Rome wasn't built in a day. We all heard this saying yet have you ever taken the time to consider what that really means? Most have not. Yet, it holds one of the keys for success.

Being from a sales background, I learned the value of consistency. When I was in management, my income was derived based upon what the salespeople sold. At the beginning of each month, I had to project what we were going to produce. With some, this was easy. However, there were others who were a challenge.

Any sales manager will tell you that he or she would take a salesperson who consistently produced the same amount each month as opposed to the person who is a star one month and a dud the next. In the end, it is easier to deal with a steady producer even if you sacrifice some overall production.

The "superstars" pride themselves on being able to write large numbers. This is the upside to them. However, these same people tend to be equally capable of throwing up a low number. They lack the discipline to consistently produce. This drives an owner (manager) nuts since the bills come in steadily each month.

What does this have to do with you if you are not in sales? Contained in this idea is the basis for all your success. Consistency in life is what gets results. For example, if you went to the gym 4 days in a row then took 3 weeks off, what do you think your results would be? Not very good. To achieve physical fitness, it is crucial to be consistent with your exercise routine. It is the consistency that gets the results.

Lets take attitude as an example. Have you ever dealt with one of those people who was always on an emotional rollercoaster? They are up one day, down the next. People like this are impossible to deal with. You never know which person will show up. People like this tend to have few friends (success in the interpersonal arena). They drive people away.

Contrast that with someone who is consistently happy. That person always has people around him or her. That attitude spreads to others. People feel better being in the presence of a person like that. The consistency puts others at ease.

Take a look at your life. Where can you be more consistent? Rome was built over a long period of time, one stone at a time. Everyday the masons were adding to the city. This consistent activity allowed them to create one of the most powerful empires the world ever saw. And it was the result of daily action.
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