The Power of a Magnifying Glass

As children, many of us lit things such as leaves and sticks on fire using a magnifying glass. For those who failed to undertake this worthwhile endeavor, one simply magnifies the rays of the sun to a point where they will set an object aflame. The magnifying glass is held over the item until the rays get hot enough to cause ignition. This is a childhood activity which has it's foundation based in science.

The magnifying glass is an example of how we can increase the power of something. Left on their own, the sun's rays are not hot enough to set something ablaze. Magnification is required to attain this result. The same holds true in life. Often, we do not have the power to accomplish something when operating in a natural way. Magnification is needed to attain the result we are seeking. Harnessing the power that comes along with magnification allows us to increase our overall productivity.

What is life's magnifying glass? How can we increase the power that already exists within us? The answer to these questions is focus. Focusing our attention is what allows us to tap into resources that presently reside within us. The more that we are able to focus all our attention on the task at hand, the better our results are. Concentration is a discipline that few mention. Yet, it is critical for long term success.

I like to compare focus with a firearm. To me, this offers a visual which makes it easy to understand. Consider the difference between a rifle and a shotgun. A rifle fires a bullet while a shotgun sprays pellets. The rifle gives the shooter precision even at long distances. The shotgun, on the other hand, creates quite a mess of whatever it hits at a close range. The power that it has diminishes as the distance gets further. Think of this as being effective in the short term. The rifle is more effective at a longer distance. The bullet, when aimed precisely, will kill. This is similar to a long term approach.

Focus is like using a rifle to get through life. Waking up in the morning with no plan on what we are going to do is like attacking life with a shotgun. It will create a mess for the short term while having little positive effect over the long haul. A lack of focus is what causes many to leave projects unfinished. It is also the trait which enables people to bounce from one activity to the next without any standardized approach. It is a hit or miss situation. There is no precision in the actions taken.

Those who attain long-term objectives do so because they concentrate on the outcome. Goal setting or planning is a part of this equation. One needs to sit down and map out where the desired destination is. After that, a plan for the achievement of that goal is formulated. Maintaining focus on the end result is what allows one to attain the heights of achievement that is wanted. The unsuccessful, if they take the time to establish an objective, lose focus whenever a distraction arises. One needs to develop the ability to return focus when the distraction is eliminated.

At present, I am writing this article. There are many potential distractions to take me away from my goal of completing this. The cat is here wishing to be fed a couple hours early. Sadly, like a child, he does not understand the word “no”. Technology provides some ever present obstacles such as email and instant messenger. Of course, there are also a few hundred billion websites for me to go peruse through. Yet, I am maintaining my attention on the goal of completing this article. My focus helps me to overcome the distractions which are not eliminated. This goal is reaching a successful conclusion due to my dedication to finish it. I am focused on the objective until it is done.

Remember the power of the magnifying glass. The sun, as powerful as it is, cannot set a stick ablaze on it's own. Add the power of magnification and that item will burst into flames in a few seconds. Magnify your powers by focusing on what you are presently working on. Maintain that concentration until you complete the task. This single action will increase your productivity substantially.

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