Seeing What Others Do Not

There was a movie in the 80s called "Night Shift". In it, Michael Keaton played an eccentric character who proclaimed that he was an "idea man". He was continually getting these ideas which he would record on his handheld recorder. Of course, most were loony. However, one, which was totally outrageous, was followed and set the premise for the movie.

Being a person of ideas is a habit that all of us should try and cultivate. Ideas are what change the world. They are also the things that change our lives. Everything that you see around you started as an idea in someone's head. Before anything is manifested in the physical world, it must first be seen in the mental. That is how it works.

Are you in the habit of seeing what others do not? Or, do you get caught up in the prevailing mindset which exists among society? The successful are people who can look at a situation while seeing what it can become. Those who fail to get ahead in life tend to see things exactly how they are.

What is the prevailing attitude in the current environment? According to the press, the world is coming to an end. The economic crisis is the worst in history. People are going to suffer consequences which they will never recover from. Homelessness is going to be a reality for many since unemployment is going through the roof. In short, we are going to be lucky if we survive this ordeal.

That is what I see being promoted everyday. But, this brings up the point "is this reality". For many, it is. Those people are buying into what is said. They partake in the gloom and doom. Their reality is created in the minds of others.

Nevertheless, there are a few out there who realize this is a fabulous time to be alive. In fact, some believe their is never a better time in history to exist. They understand that there are unlimited opportunities out there for people who are able to see them. Those who are adept at seeing what others cannot are the ones who succeed.

What is so wonderful about the economic crisis we are in? What are some of the negatives we hear about? To start, the stock market crash makes headlines. And rightfully so. It is wonderful news. Stocks of some of the finest companies in the world are offered at a huge discount. They are on sale. Yesterday, I purchased a stock which was over $70 last Spring for $8.10 a share. There never was a time to make money in the market if one is able to hold things for a while.

Unemployment is something else that makes the news. That is a wonderful piece of information. Companies that downsize usually come back stronger. They are leaner and meaner. It is a reality of economic cycles. Also, it allows for the best personnel to be retained. My readers here are some of the most knowledgeable on the net. Surely, they will stand out from the crowd.

Yesterday, I wrote about the one survival skill that will get you through this crisis. People who know the sales game will excel in this environment. Fortunes will be made while others are sitting around complaining.

There are lots of opportunities out there. For those who approach each day with the proper mindset, they will materialize easily. However, if you are one who buys into all the negativity that exists, you will go down with everyone else.
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Incomps said...

I think your right and I do believe there will be plenty of opportunities to earn money. It's also always comforting to me to think of the worst that could actually come by this. Suppose money is no longer of value, well I suppose I'd have to hike on out of this winter, and find a nice warm climate to live a simple life with food, shelter, and water. Almost sounds like a vacation either way.

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