Three Steps To Powerful Focus

The ability to focus is a quality that is necessary to achieve a great amount of success. In this era, there are many distractions which can take someone away from what he/she is trying to accomplish. This can occur both in the long term, such as with one's overall life goal, or in the short-term. Remaining on course is crucial if one is to fulfill his or her potential.

Focus is a habit. Have you ever noticed how some seem to have the ability to concentrate regardless of what is going on around them? At the same time, there are those who get distracted if a piece of paper falls on the floor. Being able to focus until a task is completed is crucial for your success.

Much of my life was spent as one who was continually distracted. I often would jump from one activity to another. This caused me to realize a lower amount of productivity then I would normally have enjoyed. My inability to stay mentally focused upon a task caused untold harm in my life's progression.

Fortunately, I was able to conquer this tragic habit. It took a great deal of effort, but I was eventually able to harness the power that comes from concentration. To do this, I started small while working my way up to larger activities. The process was similar to that of working out. I was able to do more as time went by.

I found a simple three step process helped tremendously. Here is what you can do today to improve your ability to focus immediately.

1. Work off a list.

A list keeps one on track. Write down all that needs to be done in a given time (i.e. in the morning) so that you can see it. List the activities in order of importance. This will enable you to concentrate on those tasks which have the most effect on your results.

2. Remain working on that task until it is complete.

The world likes people who finish things. Nothing drives others crazier than an unfinished task. It has the ability to rob us mentally and emotionally. Start with the first item on the list and do not move to #2 until it is completed. This is rather difficult in the beginning for people who are accustomed to jumping around. However, the habit is critical to our future success.

3. Eliminate distractions.

In this era, we have so much technology that it can be destructive. The tendency to get loss our focus is increased because of instant messaging, email, social groups, etc... It is best to eliminate as many of these as possible. Turn off the television and the instant messenger. Only check your email at set hours of the day. Close the extra windows on your computer so that you can focus exclusively on what you are working on. This alone will increase your productivity by at least 20%.

These are the three steps that I used to overcome my inability to focus. Utilize them to develop the habit of powerful concentration. You will find that achieving what you set out to do is much easier when you have this capability.
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1 comment:

Bruce said...

wonderful advice, and very useful. Nothing drives me crazier than jumping from task to task. I like to start one thing and finish it. I am a very linear thinker when it comes to tasks, and so I set my mind to that one thing. I go nuts when directed away from that task to do other things as I lose my train of thought on the one, to go and focus on another.

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