Curses Are Often Blessings

A man owned a farm with his wife and teenage son.

Shortly before picking season, his son hurt his back playing sports, thus not being able to pick the crops.

A friend said to the man, “isn’t it terrible that your son hurt his back and cannot pick the crops?”

“Perhaps” replied the farmer.

During picking season, the farmer had to hire someone to replace his son working the fields.

The friend said “isn’t it terrible that you have to spend all this money to get the crops picked?”


Shortly after crop season, the farmer lost his farm and had to move into a rented house.

“Isn’t it terrible that you lost your farm and had to move?”


Then, the farmer’s wife let him for another man.

“Isn’t it terrible that your wife let you?”


Next, his son lost his hand when it got caught in the machinery at the mill where he worked.

“Isn’t it terrible that your son lost his hand?”


Lastly the man was diagnosed with a terminal illness which would certainly kill him.

“Isn’t it terrible that you have this illness and are going to die?”


Finally, the friend asked the farmer, “how each time there is bad news, you simply respond by saying ‘perhaps’?”

The farmer got quiet for a second and replied:

“When my son hurt his back, I went and hired someone to work the fields. One day, there was a terrible accident in which the man was killed. Because of the bad news of my son’s hurt back, he is alive today.

After his family sued me, the courts took my farm since I had no insurance. We moved into town and the following spring a tornado hit the old farmhouse, thus killing everyone. Because of the bad news of losing my farm, my family is alive today.

Then, my wife left me for another man. After I got over the grieving, I met and fell in love with a younger woman. After we were married, she blessed me with a daughter. Because of the bad news of my wife leaving, I have a child I would have otherwise not had.

Then my son lost his hand at the mill. At that time, all his friends were called up to the war. Of course, my son could not serve his country, much to his disappointment. However, the bus that was carrying his friends was involved in a horrible crash, killing all on board. Because of the bad news of him losing his hand, my son is alive today.

And now, I am faced with the bad news of having an illness that will kill me. However, all through my life, what appeared to be bad news was actually a fantastic blessing. After time, I realized that each event was actually God helping me. Because of that, I have no reason to believe that this is any different. Is the fact that I have a disease that will kill me bad news? Perhaps. Only time will tell.
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