Obsession: The Overriding Desire

Obsession is defined as the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, or desire. This is something that received a bad rap in our culture. We all heard of people who were diagnosed with OCD. These people are obsessive in everything they do. For them, it is a psychological disorder because they carry their ideas too far. Perfection is their only criteria.

However, if you look at any successful person, you will find that they are obsessive about what they do. They strive for excellence in all areas. Unlike the one with a mental disorder, this person knows when to let go. Nevertheless, their goals are the dominating thoughts.

If you want to change any aspect of your life, it is vital that you start to obsess about it. An prime example is fitness. People who are obsessed with being physically fit will do all the things necessary to achieve that end. Those who lack this will get different results.

People who are obsessed are committed to reaching their ends. This is a drastic difference from just wanting something. With 60% of the population overweight, I would venture to say half the populous wants to lost some weight. Yet few do. The reason is that only a small percentage make it an overriding desire. Obsession is what creates different results.

What are you obsessed about in your life today? Uncover this and you will instantly find passion. Obsession offers the motivation which is otherwise lacking. Do you want a better career, earn more money, attract the person of your dreams, or learn a new language? Whatever your desire is, start obsessing over it. Let it become the dominant thought you carry throughout your day.

A word of caution: do not obsess about everything. This leads to the state of mind first mentioned. People who are OCD obsess over every little detail. Those who use obsession to their advantage have one or two single concepts that are focused upon. They maintain the ability to "let go" of the unimportant.

Spend some time in the next 24 hours pondering how obsession could play a role in your life. This will enhance the success you achieve ultimately.
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