The Shift Of An Entire Life

Do you know how much energy it takes to shift your entire life? If you read the past few posts, you will know that the answer is "not much". It takes no more energy to shift your entire life then it does to conjure up a thought. That is right. You can change your entire life with a single thought.

Is this something that you doubt? Perhaps you need to read some of the last few posts spelling out the power of the mind.

There are thousands of examples of how life (and history) was shifted by a single thought. How about the idea Rosa Parks had one day to not give up her seat? This changed her life somewhat. So did the idea that man could fly. The Wright Brothers were never the same again. The decision to invest or not invest in a particular stock has ramifications on your life. Everything that we think about can affect the quality of the life we lead.

I believe the most important thought is to decide that you are going to create the life that you desire. There is nothing more freeing than the thought that you are capable of designing your life however you see fit. This is the single thought that released a thousand dreams.

Is this something that you are willing to do? It is easy to keep thinking the same garbage that society implanted upon your mind. You know the ideas which I am talking about. Those that tell you that you are not worthy; are not good enough; that you have to do it this way. All these are part of the societal conditioning that we are all exposed to.

Breaking free of this mindset takes only a single thought. The decision that says "I am going to do this my way". It is your life to lead why shouldn't you live it how you see fit. This is the way nature intended. Yet, so many fall victim to the ideas of others.

So how do you change your life? It starts by thinking that you can. You are free to consider any possibility that your mind can create. There are no limitations to your thought process. The mind is a mechanism without any bounds. Let it run wild in a positive way by thinking about all that you can create.

Success is created in our mind first. Everything that you see around you was at one time a thought in someone's head. Before it materializes in the physical world, it must first be present in the mental world. This is another fact of nature. If someone did not think it, you would not see it before you.

Be the Rosa Parks in your life. Decide what you will no longer tolerate. Have your Earth shattering moment where you refuse to give up your seat on the bus to freedom. Let someone else wait in line. It is now your time to go for it. Use your mental energy for positive impacts on your life. This single idea can change your entire life.
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