The Courage To Be Great

How would you like to have the fairy tale life that only comes from greatness? Many like the idea when it is presented to them. However, few are willing to do anything about it. They prefer to use excuses as a reason why success is not possible. It is far easier to blame other people for one's failures then to take responsibility for the direction of one's life. This is the situation that the majority of people find themselves in.

The thing that stops most people is fear. It takes courage to be great. Consider anyone who attained any degree of greatness in any field. That person exposed himself or herself to many things. First, criticism is something that anyone who is chasing after a dream encounters. There are many critics who love nothing more than to tear others down. Actors are told how bad their movies are. Writers pen how a certain athlete is terrible even though he or she is one of the best in the world. In addition, people are always willing to second guess one. There is some "Monday morning quarterback" in everyone. Yet, once again, these are the people who are on the sidelines.

The bottom line is that it takes courage to be great. When one decides to make something of life, there is a process of overcoming a lot of fear. Many self help writers will begin by telling one to find his or her passion. This is the starting point of greatness. I take exception with this belief. One begins the quest for greatness by first deciding if he or she wants it. In addition, one must be willing to accept all that goes along with that. You can be passionate about something to the nth degree. However, if you are not willing to overcome the criticism and challenges that go along with excelling at the highest level, failure is almost certain. Jealousy is a powerful trait. There are many who are waiting to tear you down the moment you begin to enjoy some success. Understanding this will help you in your quest.

Decide today that you want greatness. There is no reason to settle for mediocrity. You can attain the highest level of love, satisfaction, and success. It all starts with the decision to make this your goal.
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