Passion Leads To Energy

Have you ever noticed how much energy you have when you are excited about doing something? At the same time, ever consider how lackluster you feel when you have to do something that you would rather not? This seems to be a common trait among all people. We witness this behavior regularly when studying other people.

Monday has the highest absentee rate of any day during the week. Is this a surprise to anyone? Not when you consider that statistics show that 75% of the population dislikes their job. People simply dread going into work. And those that do make it there, lack the passion necessary for excellence. Instead, they drag through the day anxiously awaiting the time when they can go home. This occurs throughout the world on a daily basis.

When we are excited about something, suddenly we have the energy necessary for that activity. Have you ever seen a child too tired to get up Christmas morning? Of course not. Yet this same person is unable to get up for school without a crowbar being applied. The amount of sleep is not what makes the difference. It is the excitement that creates the energy.

How does this apply to you? Well, it is time to make everyday like Christmas morning. Get excited about your life. This is done by doing things that you are passionate about. It starts with your profession. If you are in the 75% who detests what you do, find a different avenue to pursue. This might not be possible immediately. Nevertheless, set out a goal to be employed in a field that you love within the next year. This will set you off on a different path.

Too many spent their lives trudging through each day. A life without passion is really no life at all. Implement this simple emotion into all that you do to find out how much life can change.
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