Nugent's Passion

Last night I caught Ted Nugent on Glenn Beck's television program last night. Watching the episode really got my mind turning. To me, I was witnessing someone who had that one thing that everyone needs: passion. You could see it oozing out of every pore of his body.

You might not like Nugent's music. His politics might be opposition to yours. You might detest his lifestyle choice of being a hunter and the killer of animals. However, you have to admire the zest for life this man carries with him each day. Passion is the one thing that makes it all fun. Too many trudge through life just trying to make it.

Passion is that one quality which will keep you going. It is the thing that causes you to jump out of bed in the morning instead of rolling out to face another dreary day. Basically, it is loving this gift called life. Making the most out of everyday is what our journey here is all about. Far too many miss this concept. They make all the other things more important only to look back and see they missed a whole lot.

What truly inspires you? This is a question that everyone needs to answer. People who live with passion achieve tremendous things. They have the drive to persevere when things get tough. Each moment is lived to the fullest. The polar opposite of that is someone who drags themselves to work looking forward to the next holiday. They take no joy in anything that happens in their life. It becomes an endless cycle.

Passion is the game changer. It is the one quality that makes things instantly better. People instantly have a different outlook when they find something they are passionate about. Time loses all perspective with the hours flying by. It is as if that person is continually "in the zone".

I will give you an example. There are certain topics which I absolutely love writing about. At the same time, there are those which are a total drag. When I am writing about something that I am passionate about, I can write 10,000 words in a few hours. However, get me involved with those subjects that have little interest and 500 words can be an all day affair. The passion that I have makes the difference.

How much passion is presently in your life? Take a look at this idea and be honest with yourself. If you find that each day is unexciting and a repeat of the previous, perhaps it is time to add some into your day. Picture how Nugent approaches life. Put that zest into everything that you do. You will see immediate results.
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