Obstacles Are Opportunities

Sales trainers teach that overcoming objections is one of the most crucial abilities that a salesperson has. Most salespeople detest getting objections from their prospect. However, top experts know that objections are a good thing-they are the path to sales. People will offer an objection only if they are interested. Those who lack interest will allow a salesperson to go on without interruption. This provides the opportunity to make the sale.

Most people look at obstacles in the wrong light also. They look at them as the barrier to success. Instead, contained within every obstacle is an opportunity. Whenever we run into the proverbial "brick wall", we are forced to get our creativity going to solve the problem. This allows us to come up with different ways of doing things.

Too many people allow the obstacles in life to derail their path to success. The top people succeed in spite of the challenges they confront. Failure (temporary) is often a part of the equation. Nevertheless, the desire to persevere is what makes the person a success in the end. Consider the struggling actor. That person could spend years honing his or her craft before getting the big breakthrough. However, each step makes this person a better actor.

Each time you encounter an obstacle, there is an opportunity for growth. As we progress through life, our skills and abilities grow. We can handle things at 40 that were impossible at 20. The experience gained over those years allows us to forge ahead. Setbacks end up providing us with the necessary tools to succeed in the future. Therefore, the next time you are in a situation that is viewed as an obstacle, ask yourself, "what can I learn from this". Here is where you will find the pearls of wisdom so necessary for success.
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