Stop The Bullcrap

Did that headline get your attention? I hope so because today I am going to hit you all right between the eyes. Here are the facts of life: you are exactly where you are because you chose to be there!!! End of discussion. Your life is as you chose it so stop bitching. Nobody else is responsible for you other than yourself. The fact that things are pathetic are a reflection solely of you and your abilities. I can only presume that you are a pathetic person since that is the result of your life.

Sound too harsh. It isnt. The only way you will succeed in changing is to get hard with yourself. Most of us suffer from the fact that we are way too easy on ourselves. We cut ourselves a break at every opportunity. Excuses work on us all the time and we believe every single one of them. Instead of being an adult and taking responsibility for our lives, we pass the buck by blaming someone else. Hell, you would think that we were all a bunch of politicians the way we pass the burden off to others.

It is time for you to stop the bullcrap and be a man (or woman). Get some kahunas and stand up to yourself. Being a successful adult requires that you take back the power which is within you naturally. Of course, as long as you opt to blame others, they retain the power over you. That makes you very weak.

The reason why I can say all this is because I realize the truth of it in my own life. Everything that occurred (or is occurring) was due to a decision(s) that I made. Nobody ever forced me into anything. I elected to do things of my own free will. Blaming a spouse, employer, or parents is child's play. It is not their fault. The one who created the entire mess that is called my life is me. Nobody else.

I want you to compare the paragraph I just wrote to what you typically hear from the 'victims' of the world. They always have an excuse. Never do they utter the words "I screwed up". Instead it is justification after justification as to why things didnt work out. They do their best to illicit sympathy from all who they interact with. To me, they specialize in the loser mindset. One must first decide to be a loser before it can become reality. Fortunately, the reverse is also true.

Decide today what kind of life you are going to lead. If you are one who wants things different, the first thing you must do is get honest with yourself. You are the reason for all that is wrong in your life. Stop the bullcrap and accept this fact. It is only after then that you can begin to alter things. You must take back the power.

Tomorrow is the first day of the last quarter of the year. It is time to make a major push to finish the year out right. Even if the last 9 months sucked, there is still time to make the necessary changes. Give yourself a 90 day challenge to start doing those things which will change your life. Make the decision tonight to quit conning yourself and move in a different direction. Cease all the blame and excuse making. It is time to grow up. Your life depends upon it.
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The Mind Set The Tone

Have you noticed that the last few posts I wrote focused upon making decisions. While they were not 'decision-making' posts, they did ask you to make a choice. Everything in your life starts in the mind. This is a fact of life. If you desire more, you must decide to have more. It is that simple.

The personal development field is full of terrific books that concentrate on controlling one's thoughts. Think and Grow Rich and As a Man Thinketh are two such works that I can think of.. Both these publications deal with the fact that everything in life is first started in the mind. Before there can be manifestation in the physical world, there must be a thought preceding it all.

Most people feel that success is out of their control. I agree with this sentiment for the simple fact that most people cannot control the thoughts in their heads. Instead of concentrating on definitive actions that lead to absolute results, people tend to focus on all the negativity. This is also coupled with the fact that the majority of the population prefers to be the victim. They automatically take a mindset that states they are not in control. Someone else is always at fault. This leads to the justification for his or her life.

This is a loser's viewpoint. The truth is that your mind sets the tone for all that you do. You must make concrete choices about what you want. Most fail in life because they truly have no idea what they want. Instead, they drift from day-to-day, week-to-week, never moving in any direction. The successful take a completely opposite approach. They have what Napoleon Hill called 'a burning desire'. Nothing will stand in that person's way. Success is going to be had no matter what. This is the outlook of the successful. Compare that for a second to the previous mindset I mentioned.

As you can see, the mind is a powerful mechanism that can be used to assist or destroy. I believe the default setting is destruction, that is why it is so important to consciously take control. As your mind goes, so will your life.
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Half Assing It

I am going to explore a concept that many people tend to specialize in. "Half assing it' is an approach to life that the majority of people have. We see this in their personal lives and in the workplace. Ultimately, this is nothing more than a mindset which leads to lifelong failure.

Recently, there was an example of the outlook that one can have. I have a cat that brought in a bird. Of course, by the time the cat was done with it, there were a few feathers around. So, the natural thing is to clean them up. At the moment I have a houseguest who is the topic of many of my posts. Sadly, for her, she isnt providing information on how to succeed. This is an example of her overall life outlook.

Let me ask you, what do you think happened to the feathers? In short, she did clean up the bird and some of the feathers. Notice the word 'some'. She made the effort to do part of the task. In other words, she did a half ass job. When I surveyed the spot there were still a lot of feathers there. Her approach reflected the way she did everything. She is the epitome of being a 'half asser'.

Why wont people take the time to do things right? I am a believer that most of success is achieved by going that little extra. In a horse race, one only needs to be a nose better to win the top prize. The same is true in life. Those who are willing to do the little extra will separate themselves from the masses. Most people do only the basics. The successful are willing to do whatever it takes to complete the job. It is easy to be a 'starter' but the world pays dearly for people who can finish the job.

Are you one who takes a 'half ass' approach to life? If you are, it might be time to look at all the tasks that you only put forth minimal effort on. Success comes from doing things properly. This is made easier if you have a reputation for 'getting things done'. Someone with a halfass approach to life never attain this. Instead, they opt to concentrate on 'just getting by'.

If you ever want to move forward, it is best to follow through on things until completion. Concentrate all your efforts on the present activity until it is done. Realize by doing this that you are developing a habit that will net much bigger results in the future.
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Weak or Strong

Do you want to be weak or strong? This is a question few consider although most will answer strong. The truth of the matter is that most actually opt for weak. They make this decision on a daily basis.

Few people are willing to do what is required to be strong. Strength is not something people are born with. Instead, it is something they acquire by putting themselves in situations where they learn and grow. The easiest analogy is the way one develops a physical muscle. Almost all of us are born with the same muscles yet only a minor few actually hone these muscles to peak condition. This is done through hard work in the gym and proper nutrition. Those who are strongest work their muscles out the most. Weak people, in this regard, do not.

We can see how this translates into all aspects of life. Anyone who achieves top physical performance chooses it. Action is then taken that follows this decision. This is the model that we need to apply to life in general. Do we choose to be strong? If so, there is action that follows with this mindset.

Choosing to be strong means that we alter our path. Instead of watching mindless television, strength comes from reading books. Taking a chance by starting one's own business is another way that we grow. Failure is one of life's best teachers. Expanding our horizons by trying new things will certainly lead to failure at times. These are opportunities for growth if we are fortunate enough to encounter them.

All great people met with failure before they succeeded. Abe Lincoln lost elections before winning the Presidency. Warren Buffet has chosen many losing stocks in his time. Edison failed repeatedly in the quest of the electric lightbulb. Yet, all these people chose strength over weakness.

So, once again, do you want to be strong or weak? Before you answer this, make sure that you are willing to take the actions that match this decision. Opting for strength requires behaving in a different manner. Are you willing to follow through with the proper action? Ponder this in reference to the first question. They both go together.
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Postive Projecting

Yesterday, I wrote about our tendency to project in the worst way possible. Basically, individuals experience an overwhelming fear because of the fact that we tend to look down the road when confronting a situation and consider the worst thing that can happen. Ultimately, this instills fear in us which prevents us from taking action. We see how things will work out in ways that are detrimental to our hopes. In the end, we are paralyzed from doing anything.

My suggestion in that post was to simply stop projecting. If we go negative whenever we look out into the future, then it is best to stop doing that. This will allow us to focus on the present moment and take the action that is in front of us. Fear cannot exist in this environment since the negative thoughts won't be present. Instead, one will act as opposed to being paralyzed.

Now, I am going to go one step further. We will want to use our projecting mechanism again except there is one caveat that I will include. From now on, whenever you look into the future, see everything working out as you planned. Instead of seeing the worst thing possible occurring, picture the best thing. Imagine yourself achieving everything that you want.

What does this outlook do for us? To start, it allows us to visualize the outcome to a situation without experiencing fear. In fact, we ought to get excited about the prospects we are seeing in our minds. Having circumstances resolved in manners that are favorable to us should always get you juiced. Why picture losing money when you can just as easily see yourself gaining? Picturing her saying yes to a date is more appealing then visualizing a 'no'. As you can see, it takes no more effort to focus positively as opposed to negatively.

One thought that often comes to mind is how does one avoid the 'polyanna' thinking which causes one to lose touch with reality? My answer is that anyone who just is starting to put this exercise into practice will not be affected by polyanna thinking since plenty of negativity will still enter into the picture. Changing one's default mindset takes time. This is the last thing that most people need to worry about.

However, thinking about positive outcomes should not cause one to lose focus on reality. You still need to do proper research. Betting on a longshot horse even though you picture it winning might not be the path to success. Neither is throwing money at the stock market without adequate research or asking a married woman out on a date. One needs to still do his or her due diligence in situations before proceeding. However, once you decide what action to take, picture it working out in your favor.
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Fear Elimination

I will give you a 100% foolproof way to eliminate fear. Forget all the books you read. This FREE tidbit that I will give you will revolutionize your life. You will be able to take any action without a negative thought. Put this into practice and you will be part of the elite that succeeds without effort. So, without further ado, here is the secret.

If you want to eliminate fear, stop projecting!!!

It is that simple. Now you have the ability to take action whenever you desire without the fear that anything bad is going to happen. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving everything you desire. The power is in the simplicity.

Let us take a look at projection and what it does to a person's life. Consider for a moment something that you need to do but are putting off. Why are you resisting taking action? The answer is because you project of what the outcome will be. And, if you are like 99.9% of all people walking the planet, your projections are negative.

The bottom line is that whenever we look at a situation, our minds jump to a 'bad case scenario'. In other words, we see it working out in a way that goes against what we desire. Also, the situation gets compounded when we take a 'bad case scenario' and jump to the 'worst case scenario'. We not only see things bad; we picture the very worst thing imaginable happening. This tends to instill fear in us and reduce action.

Now you can see why we need to stop projecting. It is impossible to experience fear if we mentally remain in this moment. Concentrating our focus upon the task in front of us will eliminate looking ahead. Therefore, we will be able to take action without fear of the outcome. Do what is required and let the chips fall where they may. This is a motto of the successful. No great achievements were ever met without action. Fear is the obstacle that is created by projecting.

Here is an example everyone can identify with: the asking of someone out. Why do people see someone they are attracted to yet resist approaching that person. The simple answer is fear derived from projection. Before even saying a word to this person, one gets it in his/her head that rejection will occur. Any positive results are instantly sabotaged by the individual's mind.

Of course, the insanity is that we do not know what the outcome of any situation will be. There is a saying 'contempt prior to investigation' that sums it up for me. Basically, this means that we negatively deem a situation before we even know what is going to occur. Our minds create scenarios based upon nothing. True facts reveal themselves as situations progress yet our minds believe we know what is going to happen. This is not the case.

So, for right now, the best thing you can do in your life is to resist the habit of projecting. Whenever you have something that requires action, just do it. Do not thing about the different outcomes. Take action and let the chips fall where they may.

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Lazy Minded

There is nothing worse than one who is lazy minded. We see so many who refuse to learn anything past their school years. They believe that education stops with a diploma. Sadly, these are the ones who tend to occupy the lower rungs of society. A simple fact is that there are many people who are mentally unprepared to excel in the new economy. To many are stuck in the 1950s mindset where one had a job for life. As we all know, this is not something that anyone can bank on anymore.

The 'new economy' is one that moves at a lightening pace. Technology changed how we interact with each other and it is an arena that moves rapidly. What is revolutionary today is often obsolete in a couple of years. Therefore, people need the ability to learn quickly since things change so radically. Failure to do so means that many are left behind.

Lazy mindedness is a disease. It is something that one opts for yet is just as fatal as cancer. It kills all progress and motivation. Those who spend countless hours in front of the television on mind numbing programs cease to learn. Instead, they allow the years to go by without any improvement. In life, there is no standing still. One is either moving forward or backwards. Those who refuse to learn and grow find themselves retreating by the simple fact that society advances.

Perhaps it is the aging process but it seems that I encounter more people today who really have no clue what is going on. It seems to me as if they are walking zombies. Their mental makeup reminds me of someone who is in a daze. I watch them listlessly go about their day with no excitement or signs of life. This is something that I attribute to being lazy minded.

The fact is that reading allows one's imagination to grow. Our world is in desperate need of dreamers. These are the people who create solutions to the major problems that we have. Edison, Einstein, the Wright Brothers, etc... They were the ones who thought bigger while adding a big of sci-fi to our reality. People who watch endless television do not enjoy that ability. Instead, they become mindless boobs sitting like a bump on a log. Their mental faculties shut down.

Success is not a result of being lazy minded. As mentioned, the world needs innovators. We all need to regularly exercise our mind by learning. This means picking up a book and reading. Or you can try your hand at a new hobby which requires learning an entire set of skills. Whatever the method of learning, we all need to put ourselves into situations where we have the opportunity to grow. This is the only way to prevent the disease of a lazy mind.
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This is something that has become a national pastime for many. It seems as if everyone has built in alibis as to why things do not progress as they want in their lives. If you ask most people why they do not live the life they want, they will present you with a litany of excuses. Placing blame is something that most are adept at.

I just finished reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. If you have not read this book, I highly suggest it. This is one of the classic personal development texts and one that could change your life simply by adhering to what is contained in there.

Hill dedicates a portion of an entire chapter to the creation of alibis. In fact, he lists 50 that people commonly use. It is amazing to read through the list and see how many I hear on a regular basis. People are 'alibi machines'. They can present a reason for anything that puts the responsibility upon someone else.

The successful do not do this. "Think and Grow Rich" is the result of decades of study of the most successful people in this country at that time. The wealthy approach life differently then everyone else. And, that difference is in how they think about things. Making excuses is the opposite of taking personal responsibility. Those who are successful know how important it is to remain in control.

Did you ever think about the consequences of presently alibis? Do you realize that making excuses reduces your power to nothing? I bet you never thought of this concept but, if you reflect upon it, you will understand how accurate it is.

When I place the blame for a situation on someone else, I am deferring my ability to change the situation. In essence, for change to occur, that person must change. This puts me in a position where I lack the power. Whenever someone else is responsible I am powerless. Consider the situation with a young child. The adult has all the responsibility, thus he or she wields the power. It isnt until this being starts to age that the power structure changes.

Those who exhibit personal responsibility in each situation are the ones who maintain the power. And, this is an easy thing to achieve since most are willing to give it away. When one owns up for all that is transpiring, then that person only need to fix him or herself. The power to change oneself is always available while the power to change another never exists. Resisting the temptation to blame is seeded at the core of this behavior.

Take the time to look at those situations where you present an alibi. Why wasnt something completed as you intended? What is your default answer? Do you automatically go into the 'blame mode' to save face and make yourself look better? Many do this and are quite successful in the short-term. However, this soon becomes a habit which is a detriment to one's personal growth. Success doesnt coordinate with alibis. Success is the result of effort which produces results that are either desired or an opportunity to learn. Presenting alibis is nowhere in the equation.

Remember this tidbit the next time you find yourself making excuses.
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Right Where They Are Suppose To Be

Everyone is exactly where they are suppose to be. This is a fundamental truth of any adult life. Anyone who denies this shows that he or she is a believer in the victim mentality. Sadly, this is the prevalent mindset for the majority of people.

Anyone who is of adult age is not a victim. Children are the exception since they are not in control of their lives. Instead, their existence is predicated upon the choices of others. Adults cannot make this same claim even though they try to do it. This is where the victimization enters the picture.

Personal responsibility mandates that you are the one who makes the decisions in your life. Everything that occurs is a result of choices that you made. Nothing is left to chance. Each situation in your life is a consequence of a decision you made. Simply follow the chain of events backward until you see where you made a decision. It was your decision that created your present circumstances.

This is true for all people. Everyone is exactly where they are suppose to be. The only reason people experience the things they do is because of the decisions they made. If anyone wants anything different, he or she must make a choice to do something different.

People love to blame. They want to point the finger at someone (or something) else to absolve themselves of all responsibility. Their inertia is always the fault of someone else. At the same time, there is always an excuse for any failure in their lives. Of course, this is the mindset of the unsuccessful.

Forget whatever happened to you in your life. Accept the responsibility for the choices you made. It matters none what your upbringing was. So what if you didnt exactly experience a "Norman Rockwell" household; nor did most people. Allowing your childhood, education (or lack thereof), or parents to dictate is playing the victim. And this is where the downfall begins.

We are now a nation of victims. The country is fill of people who believe others are "more fortunate". Through this logic, they are thus less fortunate. With this mindset, you can see how easily it is for one to be a victim. Once again, it is other people's fault.

The truth is exactly the opposite. People are not victims unless they choose to be. Anything that happens in life is because you put yourself in those circumstances. If you want to take control of your life, this is the first thing you must accept. After that, you can start to change if you are willing to. And that is the clincher...if you are willing to.

If you want to change your life, you must be willing to take the action. This begins with reading and study that which you do not know. Your education did not stop with your exiting from school. To many, this will come as news. If you desire to get ahead in this life, then continual study is part of the curriculum. Those who forgo this step doom themselves to the whim of others. This is simply how it is.

Always remember, you are right where you are suppose to be. If you want something different, then you must do something different. Take action and move in another direction. That is the true path to happiness.
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Creative Legacy

We are creative people. This is our natural state. If you doubt this, look at a child. The imagination is active 24 hours a day. This is a being that understands what it means to have "no limits". He or she go as far as the imagination will carry. All possibilities are open.

Adults take a different path. They look at life as a series of limits. "Being responsible" is more important creating. Over the years, this muscle starts to deteriorate until we are left with nothing. Life becomes a listless journey that is endured. Ultimately, all the passion and inspiration exits. Is it any wonder that most are simply enduring the days until "something better comes along"?

Recently, I wrote a post about a person passing decades before is commonly expected. We all know people who left us way too early. However, my question is what legacy did they leave behind? Are there any works that reflect the life that was lived? If she was like most, the answer is there is nothing but memories of those who knew her. Her entire existence now exists in the minds of her loved ones.

The only problem with this is that once those people are gone, her memory will die with them. Consider someone in your family from a couple of generations ago. In my family, my father's father passed before I was born. Naturally, my dad and his siblings have an intimate knowledge of the man he was. Yet, when that generation passes, so does the memory of my grandfather since the next generation never met the man. This is commonplace for most people.

From what I understand, my grandfather was a good man. He lived in an era, the Depression, that caused many to struggle. He was no different. Many jobs were worked to provide for his family. Nevertheless, the creative genius that exists in all of us was not bred. Nothing was left behind.

Contrast this with the artist that was Paul Newman. Millions of fans watched his films over the years. He was a creative genius by Hollywood standards. While most of us never met the man, we all feel we know him through his films and interviews. There is a legacy left behind that will transcend the generations. People will be watching his films for years to come. You need only to look on a site such as IMDB.com to see what his legacy is.

We all have this ability. It is a natural desire to create. Unfortunately, "artists" are not well viewed in most cultures. We prefer the successful as opposed to the eccentric. The traditional "starving artist" is not highly regarded. Realism is favored.

Fortunately, we live in a time where it is easy to create. The computer age made it a lot easier for those with limited abilities to start developing a creative legacy. Anyone can start a blog and express his or her thoughts for anyone to read. Writing is a wonderful way to leave place an everlasting stamp on your life. Once your ideas are out there, they remain forever.

Publishing books is also a piece of cake as compared to years ago. The Internet is full of companies that will allow you to self publish. It costs nothing in many instances until a book is actually ordered. This is a radical departure from the era when the major publishing houses offered the only true route to getting something published. Creative genius is easier to express.

Perhaps you have the eye of a painter but lack the skills of Picasso. Today, people create magical pieces using a mouse as opposed to a paintbrush. Graphic artists are just as creative and leave the same legacy as painters. Their work can endure the passage of time.

The bottom line is there i no reason for you to start building a legacy to your life. What purpose do you serve for being on this planet. Few will remember anything about my grandfather beyond the stories that were told. However, the words that I am writing here, once I publish them on this blog, will remain for as long as the Internet exists. Somewhere a search will be able to uncover them since these words will be imprinted on the Internet DNA. They cannot be erased.

Start designing today. Begin the process of making your life worthwhile. It is up to each of us to leave a creative legacy for all to see. Imagine what it would be like to look back upon your life and see a long listing of works created. That is the ultimate way to fulfillment. Make a recording of your life. You will be happy that you did.
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The Ultimate Cost of Procrastination

"Get busy living or get busy dying"

This is a quote from the movie The Shawshank Redemption. Tim Robbins character uttered it to Morgan Freeman's shortly before he broke out of prison. The basic gist was that each of us has a choice to make.

The reason I bring this up today is because I was chatting earlier with someone who lost a friend of hers. This person passed away at the age of 46 of an apparent heart attack. The death was sudden and painless. She met her end many decades before anyone would imagined.

Whenever I come across something like this, I get very reflective. How much time do I have? It is a question that none of us know the answer to. Realistically, today could be the last day for any of us. Life is a crap shoot in this regard. We are allotted a certain amount of time and when it is done, it is done.

The above quite is something that we all should remember on a daily basis. It is baffling to consider how much time we waste since we do believe it to be unlimited. Sure, we all know we are going to die. Nevertheless, most of us presume it will be decades in the future. This allows us to push down the road all the while wasting away the present moments. Our lives are full of "I will do it tomorrow".

There is an old exercise that self help experts put many of their students through. It starts with taking a piece of paper and writing on the top "what would I do if I only had a year to live". The exercise consists of simply answering that question. Imagine yourself with a terminal illness that means you would expire one year from today. How would you spent your remaining time? Contrast this with how it differs from what you presently do on a daily basis. I guarantee you will see a drastic difference between the two of them.

This brings me to everyone's favorite ally...procrastination. Getting back to the person I discussed earlier; do you think there were things she would have liked to do before she departed? If she is like the rest of us, I am sure there was. The same can be said for her loved ones. Each of us has things we would like to experience. However, we get caught up in the daily grind and tell ourselves we will get to it "later". Sadly, for this woman, there is no later. And, in truth, there might not be for us either.

The ultimate cost to procrastination is the sacrifice of your life. Most of us spend our lives busy "dying" that we fail to live. Instead of experiencing joy and happiness on a regular basis, we occupy our time with anger and worry. At the same time, we opt for the path of safety which causes us to miss many of the fruits of life. Fear is our primary motivator causing a life of stagnation. We are walking zombies.

Today is the time to make the decision to live. We all know people who passed on. Make a commitment to their memories to pack all you can into this life. Opt for saying "yes" instead of "no". Go out on a limb on a regular basis and take some chances. Many times you will be rewarded. Make the choice to get busy living.

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It Is Not Fair

"It Is Not Fair!!!"

This is a line that every parent heard on numerous occasions. It is a sign of childishness and immaturity to utter these words. A child is perplexed that the older brother gets to stay up 30 minutes longer. "It is not fair that I have to go to bed now when Johnny gets to stay up later". And most parents respond with something like "well, that's life".

However, how many times do we heard adults mention the same mantra. We promote the "it's not fair" mindset in all we do. At work., we feel it unjust when someone else makes more money than we do. It is an outrage that our buddy gets all the women and we pick up the leftovers. When our neighbor has a nicer car we are envious at his "luck". All these ideas convey the same message about the inequality of life.

And that is the main message of this post. Life is based upon inequality. Those who understand it can thrive. The ones who insist on having things equal are doomed to mediocrity. Inequality is a part of the natural world and that is where man exists. To deny that we are part of the Animal Kingdom is the basis for all hypnosis. Religions and psychology has spent centuries convincing of us our "higher selves". The truth is that we are subject to the same laws of nature as every other living being.

There is inequality in everything we do. We are not all created equal. Some people are simply better athletes. Carl Lewis, as an example, possessed incredible natural talent that he developed over the years. Few are blessed with his ability to run and jump. The same is true for Michael Jordan. His skills were honed but there was a natural ability that was basically unrivaled.

On the intelligence end, Einstein is universally agreed to be a genius. He embarked on an intellectual campaign that lasted most of his life and resulted in some of the greatest innovations in the history of man. Most of the 6 billion+ people walking the planet lack his intelligence.

Now, we are confronted with the situation of asking ourselves whether it is fair for these people to have so much ability when we have far less. The answer is "of course it is". Life is not meant to be an exercise in fairness. Instead, it is where one takes what he or she has and makes the most of it. That is the ultimate test. What did you do in the process with what you were given? Trying to get what others have will lead to failure. You need to forge your own path.

Accept the inequality that is life. This is a major step in unleashing your power. There are many who will make more money than you. Guess what...they deserve it. Those people will get promotions at work or open up successful businesses. They will capture the mate that they desire while you might flounder. Along the way, you will encounter some who are not deserving but still receive. Get over it. Life is not fair; never was and never will be. Playing the fairness card is a victim's mentality and one that should only be reserved for losers.

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Big Thinking

Over the last few weeks, I stressed the importance of one's thinking. All success is first created in the mind. Between our ears is the greatest computer ever invented. It has the power to create whatever life we desire. However, to do that, we must first learn how to utilize it.

Our minds are limitless mechanisms. Children realize this fact because they implement its capabilities on a daily basis. Watch children playing and you will realize how they are not limited by the time/space paradigm. They easily transcend from one moment to the next; from one age to the next.

Adults do not seem to operate in this realm. Instead, we adhere to the laws erected of limits and boundaries. Over the years, we find that our thinking becomes smaller and smaller. Society teaches us to be realistic in all that we do. Sadly, great achievements are not ground in realism. People who are able to create magical results first do so in their minds. They are people who are refuse to limit themselves mentally.

Probably the greatest of these people was Albert Einstein. He is the epitome of grand thinking. There was nothing that he encountered which he mentally deemed impossible. All ideas were open. His lack of limitations enabled him to have many breakthroughs.

How much would your life differ if you were able to implement a similar mindset? I surmise that you would instantly change your outlook upon things. There is so much more that is possible in your life if you will simply believe it. I find that most sabotage themselves before they start. This is something that you need to resist.

Becoming a "big thinker" is a challenge. Years of limitation takes its toll on our mental computer. One of the first things that we need to do is to start stretching the capabilities of our mind. Dreaming is the method that we do this. It is time for you to awaken that inner child and tap back into those dreams of your youth.

Expanding your thinking is a scary proposition for most. Fear is a constant ally for so many of us that it is bound to enter into this realm also. Most of us are conditioned to play things safe. However, life by its very essence entails risk. Getting out of bed in the morning is a risky proposition for some. There are no guarantees other than the fact that we all get 24 hours to invest as we see fit. How we opt to spend this time is a direct reflection of how we think about things. Limited thinking equals limited results.

If you want to improve your life, expand your thinking. Do not place limits upon anything. All is possible if you are willing to engage in it. Approach every situation like Albert Einstein with all possibilities on the table. The only limits to what you achieve are the ones you set down for yourself.
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Hold Onto Your Dreams

Why do people get bored? What is it that makes them feel that there is no hope? Many feel that life is really mundane. To tell you the truth, when each day is the same as the previous, life can be mundane. There needs to be something more that we all embrace.

Dreaming is something that is natural for us as human beings. As children, we have an overactive imagination. There is nothing that we cannot conceive in our minds. It is a limitless exercise which knows no boundaries. At that age, we are not conditioned to understand how to implement limits. To us, all is possible.

Contrast this with adults. As we mature, we learn to be "realistic". We are taught to assume responsibility and do those things that responsible people do. "Get a job and provide for your family" is the mantra. Dreamers are ridiculed as being unrealistic. In short, our childhood dreams are flushed out of us.

This is something that happens to most of society. It is no wonder that most are unhappy. Their lives are nothing more than a series of compromises of their dreams. Everything that came so naturally as a child is discarded in an effort to be mature. We learn to be realistic in our choices. This means letting go of our dreams.

Fortunately, there is a certain percentage of the population that doesnt subscribe to this mantra. These are the people who are the creators in our world. They hold onto their dreams as a lifeline. Nothing will deter them from what they imagine in their minds. Success is something that they go after in all instances. Life is invigorating since each day is spent in the pursuit of what is truly wanted. Everything is a stepping stone to something larger.

If you are to be truly moved in your life, you need to hold onto your dreams. Resist the temptation to be "mature" by discounting those ingrained desires that you have. There is absolutely no reason why you should settle for anything less that what you truly want. Society teaches us we cannot have it all. That is simply a form of conditioning. You can have it all if you are willing to dream big enough.

"Smallness" is an epidemic in our culture. Most suffer from small thinking. The ability to dream is completely out of practice. Instead, they trudge through each day hoping something different will arise. In the end, nothing ever does. Success in life is only available to those who are willing to go after it. Conforming to society's whims is a guaranteed way to achieve mediocrity. True success comes from living your dreams.

Hold onto them for dear life. They are your lifeline to happiness.
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When does change occur? What is the point that it takes hold and things are different? The answer to these questions is that change takes place in a moment. Regardless how long it takes to get to the point, all change happens the instance we decide to do something differently. This is true no matter what the circumstance.

This is a lesson that anyone who was addicted to drugs or alcohol understands. One will travel down the path of substance abuse until he or she reaches the point where going on is no longer possible. Once one truly avails oneself to the addiction and firmly decides "no more", then the path to recovery commences. However, as long as that person harbors a reservation that he or she can continue as such, the addition will win out. Nothing changes until the decision to quit is made.

All aspects of life are exactly the same. Change occurs at the point on resolves to make it. For example, a weight issue is something that many people battle. Most have endured the yoyo diet where they lose some weight only to put it back on again. The reason this happens is the person does not resolve to change. He or she might opt to follow a different diet plan for a spell which nets results. However, over time, the old behavior is engaged which results in the weight going back on. In the end, no change was made.

Here is something that most do not like to hear: you can change anything in your life. There is nothing that is beyond the capability to alter if you are willing to do it. This process starts with making a true decision. Tony Robbins defines a true decision as "cutting off any other possibility". What this means is that you affirm in your mind that you will reach whatever goal you are setting down for yourself. The change will take place "no matter what".

Ultimately, one needs to get to the point where he or she has had enough. Pain is a wonderful motivator. Many seek to avoid it. Do not fall into this trap. Embrace pain and what it has to offer you. Failing to do so will shortchange yourself. I once heard that we all need 100% of our own pain to make the changes in life that we need to. Until we reach that point, everything is fleeting.

So, have you had enough? Are you tired of being overweight? Is that dead end job finally struck you down to the point where you cant stand another day of it? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make the necessary changes in whatever areas you desire? Will you do everything you can to make your desires come true? Can you make a "true decision" or are you just continuing to hope?

All change is within your reach. You just need to decide that you want it. When you do, the process is started.
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