You can only count on yourself

I advocate personal responsibility. Soceity wants to teach that it is always someone else's fault. We watch the political process to see this in action. Everyone in power seems to have a perfect track record: they never made a mistake. Why? Because it is always someone else's fault.

Part of my teaching is that you are responsible for the circumstances in your life. If you wife is not behaving how you would like, that is your fault. You were the one who chose to marry her. Kids creating chaos. Nobody told you to have them. It was your choice. Same goes for the job. There are no slavery contracts. You are the person who choses to work for that company. Everything, and I mean everything, is a result of the choices you made.

There is a story about a family headed by a father who was an alcoholic. He had two sons. When they grew up, one son followed in his father's footsteps becoming a lush while the other did not. When asked "how come they turned out the way they did", both responded "with a dad like mine, how could I turn out any other way".

Here was two people who grew up in the same environment yet turned out totally different. That is how life is. We are free to make choices. Unfortunately, most choose to depend on someone or something else for their power. It drives me nuts when I meet people like this. In this era, dependence upon the government is a big thing. Well, when I talk to people who went that route, it seems that perhaps this was not the best option. In the end, the government let them down.

The same is true for your company, boss, wife, or kids. If you come to rely upon someone else for you success and happiness, you will be let down. Spouses will leave. Companies fire people. Bossese get promoted. The bottom line is that there is only one person that you can depend on, and that person is YOU!!!
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1 comment:

Hom said...

point taken! That's why I can not blame others anymore. Just do my best and count on myself!

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