The Blame Game

Recently I wrote about taking personal responsibility for our lives. This is something that is not being done by our leaders. Instead, they want to place the blame for the current financial crisis on other people. It is sad to see those who are in positions of oversight claim that others are at fault. The political environment dictates that if you are a Democrat it is the Republicans fault. Of course, the reverse is true if you are a Republican. Nobody is accepting responsibility.

The fact that our leaders fail to take responsibility shows an epidemic that is present in our society. Someone else is always at fault. Racism is the reason. The education system is failing. My parents did not raise me right. Wall Street and the greedy CEOs are the cause. The litany of excuses can go on forever. People are programmed to automatically place the responsibility on another.

Take a look at your own life. How often do you look to blame someone else for your lack of success? Most people live the "if only" life. This is the idea that one would be a success if only ______________. Fill in with any excuse and you will feel better about your situation. We are not responsible since someone else is to blame.

Our present financial crisis contains many lessons. Personal responsibility is one of the biggest ones. You are faced with two choices. One, you can continue blaming everyone else while looking to others to fix your life. Or you can elect to take responsibility for the things that occur. These are the only two options that we are confronted with; both individually and collectively.

What is going to get us out of this mess? It will take millions of people starting to take responsibility for their actions. If our elected officials will not do it, we can vote them out. However, before this can occur, you must implement this idea in your life. Blaming others puts us in a position of powerlessness. It is time to regain our power and place the emphasis on our personal responsibility.
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