10 Things To Change Your Life

Many want to change their life yet have no idea where to start. People often look at making drastic changes such as changing careers to make a difference in their life. While this might be warranted, starting with something so extreme is not necessary. One way to make things different is to increase your overall personal effectiveness.

Here are 10 actions you can take which will impact your life.

1. Thoroughly clean your house.

2. Clean out your car.

3. Get your body in shape.

4. Thoroughly clean work area arranging all records and files.

5. Rid yourself of anything not worn in the last year.

6. Fix or rid yourself of anything that does not work.

7. Return anything you borrowed while getting back anything you lent out.

8. Organize all personal records while throwing out old papers.

9. Clean out all email; either delete, reply, or move to file.

10. Start a procrastination list containing 5-10 items that you are putting off. Do at least 2 per day.

Do these 10 things to help increase your personal effectiveness in all that you do. Clearing away some of the "stuff" that is stifling you will give more time for other things. Streamlining all your processes will increase your efficiency by at least 15%.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the post..

I like 7 - return borrowed things, this is easy to forget!

See also Personal Growth: where to start for some motivating ideas..


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