"I Want It All"

The Ryder Cup provides lots of wonderful fodder for us to write about. There is so much that can be learned by applying the principles used by those who are highly successful in any field. Last month, during the Olympics, we saw the mindset of a champion. This situation was repeated this weekend at the Ryder Cup. The 24 players are considered to be some of the best in the world. They did not get to that plateau without having the mindset of a winner.

There is one individual that I want to focus upon. That is the 23 years old Ryder Cup rookie Anthony Kim. This individual is only a few years removed from high school. Yet, he went out and beat one of the best Ryder Cup players of all time, Sergio Garcia. And he did so in convincing manner. It was a match that he took control of early. His victory set the tone for the rest of the team.

What is it that makes this noteworthy to me? Aside from the obvious implications on the match, I was impressed with the way that he approaches life. The announcers mentioned an interview they had with him where he stated "I want it all". This is something they chalked up to naivety of a 23 year old. Actually, to me, it shows how powerful Anthony's outlook is on life.

How many of you reading this have the same mindset? My experience leads me to believe that very few people have this belief. Instead, their aspirations are more in line with "I want to be able to pay my bills" or "I want to make it through this week". Obviously, these are not inspiring goals. This is a major reason why many lead unfulfilled lives. They simply do not allow the potential that is within them to be released.

Why can't you have it all? The answer is because you believe that you cannot. There are doubters and naysayers everywhere. Listening to them will lead to one believing that it is hopeless. We are told that we must be realistic. The dreamers of the world are scoffed at. Yet, they are the ones who change it. Nobody ever invested like Warren Buffet before him. Personal computing was a theory before Bill Gates got the operating system. Man could not fly until that day at Kitty Hawk with the Wright Brothers. These dreamers provided us with things that we utilize daily as a society.

I hope Anthony Kim does get it all. With his mindset, there is no reason why he will not. I only hope that you acquire some of this same belief. You, too, can have it all if you believe that you can. That is the first step.
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