Toxic People

We hear a lot of talk in the media about all the toxic assets on the balance sheets of the banks. These "assets" are destroying these companies at a record rate. We already saw the fall of Lehman Brothers with AIG, Bank of American, and Citigroup teetering on the brink. All of these institutions are/were filled with the toxic assets.

Many people are just as toxic. They have the ability to destroy your life if you allow them. They will eat at your personal balance sheet from the inside while bankrupting you. Some of the most valuable things in your life are stolen by these people.

Who are the toxic people? We have all run across them. They are the ones who are constantly filled with negativity. Everything in life is looked at as half full. All ideas are met with resistance since they believe anything from anyone else to be "stupid". Most of all, they are energy drains.

What do you do about these people? It is simple. Get them out of your life. These people hold no value to you. They will steal your dreams if you allow them. As mentioned, the energy drain they place upon your will ruin your day. These people are toxic. They add nothing to your life.

The banks are desperately trying to get rid of their toxic assets. Their survival depends upon it. You need to approach the toxic people in your life with the same urgency. Toxic people will kill all the good that life has to offer you. The more you interact with them, the more they will sap from you.

From now on, watch for those who are wrought with negativity. Also, monitor those who are always blaming others for their plight in life. Be careful of the complainers. And most importantly, avoid those people who constantly want to bitch about their problems to you. Energetically, these people are not worth it.
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