Courage is a trait that I found necessary if one wants to achieve success in any area. Fear is an enemy which all encounter. However, those who know how to handle the fear are the ones who move ahead. The ones who are left behind are those who allow fear to control them.

Many think that successful people do not have fear. They mistakenly believe that courage means the absence of fear. It is not. Courage is the taking of action in spite of fear. It is alright for one to experience fear. This is a part of the human experience. Nevertheless, those who are the most successful are the ones who take action regardless of what they are feeling.

What is your greatest fear? The answer to this question holds the secret to your success. Look into the face of fear and take the action. This is your path to whatever you desire in life. It is how one exhibits courage.

A soldier is the example many use to symbolize courage. He or she enters battle risking the most precious asset-life. However, this person forges ahead because of a higher calling. Fear certainly is a part of the equation. Yet a soldier carries on in spite of that fear. It is the basis for all his or her accomplishments.

Facing up to your fears allows for more success. Display some courage in your daily life. Accept the times in which you experience fear while moving ahead. Fear is a natural part of life. By the same token, so is courage. It is one of the main factors which will determine the quality of your life.

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