The "Sprint" Method

Think about the Olympic sprinters. Get a clear picture in your mind of their bodies. Have you noticed how every muscle is seemingly molded out of steel. The arms and legs of these individuals are sculpted from years of training.

Now compare that to the physique of the marathoner. This individual is lean and thin. Many look bony especially in comparison to our sprinters. Obviously, the muscles required for each event differs greatly. One would not want to enter a marathon after training to be a sprinter.

This could be the very reason why your life is less than you prefer. Most trainers and coaches talk about life being a marathon. That is true. However, this mindset overlooks the fact that it is really a series of sprints. From an energetic perspective, it is necessary to have the ability to tap into this resource when needed.

A study was done of the top tennis players in the world. The idea was to compare what made them winners versus those who were lacking. Ability was something that was not even considered since all of the world's top players are close in that area. What they looked at was the energy each used, specifically, the ability of the athlete to recuperate.

The results of this particular test found that the winning players had the ability to replenish their energy in between points better than the others. This made them stronger later in the match. The level of energy they are able to access is what makes the difference.

Think about how a sprinter approaches a meet. The runner will enter the blocks, prepare for the run, burst out exerting everything he or she has, only to slow down after crossing the finish line. For that 4-12 seconds, every ounce of energy is poured into the race. Nothing is held in reserve.

In between races, it is not uncommon to see a racer laying down on the grass. This is the time spent replenishing the energy. Top level athletes are masters at managing their energy levels. They know the exact time until the next race.

Utilize this principle as you travel throughout your day. We are all confronted with certain things that need attention. Throw all your energy into the task at hand. However, remember to replenish your energy after completing the task. This is done by taking a walk, engaging in some deep breathing, listening to some music, or any number of another methods which will allow you to relax for a few minutes. This is in direct contrast to the prevalent mentality which says "move onto the next activity immediately". This concept tries to turn us into marathoners when we are most effective as sprinters.

Use this for the next few days and you will see a difference in your success rate.
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kittenone said...

All to often people plod through chores wishing they were done and moaning about the length of time they take, if they were to dedicate all their concentration and energy on that specific taks they would achieve it a lot quicker and feel a lot better about themselves

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