What Have You Been Up To?

How often are we asked this question? This is the natural question that is asked when two people have not seen each other for a while. It provokes a conversation where the two parties catch up with each other. Unfortunately, most times there is nothing new to report. Today, we are going to focus upon changing this routine.

When you are asked this, what is your common answer? If someone came to you and asked you what went on in your life the last 6 months, what do you say? Most come up with the proverbial "nothing much" or "same ole, same ole". In others words, this person is saying that my life is just as boring as it was when you saw me last. Somehow, I managed to accomplish nothing worthwhile in that entire time. This is the existence of most people.

Of course, sometimes people offer up what the kids were up to. "Johnny entered high school" or "Jamie won the dance recital". These people live vicariously through their kids. Since they have nothing to report, the accomplishments of the kids are provided as an answer. Again, nothing worthwhile is transpiring in their lives.

What is the solution to this dilemma? It is simple: create some talking points that you are going to give to someone 6 months from today. This is a primitive, yet effective, form of goal setting. List some things that you want to tell to another when you are asked "what is new with you". Think of all the wonderful answers you can develop.

Here are a few to stimulate your mind:

-I got a promotion at work.
-Recently I took a class on ballroom dancing.
-I learned a foreign language.
-We took a cruise (or any type of trip).
-I lost 25 pounds.
-My gold handicap is down to a "X"
-We started skydiving.

You can add to this list as much as you want. The idea is to create noteworthy objective for yourself. Too often people allow life to pass by. They exist rather than live. This is not how life needs to be. You can decide this moment to alter that reality. It is a matter of setting some things out on paper and getting started.

Today is the end of the regular baseball season. For those teams that did not make the playoffs, the process of preparing for next year begins tomorrow. We will see some managers (and general managers) fired in the next few days. This is the first phase of the process. The leadership for the different organizations will meet to decide on payroll and other off season moves they intend making to improve their clubs. There will be a noted difference by next April in all these teams.

What is your life going to be like by the first pitch on Opening Day (April 2009)? There is roughly 6 months for you to create those changes. It begins right now by sitting down and putting some ideas on paper. What did you always want to do? Omit activities such as cleaning the garage unless that is a lifelong dream of yours. Think of hobbies or other recreational things that you want to get involved. There is surely many topics that you want to learn about. Begin to set out a path to study them. Whatever your desire, get after it now.

To help motivate you, I will tell you that, on Opening Day of the next baseball season, I am going to ask you what you have been doing with yourself the last 6 months. Try to come up with something better than "not much". I want everyone to have a huge list that is really inspiring.
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