The Precision Of A Rifle

Do you ever feel that you aren't getting anything accomplished? Are there times where you feel completely "scatterbrained"? A lack of focus can cause one's productivity to drop by 75%. Improving in this one area can turn someone into a success in a few hours.

Focus is like implementing a rifle into our arsenal. The scatterbrained approach is like trying to take something out with a shotgun. It is effective at close range but lacks the precision for long distances. Life is a long distance shot. To succeed in the long term, it takes precision in what we do. Focus is what allows us to be more effective in all areas.

A large part of success is momentum. Have you ever noticed in sports how hard it is to stop a team that is on a winning streak? It appears that they play at a higher level during this period. The confidence is greater while having the expectation of winning. This is the result of having momentum.

The action that you take requires the same effect. You will be more productive when you remain focused on one activity. Bouncing around necessitates starting all over again. Momentum is build by focusing in one direction until that activity is completed. This is how we can harness the precision and power of focus. It is like replacing a shotgun with a rifle.

How can we go about doing this? Here are two things that can be done immediately to get you started.

1. Make a list of all that needs to be done.

A list helps a great deal in allowing you to see what needs to be done. It also is beneficial in helping to determine the next course of action that we will take. Moving seamlessly from one activity to another enables us to see the results we are getting.

2. Set out a long-term thought process.

Many seem to just go through life handling whatever comes down the road. It is good to do those activities that are in front of us. However, we need to keep everything in the proper context. Is what we are doing moving us closer to a desired objective? Activity that leads us somewhere is effective. Determine where you want to be long term to notice whether what you are doing today is helping get you there.

Focus is a crucial part of success. Fortunately, it is a trait that everyone can acquire. It is a habit that can be developed over time. Begin practicing it by writing up a list of the things you want to accomplish today. This will train your brain to focus upon those tasks which are important to you.
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