Blame In Action

Anyone who is a regular reader knows that personal responsibility is one of the highest values we promote here. Unlike the "handout" concept of society today, I believe it is the one way to happiness and prosperity. It also eliminates the ability to play the blame game.

I had the opportunity to witness how the societal conditioning of society affects people. I got discussing politics with a friend of mine yesterday. As you can guess, this particular individual has a different political outlook than I do. Naturally, we got into some cross hairs rather quickly.

To start, this individual is 62 years old drawing social security. It is his only means of financial support. He is presently living with his daughter (rent free) because he is paying child support for his three children (all under 10). He married and divorced 5 times leaving a path of destruction in each situation. By now you can guess which side he is falling on.

He claims that we need people in Washington who are going to take care of us. All the benefits for the rich are what hurts this country. This is his belief. Of course, nowhere in his life did he take responsibility for any of his actions. Thus, he feels the government should take care of everyone.

My issue here is not to create a political debate. Rather, I want to illustrate how a destructive outlook creates concrete results in people's lives. This individual believes in others taking care of it all with him being at fault for nothing. That played out in his life.

Personal responsibility is the only path to happiness and success. My friend is jaded because he was let down. That is the natural result when your dependence is upon others. They will fail you. Take responsibility for your own life and then you can take the corrective action when things go differently than anticipated. This is a much better result than waiting for the politicians to fix the government. That is a long wait.
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