The Growth Is In The Pain

Most people will do anything to avoid pain. It is something that we are taught to avoid. However, the successful are those who embrace pain and what it does for them. Pain is the one thing that yields significant results: growth.

I like the analogy of working out. Those who see the results from exercise are the ones who push themselves far enough to suffer a bit of pain. "No pain, No gain" is the motto. Also, the best results come from going a bit further. Doing just one more set is what gives the greatest growth.

How often do you push yourself to do "one more" in your daily life? Do you look for opportunities to step out of your comfort zone so that you can grow? If you are like most people, this is something that you avoid. Of course, be kind to yourself; it is what you were taught to do.

Let us look at a simple example. How did you learn to ride a bike? Most of us got on the bike after the training wheels were removed and rode a short distant before falling down. If we were fortunate, we might of had a parent steadying the bike as we went. However, the end result was that we fell, repeatedly. Naturally, those of us who ride a bike got back on. We stuck with it even though we suffered a bit of pain in the process. In the end, we succeeded because we endured what life served us.

So, I implore you to look for those times when you can get a bit of pain. Go deep into the situation to strengthen yourself. Growth is the mechanism which allows us to handle things further along on our journey. Do not pass the opportunity to make your life easier by doing something that is a challenge today.

Remember, your growth is found in the pain.
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