Prepare For The Worst

Are you prepared for the worst? Have you even thought about how bad things could get in your life? These are all questions which show how prepared one is to handle the tribulations that could be a daily part of one's life. Are you one who is ready?

Survival experts tell us that a key factor in getting through horrific situations is to "prepare for the worst". When you do this, it allows you to consider different possibilities. Most get stuck in a "boxlike" mindset. In other words, they cannot think outside their normal pattern.

We recently entered into a worldwide recession. Do you really understand how bad things could get? If not, it is suggested that you ponder some of the events which come to pass during major economic downturns.

For example, we all know that crime tends to accelerate when people are starving. Are you ready to deal with a lifestyle where the rule of law does not always prevail? Consider what is occurring in Mexico at the moment. What would happen if that situation was repeated in major cities throughout the U.S.? Could you handle yourself in an environment like that.

Another thing to consider is the world's oil supply. Saudi Arabia is dependent upon oil to sustain it's society. What happens if oil gets to $5 a barrel? The Saudi economy crashes, thus making it open to being taken over. How would you be impacted daily if the largest oil reserves were in the hands of the Iranians? We would see our lifestyle change in an instant.

Are any of these things going to come to pass. Hopefully not. Nevertheless, it is good to exercise your mind to all the possibilities of what can happen and prepare for it. If you are ready to handle the worst, then anything short of that will be easy to handle. Preparation can alleviate a host of problems.

Living in Florida reminds us how important it is to be prepared. We deal with hurricanes on a regular basis. People are trained to prepare as if a category 5 is going to hit. Fortunately, the storms are rarely that powerful. Yet, we saw the inverse situation with Katrina. New Orleans was completely unprepared for what it faced. The people there failed to ready themselves for the worst possible scenario.

Does this mean we are to engage in negative thinking? Absolutely not. Preparing ourselves mentally is not negative thinking. Instead, it is a mental approach design to make us more effective regardless of what occurs. Sticking our head in the sand thinking that bad things will not occur is not practical. That is what many did with Katrina. They ignored the fact that there was a monster storm headed their way.

Prepare for the worst. This will allow you to use all your resources to their maximum potential. As mentioned, rarely does the worst occur in our lives. Yet, being prepared at this level will make handling reality a lot easier.
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