completed.

Nothing frustrates me more then when someone tells me they will call me back after a meeting and they fail to do so. This is where I quickly size people up. Those who cannot keep a simple commitment such as this also tend to show up late for things. They are continually falling short on projects while missing deadlines. Overall, they tend to be all over the place with everything.

These people are not trustworthy to me. They lack any basic consistency to their life or our interaction. It matters little whether we are referring to a friendship, business, or romantic relationship. The same standard applies. When one is consistent in their actions as compared to their words, then I find them to be trustworthy. Those who do not, are not.

Consider your daily life. Are you consistent in what you do? Do you seek to fulfill your unwritten promises you made to another? Or do you say things while doing something completely different? The answers to these questions will tell you if others trust you or not. People who live their life in a haphazard manner usually are not trusted. This might be an eye-opener to you but it is reality. You might not be as trustworthy as you believe. If you aren't, focus on being more consistent in all that you do.
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Think, Act, Adjust

Here is a simple system for success in any area of life. Following these three steps will ensure you move forward in a consistent manner in the direction that you prefer. In the end, you will achieve what you desire in life.

Few people spend time thinking about what they truly want in life. Many are following the dreams that others set down for them. They made a decision to pursue a particular path at 17 or 18 and find themselves in the same profession decades later. Each day is justified by pointing to the fact that "I do alright at it". Never do they consider what truly inspires them.

This is offset by spending some time in thought. Choosing our life takes courage and willingness. The internal searching often is a frustrating process yet will yield magnificent dividends when done. Think about what you desire out of life. Get a mental picture of the model you want in your head. Life is not a "one size fits all deal". It is up to the individual to design his or her dream life.

After thinking, it is time to take action. More people stumble here than at any other point in life. Fear is a constant enemy for most people. Sadly, it is also the victor. Many allow fear to prevent them from taking the action which will lead to their dreams. They justify this by alluding to the fact that "this isnt the perfect time". Here is a lesson for you: there is no perfect time. The time to get started is immediately. Life is too short to squander away because of fear.

Success is a result of action. Nothing in this world is created without some type of action. All dreams exist on the invisible plane. What makes them reality is action. It is the bridge between the invisible and visible world. Taking control of the fear monster is what allows us to step forward. Systematic action always leads to successful results.

The final piece is to make adjustments. Many fail to act because they are fearful (again) about making the wrong decision. Bad decisions are a part of life. Those who are successful overcome the fear of making a poor choice by knowing they can adjust later. Nobody said we had to attain perfection. The need to "get it right" is what often prevents people from stepping forward.

Take the action and adjust as necessary. If you see yourself moving down the wrong path, alter your plans. We see this done all the time when building a home. There will be multiple set of plans created as the project moves forward. As design challenges arise, the architects amend the plans to solve the unanticipated issues. They adjust based upon their original decisions.

So, think, act, and adjust. Implement this process into all that you do each day. You will find that your life moves ahead at a much faster pace when you follow this outline. Success is closer than you think.
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This is one of the states with is guaranteed to lead to failure. When people are indecisive, they fail to take action. It is impossible to be focused and bold when one is torn mentally. This is something that you will want to eliminate from your life.

It is impossible to make the correct decision in every situation. Part of the human experience is making mistakes. Yet, too many allow their fear of making the wrong decision hinder them from making one at all. There is a saying, "no decision is a decision". Being indecisive is a path that leads to failure.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever had those days where you were torn on how to spend your time? Perhaps you anticipated the weather being awful so you thought of something else to do. Then, upon arising, you noticed the weather was nice. This created indecisiveness in your mind. Do you follow you plans or go back to your initial thought of spending some time outside? Often, someone in this state of mind wastes a great deal of time trying to decide. Indecisiveness costs them.

Everyday we are confronted with decisions. Those who work at making them quickly and boldly are the ones who get ahead in life. They are the ones who are able to take action. And, life has a way of rewarding action.

One of the easiest ways to eliminate some indecision in your life is to spend some time planning your day. Making a list of items that you want to accomplish on a given day is an effective way to get you focused. This process necessitates thinking about what is important to you and what requires your concentration. Action becomes easier when you know what the next task it. A list assists greatly in this effort.

Another way to fend off indecision is to practice making decisions quickly. Do not dwell upon anything. Make the choice in a matter of seconds and do not look back. People tend to second guess themselves when they make a choice. Avoid this habit. Start by quickly deciding what you are going to eat for lunch. Many people dwell upon this choice running the different options through their heads. Be bold, make a choice, and go eat. This will start you on the mental path to success.
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Follow The Directions

Success leaves clues. There is no major secret to making your dreams come true. If you want to create anything in life, you only need to seek out those who achieved what you are wanting and follow their path. Life is literally that simple.

Yet, most people fail to take this step. I see so many who try to "reinvent the wheel". For whatever reason they believe that they have to figure it all out on their own. This style of independent thinking is what causes most to fail.

Remember what happened to you when you cheated in school. People who engage in this behavior get punished. Schools believe that copying is an awful trait to have. Sadly, that is why the educational system is pretty much worthless.

Here is a suggestion: in life, copy all that you can. Whatever you are seeking, copy from the person who already did it. This is called modeling. If you want to be a successful investor, copy the techniques of one who is successful. The same is true for relationships, athletics, and business. Copy all that you can. It will save you lots of mistakes.

What is one thing the successful can do that others cannot? They have the ability to follow the directions. If there is a path to what you want, simply follow the directions as they are laid out. If you want to be a success in sales, follow the directions of learning your product, making lots of calls, get some appointments, and ask for the business. Do this and you will achieve great sales numbers. The formula was already created.

Put the ego aside. Many believe that copying is beneath them. Well, there isn't much beneath them since they are pretty low on the success totem pole. The ones at the top know that success leaves clues. If we know where we are going and find the instructions to get there, then life becomes easy. It is when we give up the fighting that success will come to us.
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Thought To Carry Every Day

"Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably,

And never regret anything that made you smile. Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance."

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Line In The Sand

Is it time to draw the "line in the sand" with your life? We have spoke the last few days about beliefs and determining what is acceptable to us. Now it the time where we say "no more".

I was heard a gentleman share that to change we all need to get 100% of our own pain. He is an advocate that pain is the primary motivator in people's lives. I, too, found this to be true. People will do more to avoid pain then they will do for pleasure. It seems to be part of human nature.

Drawing the line in the sand means that you got to the point where what is happening is no longer acceptable to you. This happened to Rosa Parks on a bus one day. She got to the point where she said "no more". It was this event which is considered one of the major events of the civil rights movement.

What is your moment? Have you reached it yet? Most seem dissatisfied with their lives yet are still unwilling to change it. The time for change is now. Are you ready?

This process involves setting up rules for yourself which are non-negotiable. They are chosen consciously by you based upon your internal happiness. This is the time to ignore social conditioning. This is your life we are talking about.

Rules, when adhered to, are absolutes. For this to be effective, you must be strong with yourself and others. Going back on your rules will only allow for abuse. This is counterproductive.

For example, I do not allow people to waste my time unnecessarily. If you agree to meet at a certain hour, you better be there. This is one of my rules. People who are proverbially late are disrespectful in my opinion. I choose not to interact with people like that. This is one of my rules and it cost some potentially wonderful friendships. Or, perhaps, it did not. Nevertheless, people who behave in this manner are not in my life. It is a line in the sand I choose not to cross.

The reverse of this is for a person who is behaving like this to establish the rule for him or herself to always be on time. Not allowing oneself to be late is a rule that many have. They will not break this regardless of what happens. Every measure is taken to ensure they arrive in a timely manner.

Rules allow us to shape the behaviors of all around us. People often mistreat us. However, there is a saying which says "we taught everyone around us how to treat us". This is an accurate statement. If you have a friend who is always late, you tolerate that behavior. Instead, if you instilled an ultimatum the first time it happened, that person's behavior might be different. Yet, when you allow it, you condone it.

So, determine what is no longer acceptable to you. Reach that point of 100% pain which is necessary to make wholesale changes. You can begin with only a few things or you can create a major list. The important factor is to get started making some changes today. Your future success depends upon it.
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Determine What You Believe In

What do you believe in? And why do you believe it? What is it exactly that you stand for? What value(s) do you hold dearest? Is this something that you have ever considered?

If you are like most, the answer is no. Few people really look at what it is they believe in. A belief system is something that is freely chosen although most do it without knowledge. Instead, they allow others to make the decisions for them.

Social conditioning is a powerful force. From the time we are small, there are people who are shaping our belief system. Over the years, we tend to model those who are around us. This is why people from a particular part of the country tend to behave in similar manners. It is the conditioning of the environment we grew up in.

The problem with this practice is that we rarely take the time to decide what we want for ourselves. For example, why do you believe the way you do politically? How did you choose the sports team you like? When did you decide to practice the religion that you have? For many, these are things that others decide for them.

We are now confronted with a crisis the country (world) has not seen in a few generations. Now is the time to evaluate what you really believe it. What is important to you? What characteristics as a person do you hold in the highest regard? In times of crisis, it is crucial to know who you are and what you stand for.

Spend some time thinking about what is important to you. There is a lot that life has to offer to the person who truly understands what is important. Those who fail to take this action are susceptible to being manipulated by others. Be one of the strong ones who can stand on principles.
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What Is Most Important?

I heard of a situation that a friend of mine is confronted with. I will begin by saying that I do not have all the details since I heard this second handed but I feel the lesson is still the same. It really helps to put things in perspective.

Death is something that we are all confronted with. In the duration of our lives, we only are granted so much time on this planet. How we choose to utilize that time is a decision we are each allotted. Nevertheless, we only get one chance at this thing. In the end, we all pass away.

This week, a friend of mine got the results back from a biopsy he had done on his liver. From what I hear, the results are not good. He talked with someone about his situation. The facts of that conversation were relayed to me.

The death, or impending death, of someone close to me always makes me look at things in a different light. When someone is given a "death sentence", there is actually a release for them. They have the luxury of knowing exactly how much time they have left. There is no mystery as to how long they will live. They waste no energy worrying about their retirement since there is none. The option of best using those last remaining days is in front of them.

What about the rest of us? Well, it is my experience that we take a different approach. We have the limitation of believing that our time is unlimited. A sense of urgency is absent from our lives. We feel that there are decades left to live. Often, the only time we exit this state of hypnosis is when we are confronted with something like my friend did.

The fact that our time is limited is the reason why we need to determine what is important. If life is nothing more than a series of moments, what are we doing with these moments? How often do we waste that time by fretting about something that is truly unimportant? take the way people drive for example. There are stupid, senseless, selfish drivers everywhere in the world. Yet, most of us manage to allow ourselves to get upset when someone cuts us off. At those times, we are giving those moments away.

Most people spend the majority of their waking hours doing a job they detest. They do this in the hopes of getting a few weeks vacation and, ultimately, working towards retirement. That is the belief system we are taught. Work hard and save up for retirement. While this is a valid method, as we see, retirement is not always ensured. Many pass away long before that.

I like the old lesson which talks about no man, when reflecting over his life, wished he spent more time in the office. We all need to choose what is important to us. What type of life do you want to lead? I see so many who start on a particular path and stick with it because they invested so much time into their training. Sadly, they learn that they do not even like that field.

Rest assured, my friend's perspective is different at the moment. What was a pressing need two weeks ago is probably not even on his radar. Through is story, my life is different now also. I once again see how I allow time to get wasted. How much more can I pack into the time I have left? That is something we all can ask ourselves. Bet the ranch my friend is doing the same with the few months he has left.

Perhaps it is time to get off the merry-go-round. Stepping back to determine what we want in our life is a healthy practice. Maybe, this is something that you should consider doing on a daily basis. Someday, the end will be there for you also. How did you choose to spend you time.
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Life Is Simple

We all complicate the hell out of life. When you think about it, life is rather simple. There are only a few basics that need remembering. After that, throw the rest away.

Life is simple. You just make a series of choices and never look back. How profound. Did you ever consider how basic our existence really is? Yet, people foul this up by complicating the entire situation.

"Life is a series of choices". Every moment of the day we are making decisions. Who do we spend our time with? How are we using that time? Are we selecting choice A over choice B? Throughout the day, we are continually making decisions with regards to our time. When we make productive decisions, we get better results.

Of course, there will be times when we make poor decisions. This is where we want to "never look back". Reflection is a healthy and helpful part of life. Every situation is either a success or a lesson. Learning where things went wrong is beneficial in our future pursuit.

That is not what I am referring to what saying "never look back". Instead, I am alluding to the fact that people beat themselves up over the wrong choices they make. They allow guilt and frustration to enter into their present moments. This alters the decisions at hand. It becomes a snowball effect where fear and guilt become the deciders. This will always lead to more bad decisions.

Keep life simple. There is a tendency to over complicate things. The mind is a wonderful mechanism when controlled. However, for most, it is out of control. Our minds conjure up all kinds of scenarios which have no basis in reality. Therefore, learn to let all those illegitimate thoughts of fear, guilt, and worry melt away.

Make a decision and don't look back. If you make the wrong decision, then you will be confronted with a chance to make another one. That is how life works. Keep it simple; it is much easier.
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Other Cultures

I like to write about mindset on this blog. One of my favorite pastimes is to learn/study different cultures of the world. It is amazing how much you can learn from this practice.

There is a large world out there. Too often, we get so focused upon our own "little world" that we see in front of us. Realizing that there is so much more removes the mental limitation we often put upon ourselves.

When I read about "far away lands" I find that my mind wanders. The dreaming mechanism is instantly awakened. What would it be like to live in that area for a summer? How would my life differ in that culture? What can I take from them and bring into my daily life? These are all things which run through my mind.

Other cultures make us appreciate our own. Gratitude is a basic component of those who experience regular happiness. There are many cultures we can look at and feel a longing. Nevertheless, there are also many which make us grateful that we grew up in the one we did. For example, study the daily life in Cuba or China the last 40 or 50 years. This will lead to a sense of gratitude for being part of the Western world.

Life is about expanding our horizons. Everyone needs to think on a larger scale. Look at the ways other people live and contrast that with your life. Are there things that you can learn from them? Consider this point as you are reading. It will be to your benefit.
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Be Bold

If you want something to focus upon in your daily life which will change your journey, it is boldness. People who are highly successful tend to do things in bold ways. This is one of the major things that separates them from others.

Have you ever seen a meek person? This is someone who appears to be afraid of his or her shadow. Every action that person takes is tentative. It is almost as if they are unsure of themselves.

How does that contrast with people who are bold? Picture that person in your mind. Are they tentative? Not likely. Instead, they appear to be moving with a sense of confidence. Every action stands out.

Why do I bring this up? The truth is that nobody attained success on his or her own. Success is a team effort. The key is to attract people who will assist in your endeavors. People, by their nature, are attracted to those who are certain. Nobody wants to follow a leader who is completely unsure. Tentativeness is not a trait that is consistent with success.

Success requires bold actions. Beginning today, I want you to behave in a manner that is consistent with someone who is bold. Be careful. There is a difference between being bold and being a jerk. I am not telling you to act like a dictator.

By bold I mean approach all you do with a sense of certainty. Be willing to step out of your usual comfort zone and take some risks. The world rewards risk takers. Those who "play it safe" end up living an unfulfilled life. There is magic in being bold.

Ask yourself throughout your day, "what would someone who is bold do in this situation?". Consider how they would walk, talk, and behave. What is their demeanor like? Their body language? Try to implement that into your routine for a few days. You will be amazed at how differently you are received.
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An Overriding Goal

What is it you want more than anything else in the world? What is the "dream" that you carry with you on a daily basis? If an idea for your entire life is too much, what do you want to see happen in the next 6-12 months?

There is so much talk of goals that they can get diluted. The fact is that an overriding goal is what provides passion in our life. It is the basis of all obsession. People who feel that strongly about something will do whatever they can to make it come true. That is a person who cannot be stopped.

Sadly, few have this in their life. Instead, they drift through life with each day resembling the next. Over time, no progress is made because there lacks a direction. Circumstances are the director of life. It is a reactive way to live.

A large part of taking control of one's life is to have something that is desired more than anything else. This serves as motivation to move forward. Everything else becomes secondary because of the tremendous focus we are able to produce. Centering our life around this outcome is what guarantees success.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, writes how he wanted to run his own business more than anything else. At the time, he was a salesperson working for Xerox. He used the desire to be financially free as motivation to succeed at his sales job. He poured all his commissions into investments which afforded him the opportunity to leave that job. His overriding goal was realized in only a couple of years.

It is time for you to put some passion in your life. Those who have a dream wake up each day seeking to fulfill it. If it is something that is not possible today, having this outlook offers direction. Over time, one can see the progress that is being made. We become like children looking forward to Christmas. The anticipation builds the closer that we get.

Failing to do this will create a life that feels listless. Each week will drag along drearily. I remember working with a person who was at a company for over 30 years. Each Monday, he was looking forward to the weekend. His entire life was spent looking forward to another time. It was sad to see someone throw away his entire work career. This man lived a passionless life.

Avoid that trap. Get something to look forward to. Do you want to live in another country? Learn another language? Become physically fit? Run a marathon? Start you own business? Whatever your dream is, recapture it. It will instantly give you something to be passionate about. And, it is the moment when you will start living.
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Actions Not Words

It is what you do, not what you say, that matters. Many can talk a good game. Few actually are able to do what they say. The percentage of the "doers" dwarfs the "talkers".

Action is the key to success. All the planning is wasted if not followed up by action. Those who are able to act tend to achieve their goals. Failure to act is what sabotages many from living their dream life.

I wrote a number of times how action is what takes something from the invisible world and makes it visible. An idea resides on the invisible plane. For us to enjoy success, this needs to transform itself in the material world. Action is the ingredient which makes that happen.

Everything you see around you existed at one time as an idea. However, for it to manifest itself in your presence, action was applied to that idea. Once that occurred, the object appeared before you.

Success is the result of hard work. Robert DeNiro likes to say that it took him 10 years to become an overnight sensation. Before the success, there is often a lot of struggle. In this example, lots of action in the form of rehearsals, tryouts, and studying of his art preceded the success we all witness. The action was the key.

People like those who "get things done". This is an instant recipe for success in the business world. Companies are filled with people who say they are going to do something. Nevertheless, those who actually get things done are in the minority. The ability to act is central to all great achievements.

Consider this as you plan your day. Tomorrow, when you say that you are going to do something, remember that it is the actions, not the words, which matter. If you say it, do it!!!
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This is one of the fundamental differences between those who succeed versus those who struggle. Successful people have a different perspective than the average person. It is this viewpoint which allows them to take the actions others fail to take.

Einstein said that a problem could not be solved on the same plane that created it. Human beings tend to "pigeonhole" their ideas. We believe that what we perceive is correct. Sadly, this mindset is often the cause of great discomfort in our life.

The stock market offers a wonderful example. Do you believe the stock market going down is a good thing? After all, people tend to make money when stocks increase in value. The answer to this question depends upon one's perspective. To the average person, a declining stock market is a bad thing. However, if someone is betting the market to go down, and took a position that reflected this belief, his or her perspective is different. To that person, a declining stock market is a good thing.

For most matters, there is not really a right or wrong; only perspective. Obviously, this is not referring to fundamentals morays such as murder, lying, etc. We are alluding to those situations which usually get us emotional which truly come down to our outlook.

Here is another example. Do you see catastrophe or do you see opportunity? Many look at the same situation and conclude different things. Some see the potential that are offered out of setbacks. Most tend to focus upon the tragedy of the circumstances.

The majority view getting fired a terrible thing. Here, someone is let go from a place from a job which they hate and were underpaid at, through no fault of their own.. Yet, they take the perspective that it is awful. Another viewpoint is that person is now free to go in any direction with one's career that he or she chooses. You see, it is all perspective.

One of the quickest ways to transform your life is to change how you look at the different situations which you are presently confronted with. Let go of the idea that your viewpoint is the only way to look at something. In every cloud there is a silver lining if you will only look for it. The same is true for circumstances. There is something good which can come out of every situation.

We can always step back to see things differently. Try this for a few days and see how different you life it. You will be amazed.
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Go For It!

This is a motto that is becoming more appropriate with each passing day. With the economic situation the way it is, people are going to have to take some chances if they hope to succeed. Playing it safe is rapidly becoming a recipe for failure. Just ask all those people who lost their jobs in the last few months due to the economic conditions. Safety is an illusion.

I started thinking about this when talking with a friend of mine. He make a fair amount of money investing in the stock market. Following the prescribed methods for success, he did what "he was suppose to do". Yet, he finds himself in a situation where he is suffering greatly.

His strategy was to invest in good quality financial institutions which paid a healthy dividend. Over the years, he realized a tremendous gain due to the appreciation of the stock. Nevertheless, with the recent collapse, he lost well over $1 million. Again, I need to stress that he did not invest in high risk programs. His system was one that was conservative designed for the long-term.

So, what does this all mean? To me, this says that you might as well take the chance because nothing is guaranteed to work out anyway. My friend sacrificed rewards for safety. However, in the end, there was no safety. And that is true for all of us.

People hold onto their jobs for fear of losing. Sadly, many find they lose it anyway. Was it worth the sacrifice of what they would have had otherwise? For most, probably not.

It takes courage to "go for it". Living one's dreams requires strength and inner resolve. Yet, it is the only way to go if you are to be truly free. "To thine own self be true". There are many who are slaves to the paycheck, exchanging their life for a few measly dollars. This is the common practice and is sad to witness.

Playing life conservative never results in success. Present circumstances are teaching us that everyday. We only need to look at the news to see the latest world catastrophe to understand how fragile everything is. It is time for you to decide to go for it in your life. What is it that you always wanted to do? Start the process of moving in that direction. There is no better time to consider your dreams then right now. For many, it might be the only way to survive.

Remember, safety is an illusion.
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Recharge Your Batteries

Stress is one of the leading killers in the United States today. We see diseases associated with this condition on the increase. The fact that people are under more pressure is starting to take its toll on the population at large. There, it is important for us to do all we can to reverse this trend in our lives.

Man was made to rest. Each night, we put ourselves in a state where we recharge our batteries. For the period of 6-8 hours, the body is revitalized through sleep. Failure to take this time causes negative effects on the body (and life). This downtime is crucial to our long-term well being.

At the same time, we need to take period days to rest. Even in the great book it says that God rested on the 7th day. All work and no play is not a way to go through life. People who do this only add to their stress levels since they fail to recharge their batteries. An occasional holiday is a therapeutic activity.

We are holistic beings. Our lives are meant to have some form of balance. Those who get heavily in one direction or the other encounter issues. Take the one who plays instead of working. This person will meet up with financial difficulties. At the same time, the "workaholic" can lose his/her health, family, and success. We need to seek balance in our lives.

So, the next time you are driven to work those extra hours, consider this article. Remember, nobody ever was on the deathbed wishing he or she spent more time at the office. This simply is not a regret that people have. Savor the moments of down time; they are the important ones.
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Use Your Anger

Everyone gets angry periodically. There are simply certain things in life which irritate us. This feeling is magnified when the anger is caused by something we, ourselves, did. In others words, we are peeved at ourselves.

My study of human behavior leads me to believe that people will not make changes until they have felt enough emotional pain. It is sad to say but pain is a better motivator for change than pleasure. People will only take a different path once they suffered enough.

A prime example is the alcoholic. This person's drinking is a problem long before he or she admits it. Others around that person see it. However, the alcoholic will not seek recovery until he or she felt enough pain. Only then will the new path be forged.

That being said, what do you do when you get into those situations where you are upset with yourself? Most, I found, waste this opportunity for success. Instead, they allow it to pass without taking advantage of the pain they experience.

Anger can be a wonderful motivator because it is such a powerful emotion. This power can drive us to reach new heights if we use if for productive purposes. Using our anger is what allows us to harness it's power. This turns it into something productive.

So, how can we use the anger which is directed at ourselves? Ideally, we want to make this the motivating force behind us forging a new path. We all need to get to the point where we say "enough".

The next time you are beating yourself up over something you did (or did not do), use your anger to your advantage. Resolve in that moment to never let that happen again. Whatever your shortcoming was in that situation, take every action to ensure things turn out differently in the future. There is a lesson in everything. Learn whatever the circumstances are presenting and be motivated to alter your behavior. This is how you create a positive out of a negative.
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Failing Is Not A Bad Thing

We are taught that failure is something that is to be avoided. And, it is for that very reason why people live in a cocoon. The fear of failure, ingrained in us since we were young, is one of the most power motivators (demotivators) that exists. It serves to crush more dreams than anything else.

Failure is a wonderful thing. Here is something that I want you to remember: the most successful person is the one who failed the most. Imprint that idea on your memory. Understanding this single concept will change your life.

Babe Ruth is recognized as one of the greatest homerun hitters of all-time. Did you know that he held the record for strikeouts longer than the homerun title? Warren Buffet, known as the Oracle of Omaha for his stock picking, lost $25 billion last year in the stock market. How many people have that much money to lose? Colonel Sanders was rejected over 1,000 times before someone accepted his recipe for chicken. Who among us is not familiar with his creation, Kentucky Fried Chicken?

It is a myth to believe that successful people do not fail. The path to success is always wrought with failure. This is the mechanism that teaches us the most. In fact, those people who attain success too quickly usually lose it. Take the lottery winners as an example. Here is someone who amasses a massive amount of money without going through the trials and tribulations of amassing it. A few years later, many of them lost everything they won.

Failure is not a bad thing. In reality, there is not even such an animal. There are only results. Sometimes one gets the results he or she is seeking; others times that person gets a lesson. Life has a way of teaching us what to do. It is those who pay attention to the situations which go awry who end us utilizing that knowledge. Those who fail to learn from history are deemed to repeat it.

Let me ask you a simple question: who here walked the first time they tried it? I would guess the answer is "nobody". Every toddler falls down when learning to walk. Yet, not a single parent tells their kids to stop trying. That is why everyone can walk. They stick with it until it is perfected. Failure is not an option in that situation.

Therefore, seek out failure. It is your most valuable teacher. If you are going to fail, fail big. Nobody ever make it to the top without some setbacks. Treasure those moments because they are the insights which will allow you to avoid the pitfalls of the future.
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How Important Is It?

This is one of the most powerful questions that you can ask yourself. It is the foundation for emotional maturity. Being in control is what allows us to get through the day-to-day ups and downs of life. Those who "lose it" tend to fail in their different endeavors.

Much of life depends upon our interpersonal skills. Getting along with others is paramount for success. Maturity is being able to progress forward even when things are not going your way. Here is a fact of life: things will go wrong. You will not always come up on the winning side. Yet, persevering is one of the fundamental qualities of success.

How often do you fly of the handle only to forget about it a few hours later? This seems to be a fairly common tendency. Many will get upset when the smallest thing does not go in their favor. I remember once a friend telling me how he totally lost it over some oil spilling in his driveway. His outrage occurred in front of his neighbors and daughter. How important was it really? Was it that big a deal that it was worth risking his relationship with these people? In light of what happened, probably not. Even though the neighbors still talk with him, I am sure they now look at him a bit differently. This affects his relationship with them.

Lack of emotional control is something that is a result of not asking this question. There are many times throughout the day that I ask "how important is it". When I get candid with myself, the answer is usually "not very important". In the grand scheme of things, getting upset over many of the trivial things we confront each day just is not worth it. The price we pay is too great.

Stress is one of the leading causes of medical problems in this generation. People are too stressed out. We take everything too seriously because of the need to operate at light speed. Slowing down is not part of our agenda. Instead, we all try to be the prototypical type A personalities. Do Do Do. That is our motto. We have our fancy planners and lists which we must complete. Failure is simply not an option. As time goes by, we assume more responsibility, thus increasing the pressure.

This leads to success. And, that person is the most successful person in the cemetery. How important is it? Ponder that question for a while. Of all the things that you do each day, how important is it really? Take your work for example. If you do not get something done, will the company collapse. Perhaps but not likely. How many of us are so important that our careers are going to be remembered centuries from now? I hope all of my readers are at that level but, again, not likely. The truth is that much of what we fret over is really not important.

There is a saying "in a week we will laugh about this". This is so true. Think back to the last situation that you "lost it" over. How do you feel about that situation now? Was it worth acting like a total jackass in front of others (if you did that)? I would surmise it was not. Few of us are in positions where anything is at that urgent a level.

Learn to let things go. Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy? Many, by their actions, want to be right. This leaves them extremely unhappy. The world is not a just place. Understanding this simple idea will make your life a lot easier. Let the minor injustices go. At the same time, cut yourself some slack for the humanness you have. If you did not get something done today, that is alright. Tomorrow is a new day.

Relax and remember "how important is it".
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The Awe Of It All

I write a lot about focus. Often, the most successful people have the ability to concentrate their focus like a laser beam. This is one of the things that separates then from the pack. However, there is a time when we need to step back to look at things from a different perspective.

Last night, I came home and flipped on the television. There was a rocket being shown on the launching pad at NASA. Being so close, I decided to go outside and watch it. Rockets launched at night are an amazing display. I have personally seen the shuttle go up at night half a dozen times. It is always amazing to see that in person.

The rocket last night went up a lot quicker then the shuttle. Nevertheless, it was an incredible thing. To see something so powerful cutting through the night sky is beyond words. It is so beautiful against the backdrop of the stars. I really got the big picture of just how large the universe really is.

I bring all this up for context. We often focus on the magnitude of our "problems". When I do something like last night, I realize how "small" life really is. Now, that comes contrary to a lot of what I teach. Nevertheless it is helpful to gain a different viewpoint at times.

Looking up at the night sky always fills me with wonder. I am in awe of what is out there. There are literally thousands (or millions) of stars and planets. The Earth is just one in a fleet. Simply, there is so much more out there.

The same force that created all of that devised us. We all have magical powers to design our lives however we want it to be. There is no limit to what we can accomplish regardless of the magnitude. Great things are achieved by people with big visions. I find no bigger picture than the canvass that is the night sky.

Live your life with a bit of awe. There are many amazing things that occur each day. Be mindful of the "miracles" that take place each day. Stop fretting about the things that really do not matter. Like the old saying goes "this too shall pass". There is an entire universe that is operating perfectly. It will not crumble if you falter at your present activity. Simply pick yourself up and move on.

Life, like the universe, is an amazing creation. Take the time to treasure it.
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What Really Creates Success?

This is a question that has plagued mankind since the earliest of times. What is it that separates those who achieve from those who do not? There are thousands upon thousands of books written on the subject; all utilizing a different theory. Some believe it is motivation; others mindset. However, what is the one thing that really creates success?

Through my years of research, I understand there is a common trait among those who are successful. I believe this is the single factor which determines success. Concentrate on this quality and you will attain all that you set out to do. This trait is "action".

Those who take action are successful. It is that simple. Everything else that is written about pertaining to personal development is an aid to taking action. Anthony Robbins refers to it as "Personal Power: the ability to act". Action is what separates the successful apart.

I wrote on a number of occasions that mindset is crucial to success. I stand by that assertion. However, a good mindset helps only in it's ability to get you to take action. Those who carry a poor mindset tend not to act. The same is true for motivation. This is a way to get yourself to take action. Nevertheless, being motivated is not what achieves the goal.

Ideas exists on the invisible plane. Success is measured by what is seen. The bridge between the two is action. The ability to act is the most important aspect in your life. Concentrate on what you do each day to ensure your life is going in the direction you desire. Overcoming fear is a vital part of this process. To many are paralyzed by this invisible barrier. Remember, your success is determined by the actions you take.

To get started on the path to success, make a list of 5 things that you need to do immediately. Write them on a piece of paper and go complete them. Notice how you feel when you have them all completed. This is what action does for us. It makes our dreams into reality.
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The Greatest Obstacles

People consistently will talk about all the obstacles they face in life. There is no doubt that issues such as illness, finances, and relationships can create tremendous challenges. However, these are not the things that hold people back. It is what is inside that creates the greatest obstacle to personal success.

People are not stopped from the outside. Rather, the obstacles that hinder people's progress are totally within them. This sounds insane to the untrained person yet all successful people know this to be true. What is it that has consistently stopped you your entire life? It was not the situations since they change over time. We are stopped by those thoughts and feelings we consistently carry with us.

A successful life is accomplished on a daily basis. Many look for the "big bang" success which is rare. Overnight successes are the oddity. Most attain success by taking daily action in the direction they want to move in. This is done by a daily conquest of one's thoughts and emotions.

The self help industry has existed for thousands of years. I believe Jesus was the greatest self-help teacher there was. He laid a program that helped people to overcome fear and showed people how to live a successful life. Notice none of his strategies dealt with making money or running a business. He focused on the internal makeup of an individual.

This concept was also stressed by other great teachers throughout history. All spiritual leaders talk about "going inward" to find solutions. Conquering oneself preceded the conquering of the world. This is something that held since the early times.

If you want to master your world, it is best to master yourself. We need to identify and focus upon those things which are stopping us. All success is first created within. Take control of your life on a daily basis. Overcoming fear and procrastination is not a one time event. It is something that needs to be achieved on a daily basis, multiple times a day.

In summation, the greatest challenge you face is controlling your thoughts and your emotions. Everything that you realize on the outside is a manifestation of what occurs on the inside. If you are consistently experiencing lack and need, concentrate on motivating yourself to take the action to solve these problems. Fear is something that your mind invents. It is not real. However, we all buy it until it controls our lives. We should no more believe in this animal than we do in Santa Claus. They both are equally as real.

To achieve all your success, first go inward. That is where your solutions lie.
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The Key To Success

Over the last few months we have stressed the importance of planning and having the proper mindset which is geared for success. Those who take the time to clear their minds of all the negativity and failing thoughts are better able to handle the obstacles of life. Success is not an overnight endeavor, often requiring tremendous thought.

However, there is a time to think and there is a time to act. Taking action is the foundation of all success. No success is ever achieved without someone doing something. This is a universal principle which cannot be altered. Thoughts exist in the invisible world. Success is manifested in the physical realm. The bridge between the two is action. It is what takes an idea from the invisible.

The key to action is getting started. This is the one obstacle which hinders people. If they would only get started, their life would enjoy a great deal more success. For example, it is a lot easier to workout once you are at the gym. Few talk themselves out of exercising when they are on the gym floor. However, while sitting at home on the sofa, it is easy to justify not going to the gym.

This principle applies to all aspect of life. If the dishes are piling up in the sink, get started cleaning them. Have a big project that needs your attention, sit down and do something. Any project, no matter what its size, can be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Focusing on accomplishing these will lead to success.

Therefore, get started. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that step now. Whatever you were putting off, go do something about it. If you are in need of exercise, create a workout schedule. Or go sign up for a gym membership. Or dig out your old gym clothes. No matter what you choose, take at least one action which moves you closer to your desired goal.

Now that we came to the end of this article, I will tell you the only reason it is here is because I started writing it. Prior to that moment, this was just a thought in my head. Since I started it, I was also able to complete it.

To your success!
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