Changing Your Life One Goal At A Time

Many people question how to change their life.  The sad fact is the majority of people have no earthly idea how to go about this.  Instead, they look for quick fixes which have a short-term impact before ultimately falling back into their old behavior.  Few people realize how simple it is to make lasting changes.


Goals are one of the most important things in life.  Without a direction, it is impossible to arrive at a destination.  Most individuals are living an empty existence because of the fact they have no goals in life.  There is  nothing to look forward to.  Everyday is a replica of the day before.  This leads to months that repeat each other and, ultimately, into years.  That is why it is not uncommon to find someone who suddenly "woke up" after 20 years only to realize that he hates his life.  A life without direction only leads to emptiness.

Before going any further, I need to clarify what I mean by goals.  Certainly, everyone is aware of the personal development idea of goal setting.  This is a process whereby one uncovers his or her "life calling".  While I admit this is a wonderful path to follow if you are able to determine this, the truth is most people get lost at this point.  What is my life purpose?  That is a question that is too difficult to conclude in one weekend. 

Therefore, we need to look at goals in another manner.  If you are one of those who understands your life calling, then follow that to the ultimate end.  Congratulations.  You are one of the few.  If, however, you fall into the category of having no idea why you are here, then pay attention to what I am going to say.  The words that follow will be of tremendous help to you.

A goal is nothing more than something that you want to accomplish.  That is it.  People make it out to be this magical thing like "Living a romantic life on the Nile".  While that is also a goal, most do not need to focus at this level to be effective.  Therefore, from now on, it is best if you consider a goal nothing more than something to do.

As you can see, since goals are nothing more than a glorified "to do" list, then the process for accomplishment is easy.  Here again, I want to caution you not to get caught up in the "magnitude" of the goal.  It is usually best to start with something small and work your way up.  For example, cleaning the bathroom is a goal.  While I admit it isnt glamorous, having a clean bathroom is a worthwhile endeavor.  Of course, to complete this, the goal needs to be broken down into smaller steps such as wash sink, scrub bathtub, and clean toilet.  The process, when divided into smaller activities, is rather simple to accomplish.

Changing Your Life

How does one change his or her life with goals?  The answer to that is contained in the title of this article.  We change our lives one goal at a time. 

Instead of focusing upon the grandness of our actions, it is best to focus upon what is in front of us.  Therefore, we need to set out a series of actions which moves us towards our desired destination.  If we desire riches, as an example, there are a series of actions we need to take to start the process.  To start, perhaps we need to open up an investment or savings account.  Then we need to commit to funding it on a regular basis.  At the same time, we will need to study investment and wealth creation materials.  All these steps aid in the process of enhancing our wealth.  If one simply will follow that along, ultimately the goal will be achieved.

Another factor involved in all this is repetitive versus single time activities.  One of the truths about life is there are just things we all need to do.  It is unavoidable.  The bathroom requires cleaning and, unless you pay someone else to do it, that task falls to you.  So does doing the laundry and other assorted chores.  Many find work to be the same way.  We end up spending our time repeating the same actions over and over.

To serious change your life, you need to implement those actions which are not repetitive in nature yet carry an ongoing benefit.  Writing this article is a prime example of that.  While I can repeat the behavior of writing, once I submit this online, it is out there forever.  My action was done once yet the benefit of what is written is ongoing.  The same can apply to reading.  Read a piece of non-fiction about a subject you are interested in and you will find the benefits ongoing.  The activity was done once yet the payoff is ongoing.

The key is to sprinkle in as many of these "goals" as possible.  Going out and taking pictures of things that are of interest is another idea.  Using your talents to rebuild a car or design a home entertainment center is another.  Whatever your interest, be sure to engage upon it regularly.  The best way to do this is to break down the goal into smaller tasks while tending to those activities on a daily basis.

One of my key goals in life is continual improvement.  I look at everything through the lens of whether it will improve my life or not.  Naturally, like mentioned, I also have the repetitive actions that require my attention.  Therefore, I look at them in the light of what I am getting out of them.  Perhaps it is the benefit (such a pride) of a clean kitchen.  Or, I often look at tasks as a method of enhancing my self-discipline.  One of my favorites is to use the classic to do list and scratch the item off as completed.  Either way, I know there is some benefit to my life by engaging in this behavior.

Goals are powerful tools to move your life forward.  The key is to simply the process so that success is yours.  It is acceptable if you are one who cannot determine your "life calling".  Start the process described here and get moving in a direction.  The benefit of this approach is that you will uncover some things along the way.  As you move down the path of life, the ability to change direction will be yours.  Over time, by implementing this strategy, you will find you accomplish a great deal more than you ever imagined. 

So start today by pulling out a piece of paper and writing down 5 goals you want to accomplish.  I do not care how minor or major they are.  Even if it is nothing more than a list of 5 things you want to accomplish today, write them down.  And then, go do them.

Here's to your success.

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Total Immersion

Many people like to dabble.  This appears to be a common trait that is within all of us naturally.  My conclusion is this stems from the inherent curiosity that we exhibit when young.  Have you ever noticed how very young children are interested in everything?  No matter what it is, it captures their attention.  For example, a small child can be entertained for hours simply by watching a bug.  Contrast that with an adult who simply takes off a shoe and introduces the insect to its' creator.  Nevertheless, the child is completely engrossed by this being.

Obsessive Compulsive

There is a psychological disorder called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD for short.  This is a mental state where one obsesses about certain things past the point of normal, entering the zone of abnormality.  We can see this exhibited in yard care.  Taking care of one's lawn while wanting things to look nice is normal.  However, being out there with tweezers to ensure every blade of grass near the edge is plucked is a bit obsessive.  The general idea is that a natural concern moves to the point of perfection.

My point here is that it is helpful for a person to get obsessive when trying to learn something new.  Many people suggest the best way to learn a new language is to totally immerse oneself in that language.  In other words, begin to think throughout the day in the other language.  Surround oneself with people who are speaking it.  Perhaps move to the country where it is spoken thus forcing oneself to learn it.  Through these steps one cannot help by to completely focus upon the endeavor at hand; in this instance learning a new language. 

This method is 100% successful.  Have you ever noticed that when you go to a foreign country, let us say Spain, that everyone speaks Spanish?  Why is that?  The reason is because those individuals were immersed in the language from a young age.  They had no choice but to learn it.

Do you think this same idea will hold true for you?  Let me offer up a question to get you thinking?  What are the chances that you would learn a great deal about baseball if you spent all your non-working hours studying this game?  I would hypothesize that the odds are great that you would see tremendous improvement.  Since you focus is almost exclusively in that area, great advancement is the only possible outcome.  Of course, the caveat to all this would be the willingness to dedicate the time to it.  If you were obsessive about it, increased knowledge would result.

10,000 Hours

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve greatness in any particular area.  The main idea with this theory is that if one dedicates this amount of time to any one endeavor, superstar skills are attained.  A prime example of this is athletes.  Look at any professional and you can easily see how many hours were spent hitting golf balls or shooting baskets to achieve the level of skill the individual has.  Moving into the business realm, think about the number of hours Warren Buffett spent studying business and the stock market.  People of this nature spent years honing their craft.

So what does this mean for you?  What if you are not a person in your 20s who has decades to study a particular area so as to attain expertise?  Fortunately, there is another way of looking at this entire matter.  While 10,000 hours is given as the amount of time necessary, there are many instances which one can do it in less time.  One way to do this, especially in the area of knowledge, is to learn from others.  People often write about their successes, and pitfalls.  It is through understanding what caused the pitfalls where you can save yourself considerable time.  Using the experience of others can save you a great deal of time.

Another point that I would like to mention is for you to understand what your goal is.  While expertise is a really good thing, perhaps that is a level that is not required for success.  When it comes to money management, one does not need 10,000 hours of study to improve his or her situation.  I found that dedicating a year of study (about 500 hours) will set one ahead of most other people.  Since most fail to study money, budgeting, and sound financial decisions, the person who immerses him or herself in this arena, even for a hour or two a day, will find tremendous success. 

Therefore, I suggest you begin to immerse yourself in the study of money.  Wealth is something that anyone can attain if he or she is willing to learn the steps to achieving it.  Consider yourself like a person landing in a foreign country to learn a new language.  Put all your focus upon this single area and watch how quickly your life changes.  As with anything, when you immerse yourself in something, success will result.
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Knowledge Is Everywhere

We live in the age of information.  The Internet enabled us access to more knowledge than is present in the Library of Congress.  There are sites out there on everything.  No matter what the topic, it only requires typing a few words into a search engine and you will be given a list that will take you hours to go through.

You would think with all this information readily available to us, that we would be smarter as in general.  Sadly, this does not seem to be the case.  Most people, relatively speaking are falling further behind.  When we look at their financial situation, they are overloaded with debt.  Regarding health, they are in terrible shape (literally).  Their relationships are total train wrecks with people not even speaking to each other.  Overall, the quality of life tends to diminish as we are "dumbed down".

The truth is that it does not have to be this way.  People have the opportunity to gain whatever knowledge is needed for success.  The only requirement is the desire to attain that knowledge.


Everything starts with willingness.  Are you willing to do the things that will lead to success?  This is a major question.  Few are willing to put in the time and effort required to move their life to an extraordinary level.  The desire is not there.  Instead, they live on a hope rather than a concentrated intent. 

Financial success is not a great mystery.  The path to riches is well known.  There are a number of options a person has which will ultimately lead to that outcome.  However, it is not something that is inherent within us at birth.  It is a learned science.  The ability to generate a massive amount of money is a result of acquiring knowledge followed up by the application.  It really is that simple.

Investing is a huge part of the wealth creation process.  A foundational piece to all financial success is that money needs to go to work.  It is wonderful to excel and increase one's income.  However, true abundance is rarely achieved unless money is earned of existing capital.  Failure to do this means one will be a high income earner but not see their net worth excel.  This is the condition many athletes find themselves in.  The eventual outcome is they go broke because their expenses far exceed their income once the enormous contract runs out. 

To be a successful investor, one must learn the basics of investing.  There are fundamental principles to follow which will create a nice bank account.  One of them is the advantage of time.  Too many opt for the get rich quick scenarios.  This is catastrophic financially.  Most of these "investments" are losers from the start.  Yet millions follow this idea.  If they were willing to do a little reading and study how many of the most successful investors built their wealth, they would realize that sound financial principles were followed.

10,000 Hours

There is a concept that applies to success which I tend to agree with.  It is the belief that to achieve excellence in something, a person needs to devote 10,000 hours to it.  This is a lot of time, obviously, yet it is required to attain the highest level of success.  Consider the hours spent by an Olympic athlete training and honing his or her craft.  Bill Gates spent thousands of hours playing around with software.  Warren Buffet invested tens of thousands of hours to learning and reading about businesses.  People like these have the drive to excel and put in the time.

Contrast this with the average person.  How many hours do you dedicate to your investments, as an example?  Jim Cramer talks about that an individual needs to be willing to dedicated 1 hour per week to each stock he or she owns.  If that person is not willing to do that, investing in mutual funds is the way to go.  It is incredible that he is asking for a little more than 50 hours per year to study a stock thoroughly.  Compare this to the amount of time spent watching television.  I read studies that stated the average American watches 5-6 hours of television a day.  This amounts to 1,500-2,000 hours yearly.  Yet someone is not willing to invest 50 hours towards creating successful financial returns.

It is time to begin the process of working towards your 10,000 hours.  Obviously, most will never get to this level.  However, if you can invest 500 hours into your financial future, I will hypothesize that you will be far ahead of the average person.  Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do on their financial plan.  Is it any surprise that most suffer financial difficulties especially as they get older?  Those who have the willingness to garner the knowledge will become financially successful. 

3 Areas of Knowledge

There are 3 ways you can acquire knowledge.  It is best to start accessing all three to accelerate your learning curve.

1. Personal experience: 

You have a wealth of knowledge simply from the actions you have or have not taken over the years.  Often, these are the best lessons.  Look back upon your life and the decisions you made.  See where you were mistaken to learn what the correct action should have been.  Life is an excellent teacher if we will embrace the lessons.  Sadly, few are willing to do this.  Instead they blame other people and circumstances for their shortcomings.  There is a wealth of knowledge in your own life story if you will simply look at it.  Sit down with a piece of paper to analyze what took place.  Be honest about what the decisions you make.  Do not beat yourself up over it so much as learn from it.  View it the same way as you do a movie.  Through this one exercise you will see an assortment of financial "rules" emerge.  This is the beginning stages of wealth creation.

2. Experience of others:

There is no need to beat you head against the wall to realize it hurts.  Look around to see there are many who do that for you.  Notice the results they get.  When they do this, their head hurts.  Therefore, you can bet the ranch the same will occur if you do it.  This is learning from others.

Financial calamities are everywhere.  Thousands of people end up in bankruptcy court daily because of decisions they make.  It is easy to learn how people enslave themselves financially with their decisions.  Learn from their pain while avoiding it yourself.  This only requires the ability to suppress your ego and proclaim that you do not have all the answers.  Most habitually do the opposite which deters them from learning from others.  There is an abundance of financial knowledge in the success and failures of others.

3. Writings:

As mentioned, the Internet gives us access to more information than was humanly possible before.  Financial success is everywhere online.  It requires a bit of effort to sift through it but you will uncover "secrets" that few know.  Again, you must have the willingness.

The writings of others enables you to garner knowledge from their experience.  Also, there are thousands upon thousands of studies done which you can apply.  For example, there are studies about the idea "sell in May and go away".  By simply looking into this concept, one might alter his or her investing style based upon the conclusions drawn.

Naturally, you must be mindful of who you follow or the suggestions made.  Simply because someone puts it in writing does not make it true.  You need to continually search and cross reference new ideas.  Delve into the person who is making the statement to see what success that person attained.  While a college professor might offer some insight into the stock market, I would take the words of a Warren Buffet to mean a lot more.  His track record (and net worth) far exceeds that of any of the professors at our colleges. 

The point is knowledge is everywhere.  Desire it.  Commit to starting on your 10,000 hour path by spending an hour or so a day to learning about success especially in the area of finance.  Those who live in a state of poverty do so because they lack the knowledge to live any other way.  I would guess that most people, even if not in poverty, fall into this category.  Become one who is different.  Spend some of your free time learning about this subject.  It is a central way to change your life.
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Financing Yourself To 100

Do you want to live to 100?  If not, why not?  What is your reason for not wanting to be on this planet for as long as you possibly can?  The answer to these questions lies in the fact that most people do not live lives that are worth a great deal.  Thoreau stated that most men live lives of "quiet desperation".  Certainly things have changed since his time to the point where now people are not quiet about their desperation.

Make Your Life Incredible

Few people take the time to plan their life.  This is a central tenet to the Western lifestyle.  We work in careers that we honestly have no idea how we chose.  Most people are reactive accepting a position out of need as opposed to want or desire.  They follow the dogma that their particular culture espouses as "normal" and leading to happiness only to find that it was not true.  Nevertheless, they continue on the path because "it is the responsible thing".

You only need to look at the average person to realize he or she is miserable.  Most operate in the state that Thoreau was referring to.  This has not changed in the past 100 years.  In fact, pressures on people have become greater.  Over time, we have accepted the "distractions" of life as normal.  Television watching is at an all time high.  People overeat while getting too little exercise.  Financially, more money is needed to make ends meet because we operate in a consumer driven society where having stuff shows the worth of a person.  All the while people are dying inside while becoming more enslaved.

One of the first things that you must do is to decide to make your life incredible.  There is no reason why you have to follow the path of millions who simply abide by what everyone is telling them to do.  It is up to you to determine how you want to live your life.  What is it that you truly desire?  How do you want things to be?  These are questions that few ever honestly answer.  The fact is that most anything can be achieved if one is willing to make it a goal.  Again, the number of people who actually take the time to plan how they are going to make their lives incredible is minimal.  

This is where you can alter things.  Spend time getting in touch with those things you want to make a reality in your life.  Nothing should ever stand in your way.  However, before you can have the tenacity to achieve that end, you first need to establish it as an outcome.  Therefore, your goal is to make your life truly incredible.

Massive Finances    

Once you are on the road to making your life truly incredible, you quickly learn that you do not want it to end.  This is the piece that most people are missing.  Because of their misery, deep down, they are not seeking to prolong things.  Sure, they want to live to a ripe old age because of fear of death.  However, the truth is so many are simply existing that death is a blessing.  This is especially true as people get older.

Since you are entering the minority who desires to live a long time, it is crucial that you finance this endeavor.  Money is a subject that most avoid.  Rich people have a negative connotation within our society.  However, that is only true among people who are not rich.  The wealthy do not believe that about themselves.  It is a terrible misconception meted out by irresponsible politicians and media outlets who opt to engage in class warfare.  Some of the most giving people in the world are extremely wealthy (and who came about it ethically).  Therefore, do not hold prejudice against someone for their financial status.  In fact, it is best to use that as a motivator to push yourself forward.

Today, you need to get on the path of financing yourself to 100.  Many financial planners offer to assist one in the process of preparing for retirement.  Sadly, most find that they are woefully under capitalized when the day arrives to enter their golden years.  This is a simple situation to avoid yet few are willing to take the action to arrive at this outcome.

Spending is to wealth what sugar is to health.  People are killing themselves by the food they eat.  At the same time, they are destroying their financial lives by spending without thinking.  As I mentioned, we live in a society that promotes consumerism.  It is a central part of our economy.  The Western cultures need people to spent at a growing rate to sustain growth.  We see this idea espoused by the media on a regular basis.  The problem with this mindset is that it goes counter to what is best for the individual and his or her family.

If you want to have massive finances (as opposed to massive debt), you need to stop spending.  This is a fundamental tenet to financial abundance.  You need to spend less than you earn and save the difference.  Without this ability, you are bound to be a lifelong slave to society.  No matter how much you make, the lack of discipline means that you will spend 100% (or more with credit) of what you earn.  Nothing will be left over.  Ultimately, this path will lead to financial dependence later on in life.  

Therefore, picture yourself living to 100.  How do you want your life to be?  Do you see yourself dependent upon others?  If this is the case, begin now to alter the behaviors you presently engage upon.  Financial prudence is one of the greatest attributes someone can acquire.  It is vital that you understand the basics of financial accumulation and begin to put money to work for you.  Over the next few decades, you can learn the skills to ensure you have massive abundance in later years.  Also, you will be able to do those things which make you want to live to 100.      

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What is it that separates the highly successful from the rest of the population.  In a word it is "greatness".  While it is something that is difficult to categorize, people know greatness when they see it.  And those who attain this level, set out to create it in their lives.  Compare this with the approach that most people take which is merely to survive.

A Conscious Decision

To be great, one must consciously decide to be that way.  It is something that cannot be achieved unless one sets it out as a goal.  Yet few are willing to make this commitment.  Instead, they hedge what they want in an effort to avoid failure.  Greatness sets the bar extremely high.  Most of the population cannot handle the idea of putting so much pressure upon themselves.  Instead, they leave themselves "an out".  Failure becomes acceptable.

One thing that is common to hear is "I need to lose some weight" or "I need to get into shape".  Notice the hedge that is already in place.  Did the individual making these proclamations establish a high bar?  The answer is no.  Nowhere in the person's mind is the idea of having a great body.  The reason for this is the level of commitment to achieve this is much greater than simply making some progress.  The truth is that this person most likely will do nothing.

Finances are the exact same way.  People too often approach investing, as an example, with the mindset of not losing.  They do not set out to achieve big fortunes.  Fear is running the show and simply progressing is acceptable.  Certainly one wants his or her investment accounts to grow.  However, accepting a measly return because one is unwilling to commit to something greater is absurd.

It is crucial that you make the conscious choice to build fantastic wealth.  This is at the core of our existence in this society.  Obviously, I am not advocating you take the gambler mentality to the market because that is not a winning proposition either.  My point is that you must be willing to do your homework and hone your skills in the area of finance/investing.  You are looking to achieve greatness.  Maintain some humility because, if you do not, the markets have a way of humbling you.  And this gets to be an expensive approach.  Make this decision and follow up with actions that mirror it.

A Higher Level

Whenever a person implements the idea of greatness into his or her life, suddenly this person is operating at a higher level then everyone else.  As I stated earlier, most simply seek to survive.  Nowhere in there being is the idea of strive for more.  Sure, they mentally state they would like something different yet few actually make the commitment to move towards that end.  It is much easier to make things a wish, hope, or dream.

Does this mean you will achieve greatness in all you do?  Of course not.  Failure is a part of life.  There are things we attempt that do not work out.  Naturally, the ultimate failure is to give up.  Oftentimes, a misstep is not failure as much as a signal to do things differently.  This is one of life's ways of teaching us valuable lessons.  Experience is a terrific teacher if we will pay attention.

When deciding to focus upon greatness in any area, we cease to accept substandard results.  People often complain about having little motivation when if greatness was the ultimate end, motivation would be present.  It is easy to see the path when one sets a high outcome.  Work is required and lots of it.  However, as one advances up the scale, the rewards get greater.

We see this when one sets out to eliminate debt from his or her life.  At first, it is overwhelming when one looks at all the balances.  Yet, over time, as more payments are submitted, balances dwindle.  At the same time, the interest accrued starts decreasing in proportion.  Hence, more of each payment, if constant, is going towards principle, accelerating the elimination process.  Paying off one debt is a breakthrough for many people and the time where they realize progress is being made.  Nobody can have a great financial life with excessive amounts of personal unsecured debt.

Each of us has a standard of conduct that is acceptable.  If one is only striving for mediocre, obviously the level of conduct is low.  This is a person who will only do enough to get by.  A higher aspiration is not in the cards.  However, once this person adopts the idea of being great in any area, instantly the behaviors which were present before are no longer acceptable.  Instead of watching television, perhaps the person starts to read financial books.  Time is utilized in a different way in an effort to attain a greater end.  Mild attempts are unsatisfactory. 

Sports provides a terrific analogy.  Take someone like Michael Jordan who was the best basketball player of his time.  He operated at a level higher than even the other professional players around him.  Did he have a natural talent?  Certainly.  However, he also worked extremely hard at his craft always desiring to get better.  He also matched it up with the inner strength to take the pressure shots which many would shy away from.  His mental skills were as strong as his physical.  This is what separated him from the other players, many of whom were the best in the world.  He sought greatness where others were content to just give their best. 

I want you to implement greatness in all you do.  Take one area of your life and decide to make it great.  Do not settle for substandard results anymore.  Commit to being the best at whatever the endeavor is.  And then be willing to take whatever action is necessary to achieve that end.
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Take Advantage What Is Presented

Many are seeking out opportunities while ignoring what is under their nose.  This is a basic problem with the human condition; we are always looking "over there".  People simply do not put to use what is under their control.

Wanting Something Big

Individuals like to focus upon the big.  They want to make radical life changes while not accepting the fact that life is made up of a series of smaller actions.  To completely alter one's life, in most instances, people need to make lots of little changes that add up to a large difference.  Yet we are conditioned to want to find something bigger.

I will relate an example that illustrate this point.  I once studied under a guy who was a multi-millionaire.  He was one to go around picking up coins off the ground when he saw them.  People might think this strange unless you understand his mindset.  He is a person who believes that he has no right to tell the universe no when it blesses him with money.  He emphatically states "who am I do dictate the denomination of the money given to me".  This is so true.  Because he is open to a penny or a nickel, he also receives money in the form of thousands.  He is satisfied no matter what is given.

Contrast this with the outlook that most people have.  People, at least in the western cultures, have a denomination where money becomes valuable.  Obviously, to the average person, a penny or nickel is too small.  To many, so is a dollar or even 5  dollars.  Some will think about $10.  Others $20.  Still others $100.  The point is there is a threshold where one will think hard before spending.  Below that level, the amount is considered inconsequential.

The sad thing is this is how people view most things in their lives.

The Disease of More

People want more.  It is what we are conditioned to believe.  No matter what one has, there is always someone to look to who is doing better.  If that person is not around, Madison Avenue ensures this occurs by presenting advertisements of what success is.  Everyday is a quest to add to the mountain of stuff already accumulated in an effort to feel worthy.  This is a national illness which creates much pain, especially financial.

There is nothing wrong with accumulating "the finer things in life" if you are able to attain them in a sensible way.  The problem is people feel entitled as opposed to being willing to work for them.  It is here where the disconnect between opportunities and success occurs.  Most are always looking at the end while ignoring what takes place in the middle.

For example, the $100,000 a year job is desirable to most everyone.  However, few take the time to prepare themselves so they can handle a job like this.  If someone is paying that amount of money, he or she will require a return for it.  Just showing up and occupying space is not enough.  Sadly, many believe this.

What is overlooked is that one can create a better opportunity in his or her present employment.  There are opportunities in all positions.  While I acknowledge that not every job can be turned into $100,000 annually, there are things that can be attained which will propel you forward.  This is a key point to success.  Every job offers opportunities for something.  It is just being aware of what can be garnered from that position. 

Starting Where You Are

It is crucial that no matter what you are desiring, you are willing to start exactly where you are.  This might seem like common sense yet most fail to do this.  Instead, they dream of better things all the while overlooking what is presently in front of them.  Now I admit that present circumstances might be terrible for many people.  The advantage to that is the changes necessary ought to be highly obvious.  Regardless of how the situation is, dealing with reality is always your starting point.

The truth is that in the western countries, there are opportunities oozing from every segment of society.  Unless one travels around to third world nations, we do not realize how good things are.  Sure there are problems.  But, for the most part, we have the freedom to excel.  This is not the case in many parts of the world.  Necessities like food and clean water are at a premium.  People in these situations seek only to survive.  We have the opportunity for so much more.

So your present geographic location is the starting point.  Ignore things such as the economy and wage scale.  Look to what is presently in your life that you can utilize for advancement.  What skills or opportunities are there which you have been ignoring.  I will tell you something that 40% of the workforce completely overlooks: the 401K program.  Studies show only 60% participate.  Here is an example of how people fail to take advantage of something that will benefit them.  Is it any wonder that people have such horrific financial lives?

Your challenge now is to look around you and find the opportunities that presently exist within your life.  Understand that since the Internet is available to all of us, the possibilities are almost endless.  Information is available with the touch of a few keystrokes.  You can learn whatever you desire.  Begin to see what is in front of you.  The solution is never "over there" but, rather, right here.

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Stop Digging

What is the first thing you do when you find yourself in a hole?

Most answer this question by saying "climb out".  The correct answer is to stop digging.  Before one can work his or her way out of anything, one must first cease getting further behind.  This idea applies to any aspect of life.  However, the relevance to the financial arena is incredible.


People love debt.  The entire world is addicted to it.  From our average credit card balances to car payments to the trillions run up by the governments of the world, we see how debt is an addiction.  People simply cannot live without it.  If the U.S. government had to eliminate debt in the next 12 months, it would cease to operate.  Sadly, many individuals find themselves in this same situation.

Debt is a master which enslaves one for life.  People do not think about the consequences when making the purchase.  Instead, they are trained to look at the monthly payment only while appeasing the need for instant gratification.  The total amount spent means little to people.  This is what the financial institutions of the world depend upon.  To them, this is "money in the bank".  Anyone who has lived under serious debt for a long period of time knows what this is like.  It is hell on earth.  Yet so many succumb to the temptation.

What is sad is this is nothing more than a habit.  Did you know that 50 years ago few people were in debt.  Other than a mortgage, little was financed.  If a new car was to be purchased, a family saved up for it.  The same was true for appliances.  When the refrigerator broke, a new one was purchased with cash.  Making payments was something that most avoided.

We saw the same behavior with vacations.  There was a time when traveler's checks were popular.  These financial items were used in lieu of cash because of the fact that if stolen or lost, they could be replaced.  Credit cards were not a thought.  Today, with the exception of some overseas travel, people do not purchase traveler's checks.  Instead, they simply charge the entire trip to the credit card.

While I admit convenience is a benefit, the truth is that most spend more than they can afford when choosing this route.  Charges will be accepted as long as there is room on the credit card.  What is available in the bank account to pay the balance in 30 days is not of consequence.  This causes people to overspend.

Change In Behavior

Since debt is basically a national epidemic, a change in behavior is needed.  Of course, this starts with the individual i.e. you.  So, how does one begin to change?

Like the title says, the first thing that one must do in any situation that is creating negative consequences is to stop.  Cease what you are doing.  It is understood that a reversal in behavior is needed.  However, before that can take place one must first stop going down the present path.

This idea is akin to a car traveling the wrong way down a street.  Obviously, the solution is for the automobile to be traveling the other direction.  Before that can occur, one must first stop the car from going the wrong way and then he or she can turn it around.  The same holds true here.

Therefore, when looking at the financial arena, it is crucial you stop digging a deeper hole.  This means, in most instances, cease spending.  People get in trouble because they spend all or more than they earn.  The first order of business is to not buy anything unless it is an absolute necessity (food).  Do this immediately and carry it out for 30 days.  This will help you to develop the habit of not spending.  Then, and only then, can you start to reverse course.  Nothing will occur until you stop digging a deeper hole.

Habits are learned and they can be unlearned.  Behavior modification is difficult.  Nevertheless, when you live under the horrors of debt, it is a necessity if you are going to enjoy any freedom in life at all.  We live in a capitalistic society were money is a central unit in our lives.  Non responsible behavior is a pathway to sure failure.  Stopping the senseless spending is one way to start the process of embracing responsibility.

Always remember the first rule of wealth creation:

Spend less than you earn and save/invest the rest.

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Consistency: The Key to Achievement

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be extremely successful?  There are a great number of theories out there but one thing that is always present among the successful is the element of consistency.  They are consistent in the way they behave.  It is almost as if they are completely predictable even when unpredictable.

Action Required

All fields require action.  It matters none what one chooses to focus upon.  The people who excel are the ones who take proper action.  There is a caveat to this idea: the ones who succeed take consistent action which leads to success.  Anyone can do something once in a while.  The ones who truly advance are those who repeat the actions over and over on the path to success.

Let us focus on the field of sales.  Most organizations love the superstar sales person.  This is a person who puts up large numbers on a consistent basis.  He or she is not one to have a big month followed by two poor months.  This is not a superstar salesperson.  Inconsistency is something that an organization cannot build around.  Therefore, businesses look for salespeople who can consistently produce.

The same is true in the field of wealth building.  Because of the time element, action takes on a regular basis over the long term nets fantastic results.  However, many believe that putting money away "once in a while" is sufficient.  It is not.  Anyone who has succeeded in accumulating larges amounts of money through investing did so by putting money to work on a consistent basis.  This is why it is best for many to automate their savings.  Under this program, people have a certain percentage taken out of their check and invested before it gets into their hands.  This eliminates the temptation to spend the money.  Savings (and investing) because not only automatic but occurs on a regular basis.

Automating action is a wonderful way to achieve success.  Look at the world class weight lifter.  Here is a person who is in the gym on a daily basis.  Obviously, judging by the physiques, these people do not work out once in a while.  They dedicate a great deal of time and energy to this endeavor.  To truly achieve this state, going to the gym needs to be an automatic activity.  In other words, the person does not have to think about the action taken.  It is so consistent that it becomes a part of the daily routine.  Whereas most subconsciously conclude to sit on the couch, these individuals mentally default to going to the gym.  Their action is also automatic in addition to consistent.


Another area where consistency is paramount is in the area of emotions.  Nobody likes dealing with a "hothead".  For those who are somehow unfamiliar with this term, this is a person who cannot control his or her temper.  To add fuel to the fire and make matters worse, this individuals also tends to lose it over the smallest instances.  Emotional control is out of his or her reach.  Instead, one is happy one moment only to blow up the next. 

The reason why one needs to be consistent emotionally is because much of our success is dependent upon other people.  Anyone in business understands how important having top performing people is.  If one is continually yelling and screaming, people of this sort will depart.  Yet we see so many business owners and managers still behaving in a similar manner in spite of the results.  A lack of emotional control is the cause of their failure.

Successful investing requires the same thing.  People tend to think what they see in the movies is accurate.  Hollywood portrays stock traders as people who are high strung while operating in frenzied states.  This is inaccurate.  The best traders in the world are those who are cool under fire.  The market is an entity all to its own.  Nobody is going to be right all the time.  Even the best misread what is taking place and suffer loses.  However, like the poker player, you will not be able to tell how a successful trader is doing at that moment by his or her face.  The reason is the emotion has been removed (as much as possible).  A person of this sort strives for emotional consistency.  The ups and downs of the market are not reflected in his or her demeanor.  Level is how one can describe it.  It is a field where nothing is personal; just business.  Loss is an inevitable part of the game.  Nevertheless, the emotional antics are optional.

Success is something that takes place over the course of time.  Qualities such as discipline and character are necessary.  The reason for this is because consistency is central to any large scale success.  Each day action is taken to move towards a desired outcome.  In the area of retirement as an example, the outcome can be decades later.  If one is able to maintain consistency over a long period of time, good results occur.  It is when one starts to operate in haphazard ways that things go wrong. 

Strive for consistency in all you do.  And most of all, strive to be consistent emotionally.  If you can do this, you will find the people around you will respond differently.
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Money Equals Freedom

Many people are going to take exception to this post but the truth is that money equals freedom.  Or specifically, can equal freedom.  Freedom is a subjective term which requires being put into context.  I will explain that part in a bit.  The main point of this post is that having money, actually more specifically, massive amounts of money, puts one in position to move his or her life to another level.  This is something that those without the means do not enjoy.

Desire More

A couple days ago I wrote about having wealth as a goal.  The reason why most people do not attain massive amounts of financial wealth is they never make it a goal.  Instead, they ignore the situation all together while pursuing whatever the passing fancy is in the moment.  This is evidenced by the actions of people.  Those who have wealth as a goal do not go and buy McMansions.  Nor do they lease or finance expensive European automobiles which only decrease in value as time goes by.  Instead, they focus upon prudent spending while amassing their fortune one financial transaction at a time.

It is a proven fact that before people will change, desire needs to exist.  One will not lose weight unless he or she desires it.  The same is true for breaking an addiction.  Excelling at a sport.  Success in business.  And, not surprisingly, financial wealth is not achieved unless one desires it.

This brings up the question why should one desire wealth.  We live in a society where "more" is an illness.  Everyone desires more.  It is a national epidemic.  Nobody is satisfied with what they have.  We all know that money does not buy happiness.  So why should one desire wealth when it is an unproven path to fulfillment?

The answers lies in what is desired.  More "stuff" is not the answer.  Those who desire wealth so they can have a larger home or nicer cars ends up in a state called dissatisfaction.  The truth is that a bigger house usually means there is more to clean and the taxes are higher.  Rarely does it provide greater happiness in and of itself.  The same holds true for most material things.  Items provide a law of diminishing returns.  The greatest desire for the item is when it is sitting on the shelf in the store.  Once it is purchased, the satisfaction and enjoyment head downwards.  If you question this idea go look at something in your closet that you "just had to have".  Notice how you feel about it now compared to then.  The desire is diminished.

Intangible Qualities in Life

Happiness comes from those things in life we cannot buy or touch.  So why do I make the point that one should desire wealth?  As the title suggests, the reason is because money equals freedom.  Those with massive amounts of money can do things others cannot.  This is where the life experienced is enhanced.

The most important aspect of this idea is the concept of time.  This is the one thing in life that none of us can control.  We all have 24 hours in a day and a certain number of days on this planet.  There is nothing anyone can do to alter that.  Sure one can shorten the lifespan by engaging in activities which are detrimental to one's health.  However, as of yet, nobody really figured out a way to expand the number of days an individual has on this planet.  Therefore, time is an element we must focus upon.

Having a massive amount of money allows one to have time freedom.  This is the most important factor I can relate to you.  Most people spend at least 1/3 of their week engaged in work.  While this is a part of life, most are involved in activities which are unrewarding.  Thus, an individual is spending 2/3 his or her life working and sleeping.  Couple in commuting, running of errands, and preparing for work and you can see how one is left with little time.  We notice a similar routine on the weekends when one spends his or her time running around handling things which were overlooked during the week or trying to recover from the stress of the workweek.  To me, none of this signifies freedom.

Freedom is the state where one is able to spend his or her time as he or she sees fit.  Obviously, there are times in life where we must do something (heading to grandmas for Christmas dinner as an example).  However, when one sacrifices 1/3 of life for a paycheck, that person is not free.  Therefore, one needs to develop wealth so as to be able to engage in activities when he or she sees fit. 

Another aspect of this comes in the form of creativity.  When one is not working for a paycheck, then that person if free to create.  People have an assortment of interests which they never have time for.  For many, once wealth is achieved, these interests are suddenly available.  Whether it is a hobby such as playing an instrument or something that can earn one money like writing or painting, a person is now free to follow that path.  It is not possible when one is spending a vast amount of time slaving away for a check at the end of two weeks.

Desiring more simply means that you are going to take your life to another level in terms of your experience on this planet.  It does not imply that one is going to accumulate a large amount of material possessions.  These are not what provides the satisfaction.  Instead of following that path, a person who is wise will seek to expand the experiences that are had.  This is where one reaches fulfillment.  Again, it can be in the form of travel, learning something of interest, or spending time with family which otherwise would not be possible.  When one is wealthy, he or she has the freedom to do any of these things.

There is one final thought I must bring up.  Not all wealthy people are free.  There are some who are so consumed with the path to the top that the accumulation of wealth becomes an addiction.  At the same time, many are filled with the fear of losing money that they too are enslaved by it.  We always need to keep money in its proper perspective.  It is a vehicle.  Do not worship it nor fear it.  Use it as a path to freedom and you will realize how life can be truly magical.

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Get Rich Quick

Infomercial for the last two decades have espoused the idea of getting rich quick.  There are advertisements for programs where you can make millions in real estate, the stock market, or owning your own business.  I am here to tell you that all of these things are true.  Millions can be made in each of these areas.  However, it is not guaranteed and rarely does it happen overnight.

Building Wealth

There are no shortcuts to building wealth.  In most instances, wealth is created by the accumulation of assets which appreciate over time.  The time element is critical because yearly returns compound.  Over time, as the assets go up in value, the same percentage return nets greater dollars.  This is one of the reasons why the "rich get richer".  If I have $10,000 and you have a million dollars, who comes out further ahead if we each get a 10% return.  In this example, I make $1,000 while you earn $100,000. 

Take this example out over the course of 10 or 20 years and you can see how the two accounts will be substantially different.  Nevertheless, if one is consistent with the investing, even the $10,000 account will grow fabulously over that time frame.  The time element is crucial in building wealth.  Too many omit this factor without realizing how fundamental it is.

To exemplify it, I will note a couple of examples that most are familiar with.  Debt is something that most of the Western world holds in larges amount.  Between mortgages, car payments, and credit cards, the masses are swirling downward because of there debt load.  The reason this is so has to do with the compounding (time element on money) effect.

Did you ever sign a mortgage at closing and come across what is called a Truth in Lending Statement.  This is a piece of paper stuck in the mortgage which spells out how much you will pay for the house over time.  For example, it is not uncommon to see a $150,000 house costing over $350,000 on a 30 year mortgage.  Consider if you pay $1,000 a month for 360 months, that is $360,000 for a house that you are buying for $150,000.  That is a lot of compounding.

We see the same thing with credit cards.  Now, these companies are required to state how long it will take to pay off a balance if just the monthly minimum is paid.  It is not uncommon to see balances take 7 years to pay off and cost 2 or 3 times the original amount.  This is again a factor of compounding.

Therefore, we must be truly aware of the effect of time on wealth development.  Shortcuts often do not work.  While it is possible to hit on a fabulous return quickly, your attention should be to putting time to work for you.


In life, to succeed, discipline is required.  This is common sense.  If you want to lose weight, you need the discipline to go work out and eat properly.  Work success is the result of having the discipline to learn your craft while taking the action that others are not willing to take.  Any success in any field requires the quality of discipline.  Wealth building is no different.

One needs to the discipline to set aside money on a regular basis  if he or she is going to accumulate wealth.  I recently read an article by a financial writer who was retiring.  He put together an article explaining how he went about creating a situation where he was financial secure at retirement.  The first thing he mentioned is that he was disciplined enough to consistently save no matter how much money he made.  This is key.  Regardless of what was going on in his life financially, he took a portion of the money earned and put it into savings.  This habit provided him the foundation to build wealth over the course of his working career.  He was not dependent upon astronomical stock market returns for success.  The fact that he was disciplined enough to always put money away secured his future.  Modest returns over time amount to the money he needed to safely "sail off into the sunset".

How come so few ever get to this point?  Statistics are showing that only about 3% of the population is financial secure at retirement.  Most are subject to having to continue to work simply because they do not have enough money to live on.  And what was the cause of this?  There are many reasons but at the top of the list was not setting money aside from each check.  The old adage is "pay yourself first".  However, most opt to pay themselves last.  Everything they earn is spent.  This lack of financial discipline leads to one being broke in later years.

Discipline is also required to avoid the 'Get Rick Quick" schemes that are promoted in different places.  People lose untold fortunes because of their greed and desire for quick riches.  This is most often a losing strategy.  Often the best answer is "no" yet few can resist the temptation to go for it all.  Greed usually is the emotion that will win out.  Discipline is the trait that will help one avoid this fiasco.  It is best to develop it.

The time to start building wealth is today.  It is best for you to start putting time to work for you.  Consider what I wrote about the credit card debt and how that affects you.  Apply this same idea to savings to see how things can change in your favor.  This is a crucial mental shift that needs to occur.  The number one financial problem in people's lives is that they find themselves on the wrong side of compound interest.  It is best to get on the right side.  If you can do that, then everyday you will wake up a little richer than the day before.  Do this long enough and you will have massive wealth.
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Personal Finance

People are financial uneducated.  This is one of the greatest tragedies of the last 50 years or so.  The fact that people understand so little about money has led to a nation of debt and corruption.  Few have the knowledge to understand what is going on meaning that the "powers that be" are free to operate as they see fit.

Broke Nation

I will focus my thoughts on the United States but the same rules apply to most Western countries. The United States is broke.  I am not just referring to the Federal Government and the insane debt it accumulated.  Instead, I am talking about the average person on the street.  This person has no net worth whatsoever.  Due to factors which were present the past few decades, this person accumulated a negative asset base.  What that means is they owe more than they have. 

There is a difference between rich people and everyone else.  The rich discuss net worth.  Lists of the richest people in the world are determined using this criteria as the basis.  Contrast this with the average person who, if money is discussed, mention income.  To this individual, how much you make is critical; to the wealthy, how much you have.  This is a big difference.

Since the housing collapse in 5 years ago, the average American has zero.  Actually, because of debt, they have less than zero.  They live in houses that are worth 30%-40% of what they are indebted for.  At the same time, these people are most likely carrying a credit card balance somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000.  Couple this with the fact that most people have some type of car payment and you see that debt is the common ailment.

I once read a study that really spelled out the situation.  The surveyor asked people if they were able to put their hands on $2,000 within the next 30 days.  I forget exactly what the percentage was but it is unbelievably low.  That is insane.  How can one not be able to put his or her hands on $2,000 in a month?  The reason is because most of America is broke.


There is a national epidemic which is occurring that outside the health field.  That disease is killing people across the country.  It is called consumerism.  This single idea is what is obligating people to a life of financial slavery.

Madison Avenue runs our lives.  People are told exactly what to do.  Our perception of success is defined based upon what car we drive, clothes we wear, and perfume we scent ourselves with.  Anything less than that and one does not have the right to feel successful.  This message is delivered to us over time to the point where it is driven home.  "Keeping up with the Jones" is a national pastime.  People feel entitled to the "finest things in life" regardless of current income status.  Again, the non-weathly concentrate on income as the basis for everything including whether something is affordable.

Another factor that enters into this is the idea of easy financing.  Today, to be part of the consumerism extravaganza, one does not even need to be able to pay for the stuff.  Easy credit is here to help.  One only needs to sign his or her name and take the item home.  Almost every industry offers credit in some form.  And, of course, if it does not, the credit card companies are happy to step in.  Trillions of dollars worth of stuff has been sold in this manner, much of it ill advised.

Personal Finance is the Cure

The cure for this plague is the educating of the masses in the area of personal finance.  Our educational system is so archaic that it teaches children nothing about the subject of money.  This is one area where the school system has left it to the parents and they failed miserably.  Naturally, if we look at the habits of the parents, we realize they are financially uneducated also.  It is no wonder this problem is multiplying.

People need to learn that it is time to take responsibility for their actions.  Educating oneself about the basics in finance is crucial.  However, it is not enough to learn about checks, credit cards, and the stock market.  It is equally as vital that everyone understand why they do certain things.  People shop for a variety of reasons; often to try and make up for something lacking within themselves.  This is a problem that goes deeper than ill-advised spending.  At the same time, people often make financial decisions without giving any thought as to what they are doing.  This creates another situations where the subconscious becomes programmed to spend.  Again, the problem seems to multiply.

Most thing that the subject of money and finance is boring.  It is something that does not excite them so the decision is often made to overlook it.  I will admit that it might not be as riveting as the latest reality show on television.  However, there is probably no area more important in your life than the area of money.  The honest truth is we live in a capitalistic society (read money) and it is something that people cannot get away from.  Those who opt to go through life financially unaware are going to be at the mercy of the people who do understand what is going on.  This is a simple fact in life.  The unaware are slaves for those who are aware. 

The rich do get richer.  This is an axiom which is true throughout the ages.  There are a few reasons for this.  To start, as mentioned, they are always focused upon net worth and growing that.  Thus, they acquire assets which become more valuable in time.  The average person acquires items which they have to pay for over time.  In short, the average person finances a car; the wealthy finance a car dealership; one increases wealth while the other decreases it.

Another reason why this is true is for the simple fact the wealthy understand the arena they are operating within: the one of money.  Ironically, everyone is in this game but few take the time to learn the rules.  Most leave their success to chance which often results in failure.  How could one successfully drive if he or she did not understand the rules of the road?  The answer is one would not be able to since his or her license would be revoked.  Yet in the financial arena no such regulations exist.  Nevertheless, there are rules to operate under that only few take the time to learn.

From this point forward, I urge you to begin to concentrate your efforts upon learning what it takes to accumulate wealth.  Begin to read and study this subject.  While it will not be the most exciting reading you ever do, it is monumentally critical to your lifelong success.  We live in a world that revolves around money and that is something you cannot avoid.
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Building Wealth

Today I am going to cover something that really gets people charged up.  We are going to cover the topic of wealth.  This is something that hits home with most everyone.  It is impossible to live in a capitalistic society without encountering the subject of money on a daily basis.  However, even though it is crucial to our existence, few are willing to discuss it.


Money is a problem for most people.  And it is a situation that is only getting worse.  The protests by thousands of people in major cities in the past few years in the U.S. shows how frustration is growing among people.  The divide between the haves and the have nots is getting wider.  These are facts which are not subject to dispute since the data affirms this.  However, I will take exception with the direction where the frustration is placed. 

To start, wealth often means money to most people.  In this post, I am going to agree and will focus upon the financial aspect of things.  Nevertheless, wealth encompasses a great deal more than just dollars and cents.  People enjoy wealth in a variety of ways.  It is said the United States is the richest country on the planet.  That is true.  While not everyone in America is financially well off, the fact remains they are better than most of the world.  Are you aware the average income around the world is $2 a day?  Consider this the next time you feel you are underpaid and remember what others are dealing with.

The point is that people have access to things in the U.S which puts them far ahead of the rest of the world.  Ponder for a second what the average book costs.  You can walk into a bookstore and spend, let's say, $15 on a book.  If you want 5 of them, it will run you roughly $75.  For many, $75 for a luxury like books might be out of the question, especially on a regular basis.

Now, consider the fact that the same person can go to any public library and check out 5 books at any given time (most likely those same 5 books) for FREE.  The person has the ability to read and enjoy the books without paying a penny for them.  This amounts to a $75 benefit just because he or she resides in the United States.

We can see this same idea transferred to many other things which are readily available to us.  Therefore, if one spent some time thinking about it, he or she could feel wealthy at any moment.  The feeling of wealth is achieved by focusing upon what one has as opposed to what one does not have.  Sadly, most concentrate their attention to what is missing or, worse, compare themselves with people who have more.  A better course of action is to compare oneself to a person who has less and realize how lucky he or she truly is.

Make It A Goal

Now that we showed that the feeling of wealth can be achieved no matter what your present circumstances, let us turn our attention to the area of finances or riches.  From this point forward, when I refer to wealth, I am going to be concentrating on money.  I know this might sound shallow to some yet it is a crucial factor in our lives, hence something we need to concentrate upon.

The big question is why do so few ever achieve the state of wealth while most miss out on it?  This is a simple question to answer.  No matter who it is or the circumstances they are in, there is only one reason why a person lacks wealth.  It is because he or she has not truly decided to be wealthy.  That is it.  Anyone who has wealth, aside from those who inherited it, made a decision to become wealthy.  They made it a focus in their lives.  Everything was done in an effort to achieve that end.  Those who are lacking in material resources have not made the same decision.

It is a proven fact that no matter what one decides to achieve, if he or she puts 100% time and effort into achieving that end, it will materialize.  We see this with professional athletes, musicians, artists, and business people.  Those who are successful decide to excel in a single area and persist at that endeavor until success is reached.  Wealth is no different.

As I stated in the beginning, money is a funny subject.  It is something that affects everyone yet so few are willing to talk about it.  Rarely is one taught proper principles growing up at home regarding this lifelong topic.  Instead, it is ignored which leads to lifelong failure in most instances.  Did you realize that at 65, 95% of the people are either dead or dead broke.  Only about 5% of the people achieve financial freedom.  This is sad.  People work all their lives to end up with nothing.  Why?  Because they never decided to make wealth building an overriding goal.

And why is that?  The reasons are too long to list but basically it is conditioning.  Basically, people are taught to think of scarcity.  Growing up we hear phrases such as "money does not grow on trees".  Also, we are trained to detest those who have more.  Did you ever hear something to the effect "rich people are mean"?  Phrases such as this teach us to view those with wealth as dishonest and cruel people.  This is the same mindset we saw from the demonstrations a year ago.  They aimed their frustration at people who were successful based upon their naive conditioning.

Again, the reason why those people are not wealthy is because they did not make wealth building a goal.  They chose to make other things more important.  The truth is that anyone can become wealthy.  The tools for accumulating financial success are everywhere.  However, it is only the small percentage who choose to pick them up.  I do not know how accurate this is, but I once heard that only 10% of the people eligible for a 401K program take advantage of it.  That is pathetic.  Here is a basic wealth building goal over time because of the fact that it is tax deferred and usually accompanied by some type of company match.  Therefore, one is receiving an instant ROI (usually between 50%-100%) and given a free loan from the government to allow the tax dollars, which would normally be paid, to earn interest over time.  Yet, most skip this vital step.

We will cover this subject in much greater detail in ensuing posts.  However, the thought that I want you to take today is that for you to achieve financial success, it must be an overriding goal.  You must desire to be wealthy.  Hoping and wishing do nothing.  You need to DECIDE to make it a central part of your thought process and dedicate the time and effort necessary to build wealth.  The strategies are out there.  You must be willing to learn them.  If you do this, I can guarantee, as long as you persist, that success will be had.  It is impossible for anything else to result.

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Feel Good

In the last few posts, I asked you what you wanted in life.  This is a theme which will be recurring throughout all future posts.  The fundamental fact is that in life, you cannot attain anything unless you know what it is that you want.  Sadly, most people allow live to dictate to them what that is as opposed to consciously deciding for themselves.  It is time to alter that.


People are taught the importance of goal setting.  I agree with this practice.  However, I want to clarify it somewhat.  Most will tell you to sit down and figure out your goals.  Of course, we all heard they need to be in writing, stated in the positive, and come with a deadline.  This is another well known concept which few people fail to implement.  Again, this means that life steps in to create our outcomes for us. 

The problem with establishing a large number of goals is most people have no idea why they want what is put down on paper.  For example, a common goal is a luxurious house.  While this can be a fantastic goal, it does not come without its own set of problems.  Have you ever considered the taxes and insurance on a multi-million dollar estate?  How about the upkeep and maintenance?  And forget about the "at home" feel; that isnt possible in 7,000 square feet.  Therefore, while the house is nice, is it something that you really want when you consider all that goes along with it?

What I just described is why so many people achieve their goals yet feel unfulfilled.  I often caution people to be mindful of the goal they are chasing and make sure they are chasing the right one.  Too often people are going after the wrong prize; something realized only after it is achieved.  The "is this all there is" syndrome enters the picture at this point.

Therefore, we need to pay special attention to each and every goal we establish.  In addition, it is also prudent to look at all the activities in our lives because there is a good chance that most of what we do ties into an unnamed goal that live gave us.  Remember, in absence of us consciously choosing a desired outcome, life will create outcomes for us by default.

Feel Good

The bigger question that arises is "what do people really want".  Consider the house for a moment.  Did the person really want a piece of real estate that was constructed out of concrete and wood?  Not likely.  What is desired if the feeling the house will provide.  That is what is behind each and every goal.  It is the feelings we attribute to the item which makes it desirable.  That is why middle aged men go out and by European sportscars.  It is the feeling of recapturing their youth (and vitality) that makes it attractive.

Basically, when you break it all down, we simply want to feel good.  This sounds simplistic but it is a fundamental part of our makeup.  Everything we seek is done as a means to making ourselves feel good.  While I will grant people often take action to avoid certain feelings, like pain, the outcome is they hope to feel better.  Therefore, when looking at goals, it is crucial to understand it is not the items but the feelings behind them we seek.  Thus, we should pay close attention to how that outcome will fit into our lives or we risk attaining the item while missing the feeling.

Another piece to this puzzle is that, realistically, the goal is not required to feeling the emotion we seek.  Regardless of your present circumstances, it is possible to feel any emotion you desire.  It is simply a matter of putting yourself in that state.  And that is a key insight into success in life.  Take control of your emotional state as opposed to allowing it to control you.  If you need something outside of yourself to feel fulfilled, you will most likely lead an empty life.  There is never enough "out there" to fill what is lacking within you.

Thus, I would say simply work on feeling good.  Concentrate your efforts on achieving this state throughout the day as often as you possible can.  One way to attain this end is through music.  What the reason, music has a way of instantly altering our emotional state.  Who does not feel a shift (and empowerment) when listening to Chariots of Fire?  This song reaches into the soul and lifts it up instantly.  Many other songs do the same thing.  Utilize this resource as a means of taking over your emotional state.

One final thought about the idea of feeling good.  It is best to focus upon reaching this state as much as possible because it is when you feel good you will attract the same into your life.  It is common sense to understand that happy people do not want to hang out with unhappy people.  Ironically, but not surprisingly, the reverse is also true.  Miserable people do not want to interact with those who have smiles on their face.  Remember the old adage: misery loves company.  I found this to be true.  Therefore, it is best to feel good as much as possible so you will attract into your life those who feel the same.  If you find you are surrounded by a bunch of miserable people, perhaps it is time to look at yourself.

In closing, have fun today and feel good as much as you can.
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