Become Obsessed

The present election cycle is a wonderful teacher for the power of obsession. Regardless of which candidate you are for, you will agree that many of the supporters are obsessed with gaining victory. At the same time, both Obama and McCain have that same desire for winning also. Their obsession leads to passion.

How does this differ from most people? Look at your life as an example. What is you overriding desire? Is there something that you want so badly that you are willing to commit everything you have to attaining it? For most, this simply is not the case. The average person does not have an obsession. Instead, they have hopes and wants. Notice the difference. The first is a full blown commitment, the later a pipe dream.

People who are passionate live happier lives. Sadly, it is easy to find people who lack this imperative emotion. Watch the demeanor of most when they arrive at work each day. They act like they are in for a death sentence (this is closer to the truth than they realize). Contrast that with someone who loves what he or she does. That person is invigorated when arriving at the office. He or she is passionate.

My recommendation is to become obsessed with something. Excellence stems from the passion that comes with this outlook. Developing passion is critical for our success. An effective way to begin practicing this is to create this with a hobby. Find something that you love to do in your spare time. Get passionate about it and see how much better you perform at it. Harness the power of focus to increase your effectiveness. This is what a healthy obsession can do.
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