Use This Time To Reaffirm Your Dreams

Now is the time to start making the changes in your life. The world is in turmoil at the moment. People are strong and we will get past this crisis. However, many are being affected negatively but what is occurring. The plans that many set out are being eliminated with each 100 point drop in the stock market. Everything that some worked for is gone.

Hopefully, you are not one of these people. I pray that you are in a position where you can survive until things reverse course. Circumstances will vary for each individual with the overall tone being negative. Life still will continue on.

My training tells me to look for the lesson in each situation. There is something that I can carry from this which will improve my life in the future. What is it? At the same time, there is an overriding lesson that I believe all need to look at.

The people who are in the process of losing it all spent years working to get to the position they were in. They toiled at professions to someday be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Sadly, this is going to be difficult for most. Their plans changed in a short period of time.

This brings me to the lesson. We all heard the story about the man on his deathbed looking back over his life. The idea is that few ever say "I wish I spent more time at the office". When we look back, we often have regret over opportunities missed. It always comes down to how we choose to spend our time.

Our present crisis is offering an opportunity to look back over our life without being on our deathbed. Thankfully, there is still time. We can take the corrective action now to create the wonderful life that we crave. This situation is serving as a wake up call to all.

Each of us has dreams that we buried long ago. The childish ideas of our youth was replaced with the concept of being responsible. Typically, the career we chose was one out of necessity rather than desire. Nevertheless, following that path led us to the place of starting over. Many are now broke and facing the possibility of being out of work. Following the responsible path led to the place of unhappiness and regret. It is less of a burden if there is something to show for the years of effort. In many instances, this is not the situation.

Therefore, I beg you to start re-evaluating. Are you doing something that you love? Is there something else that you prefer doing? Are you happy with the life that you chose? Answering in the negative to any of these questions is a reminder to wake up. The time to change in now.

Transforming one's life is usually very risky. There are choices made which are often done on faith. However, never is it easier to do this as when there is little to lose. Unemployment is projected to increase another 1-2 points at a minimum. Many people will find themselves out of work. They will be forced into a career change. I am asking you to voluntarily make this decision if it is what you want.

Unleash your dreams on the world. What is it that you would do if you had no limitations? This is a critical question. Remove the barriers of self doubt and "realism". It is time to get unrealistic. The crisis we are enduring is one we never saw before. There are similarities to the past yet nothing that measures up to this in magnitude. The entire world is being affected.

You are responsible for your life. I wrote in the past about playing the "blame game". Resist the temptation to do this. Circumstances might well be beyond your control. However, blaming others gives your power away. Take it back by first starting to dream again. Write out your ideal life without limitations. This is the initial step of formulating a new path.

Life can be changed by doing many little things to create a new direction or by totally revamping everything through a major move. Many can follow the path of the former. The later, however, is a more viable option with the circumstances as they are. People now have less to lose then they did a few weeks ago. The time to dream of a different reality is here.
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