Add Passion To Your Life!

In my last post, I wrote about the passion that Ted Nugent has. His approach to life is something to learn from even if one is not a fan of his music nor his choices. It is something that everyone needs to implement in their life.

I often hear about people trying to learn to be passionate. Passion is not something that we learn; I believe it is inherent in all of us. However, it is something that most need to rediscover. It seems that life batters people so that they forget what they truly love. The need to be "responsible" overshadows what drives people. Society has a way of molding our behavior to model what it thinks is proper. For example, how many of you heard that "you need to get your feet on the ground" or "you can't make a living at that". These are indications that someone molded your choices to their liking.

It is time to rediscover what you are passionate about. Adding passion to your life will make waking up each day easier. It ignites the spirit beyond any motivational program. Passion is the force which enables us to spend long hours performing at tasks we love. This is the single factor that allows us to produce the results we desire.

Have you ever noticed how many people cannot wait for retirement? This tells me that these people spend a vast percentage of their day doing something they do not really like. Those who are passionate about what they do have no need to retire. They continue on long after others departed.

Today, I watched some college football on television. The first game had Penn State led by Joe Paterno. After that, Florida State coached by Bobby Bowden came on. What is interesting is that they two coaches are battling for most wins of all time. This is a testament to their longevity in the game. Paterno is over 80 while Bowden is in his 70s. They are still working more than a decade after most retire. Why? Because coaching college football is what they love to do. It is their passion.

Can you think of others who never retired because they followed their passion? George Burns performed at 100 years old. Sean Connery is still starring in films. Charles Schultz kept creating Charlie Brown even though he was financially set. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus still play golf competitively. These type of people happily "work" until they die. Most hope they do not die until they can quit working.

Passion is what makes the difference. It is time to rediscover that within yourself.

Here are a few things that you can do which might help you uncover this:

1. Think about all that drove you as a child. What were your dreams? How did you like to spend your time? These answers will provide insight into what is at your core.

2. Close your eyes and envision how you would spend your day if money was not an issue. What profession would you be employed in? How would your time be spent each day? Often, we get so caught up with earning a living that we forget to create a life for ourselves.

3. Leaving talent aside, what would you truly love to do. Imagine that you are capable of anything. This will help to remove the limitations of the mind.

Begin to play with the ideas that stimulate you. There are many different ways to tap into this passion. Even if making a career out of something is not possible, perhaps you could volunteer in that field. Participating in something as a recreation is just as fulfilling as getting paid for it. What is important is to spend your time doing things that you love. It is the way to instantly spice up your life.
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