The End Is A New Beginning

Tonight is the last game at Yankee Stadium. The fabled structure is closing after the game this evening. Next season, the Yankees go into a new ballpark. This brings up an example a lesson of life.

Yankee Stadium is one of the most famous stadiums in the world. For the last 90 years, it housed one of the most storied franchises in professional sports. People such as Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, and Dimaggio all worked their magic there. For many baseball fans, it is a sad day. To see the structure where thousands of baseball's greatest moments were written is disheartening. The end will be here with after 1 more game.

Next season, the Yankees will start scripting memories in the new stadium. It will be a new beginning. This is a lesson for life. Each end brings a new beginning. The closing of one aspect of life means that another opens up. Consider the path of one's education. Each graduation leads to the advancement to the next level. The final graduation, usually college, leads to the start of one's career. It is a new beginning.

The same concept applies to seemingly "bad" situations. Let us use the example of divorce. A divorce is the ending of a marriage. Yet, this is the beginning of one's life as a single person. Many view it in this perspective and take advantage of it. Some, however, dwell in the loss. They view the end as the end. This is an unhealthy outlook.

Life is full of new beginnings. With each one, there is a different level of excitement and enthusiasm. Think of the last time you started a new job. It was something that you most likely approached with passion. Newness brings about a different attitude. Remember this the next time you are confronted with the "ending" of something.
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