Teflon Insides

John Gotti, the head of the Gambino crime family, was known as the Teflon Don because none of the first few indictments against him stuck. In other words, the charges of the prosecution bounced off him.

This brings me to today's lesson. Do you have teflon insides or do you let things get to you? This is a very important question pertaining to emotional stability. Your answer shows how you are able to handle things.

People who have emotional control have things "roll off their back". It seems like they are immune to criticism. They simply do not take things to heart. Accusations or insults levied against them bounce off like that person is made of Teflon. Again, nothing sticks to them.

The truth is that people can only hurt you as much as you allow them. Nothing can affect you other than those things you choose to allow to affect you. This is a difficult concept for many to understand since they are slaves to their emotions. People who utilize their personal power are in charge of their lives. This includes being in control of their emotions.

Try not to take things personally. Remember that everyone has an opinion (and they all stink). What others think is of little importance in most instances. There are only a few people in our lives who's opinions are important. The rest can go fly a kite.

Take control of your emotions and lay the foundation for a successful life.
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