The Joy Of Achievement

Have you ever had one of those days where you could not get motivated to do anything? Of course, we all have. The question is, how did you feel at the end of that day? If you are like many, it was not a terrific feeling. Most of us prefer to be productive people. It is what makes us feel better about ourselves while making life enjoyable.

There is joy in achievement. This is one of the secrets that many fail to remember. I believe it is something that is ingrained in us. Picture a child's face when he or she does something for the first time. The pride in accomplishment is clear for anyone to see. It matters little the scope of the task. A child is simply happy with the achievement.

As adults, we seem to fail to take the same pleasure in this. Learning and growth are two of the primary factors with achievement. As we do more, we typically learn and grow. Yet, many believe that learning ended with graduation from school. It is sad to see how many never read another book after getting out of formalized education. Their learning ceases the moment they walk out across the stage.

It is time to recognize the joy that you receive from achieving. To do this, it is necessary to get into the habit of learning more. As you knowledge increases, so does the scope of your world. The Internet makes it easier to study up on any subject. You can literally find thousands of web pages in less than a second with a search engine. All this knowledge will help you to achieve.

Many live quiet, unstimulated lives. This is a result of not expanding. The joy of achievement is lost. Work is done for a paycheck as opposed to a means to accomplishment. However, those who achieve great success do so because they accomplish a great deal. And, in this, they take tremendous pleasure.
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