How much are you putting off?

Procrastination is something that everyone deals with. The level of success we achieve is often dependent upon how well we deal with this fatal animal. In short, the most success people are able to take action where others are stopped. That is the main difference.

I would like you to do a little test for yourself. Take out a pen and write down all the things that you are presently putting off. What are some of those actions which you know you should take, yet just cannot get yourself to pull the trigger. List everything that you can think of. Nothing should be omitted, no matter how small it seems.

Do you have a long list? This list reveals a great deal about your ability to handle procrastination. Simply, if you have a long list, you are probably in need of help with this for. Procrastination is running your life. I have seem people who have a list that equaled a book. They put everything off.

In my book "The Ultimate Procrastination Handbook", I mentioned this as one of the main ways to overcome procrastination. The Procrastination List is a powerful tool for beginning to win the battle against stagnation. Now, you have a list of all that you are putting off. The next step is to do something about it.

What I suggest is to take a couple of the easier ones on the list. Put them on your daily to do list (if you do not have one, start one). I want you to complete those activities right now. Get up and go do them. I will wait here for you.

Did you complete them? If so, cross them off the list. What you have done is started to develop some momentum. Continue to do this for the next couple of weeks and you will see your Procrastination List dwindle down. You are on your way to regaining control of your life.
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