Weak People

We are rapidly becoming a nation (and a world) of weak people. For most, the American Dream is dead. The concept of starting then building something up is no longer part of our society. Instead, everyone is looking for the handouts from the government. What can we get for free? Individuals are trained to get something for nothing.

The recent political statements are reflective of this. Barak Obama wants to give tax cuts to 95% of the American people. The fact that 45% of the population pays no income tax means they will actually receive a handout. John McCain wants to spend $300 billion to bail out the people who are facing foreclosure. Many of these people made the conscious decision to purchase the house without any fraud or deception. Yet the government feels the need to place the responsibility on the taxpayer. Finally, Nancy Pelosi mentioned yesterday that we need another stimulus package that gives everyone a check.

Most seem to feel that it is the government's responsibility to take care of us. If all goes bad, they are there to step in and make things right. This is how people become weak. It is the reason why welfare system is a miserable failure. People become second and third generation recipients simply because they know nothing else. Society conditioned them for weakness.

How can I make this assertion? The basic premise is that people grow from failure. It is only through repeated errors that we become stronger. Use the child learning to ride a bike as an example. He or she falls until eventually learning to ride the bike. The same is true for a toddler walking. That child takes a few steps and falls. This occurs until walking is mastered.

Life is the same way. Failure is a wonderful teacher. And this is something people are being sheltered from. Pain is one of the most powerful motivators. It is often one of the driving forces for success. Tony Robbins like to relate "people will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure". I agree with this assertion. Experiencing pain pushes us to avoid putting ourselves back in that same situation.

I would like to know how these government policies will make people stronger. My belief is that most of them will do the same thing in the future since they experienced no pain. There is a lack of growth occurring which would make someone better able to handle the situation in the future. This is a tragedy of life in this generation. Handouts are making entire sectors of our society weak.

It is time to take personal responsibility for your actions. If you are one in a situation I mentioned, stop playing the blame game. Take responsibility for being where you are. For example, being behind on your mortgage because you purchased "too much house" is your fault. Of course, if assistance does come from the government, I would suggest taking it. But, learn the lesson. It is a gift and be grateful for it. However, resolve never to be in that situation again. That is what responsible people do. And this world sorely needs people like this now.
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AdriansCrazyLife said...

I find one flaw in your arguement. I agree that pain is a good teacher, however in this situation, the people who caused the pain are not necessarily the ones who are feeling it.

I'm extremely responsible with my personal finances and do all the "right" things like budgeting, saving, and investing responsibly. Yet through no fault of my own I am incurring huge losses in my investments and since I work at a financial institution, my very livelihood is in jeopardy along with hundreds of thousands of other responsible citizens.

We're not the ones driving the bus, but we are the ones suffering the pain. I'm not asking for a handout or a stimulus check, I just want a system where the rewards and the penalties are handed out in a more equitable manner.

Dennis Harting said...

I couldnt agree with you more adrian. There was a lot of dishonesty and the system is rigged against individual people. I am sorry to hear about your losses including the potential loss of employment.

Certainly there are many affected by circumstances beyond their control. Those are not the ones I was referring to with this post. Societal views seems to promote that handouts are the way for all. This weakens us as a total entity in my view.

Thanks for you input.

kittenone said...

It would be so easy to sit back and say " This isn't my fault so why should they not pay my way now" but is this really something that will give you the self esteem and the feeling of self worth that you need to belive that you can recover from this and learn and make your life a success as that is what we all wish for

Unknown said...

The idea of "something for nothing" is ingrained in lots. There is a percentage of the population willing to work to get ahead yet another percentage who wants it all given to them. It is environmental. This will not change until the free checks are cut off.

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