A powerful technique for success is the concept of presupposition. A presupposition is a belief that something will happen before it occurs. One supposes something to be a certain way. This is often prevalent in science when someone makes a presupposition which will influence the results of the experiment. Nevertheless, we can us this technique in our daily life to increase the benefits we receive.

Most of us have some type of "to do" list. This is another tool that many utilize for success. However, what if we have a "to be done" list instead of a "to do" list? Do you notice any different between the two? This is more than just semantics. Using the name "to be done" presupposes that you are going to get the items on that list completed. The word done instills the idea of something being finished. This is how a presupposition works.

Another way of phrasing this idea is "act as if". What do we mean by this? What this saying is telling us is to act as if what we want is already true. If you want to be physically fit, as as if you already were. Someone who is fit will eat certain foods and workout in a certain way. Model that behavior even if you are not already there yet. The same is true for success in business. What does a successful business person do? Act as if you are that person and you will become it.

Cary Grant liked to say that he played Cary Grant so long he became him. Life is one big play. We are free to create whatever character we desire. Presupposing that things are a certain way gives us a shortcut to manifesting what we want.

The truth is everyone uses this technique already. Sadly, most use it for negative results. They presuppose everything is going to go wrong. Their "act as if" is to believe that they will fail. Naturally, what the mind focuses upon expands. Thus, that person manifests more failure. It is a basic fact of nature. If that person would change the thinking, new results would be attained.

Can someone really change their life by changing their thinking. A concept such as this seems really hocky. However, it is the foundation for all great achievement. Thousands of texts have referred to the power of the mind over the years. This concept has stood the test of time. Stop being a disbeliever and change your thinking. Instantaneous results will be achieved.
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