Be A Big Thinker

What is holding you back? The answer is your thoughts. It is the ideas that we consistently keep in our heads which determine the level of success we are to achieve. Sadly, most keep thoughts of limitation and lack. And, guess what they experience in their lives on a daily basis. Thoughts have a way of manifesting themselves into reality. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the best thoughts that we can.

One of the most common traits of people is "little thinking". People are conditioned to stop dreaming big. Instead, we are taught to be "realistic". Our parents tell us "get your head out of the clouds and your feet on the ground". Nothing great was ever achieved by this mindset.

Recently, Obama became President of the United States. Here was a person who was not limited by the reality of what happened in the past. Nor was Jackie Robinson, the first man in space, or the Wright Brothers. All these people broke through barriers which existed only in the minds of the masses.

So, what thoughts are you pushing aside as unrealistic. What the the big thoughts that you are avoiding. If you are to attain any level of success in your life, it starts off with the notion that all is possible. Whatever you dream, you can achieve. I believe this to be a true statement. The potential that is within you at this very moment is enough to change the world. My question is do you have the courage to believe that?

Be a big thinker. There is no added cost to your life. It takes the same energy to think big as it does to think small. However, it does require some courage. There are many doubters out there. Most people prefer to drag others down as opposed to lifting themselves up. That is a definite path to mediocrity.

To attain success, you must first imagine it. Think of the greatest of achievements. This will open up an entirely new world to you.
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