Self Reliance

Who can you count on? This is an important question in this generation. The world that we live in is rapidly changing. Unfortunately, many are ill prepared to deal with the circumstances that are arising. What is one to do with things moving at such a fast pace? Where do we turn to seek the solutions?

We are in the midst of the greatest "responsibility absolution" program ever seen. The overriding tone is that "it is not your fault" regardless of what occurs. Governments all over the world are stepping in to save institutions from failure. Why? Because we simply cannot let them fail. At the same time, individuals are receiving assistance due to mortgage circumstances where they are not at fault. Again, today, nothing is your fault.

Sadly, the ones who are telling us they provide the rescue are the same ones who let us down in the first place. Our leadership failed to offer any insulation against corporate and governmental greed, institutional manipulation, and corruption. Now, they are saying "trust us, we will help". Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but this is a lie. If you are looking for someone else to save you butt, you are holding a losing hand.

Self reliance is where you need to focus your attention. The economy is in rough shape. Many good employees will be let go due to circumstances. Companies do not have the loyalty to protect you. Even small business owners will decide on their paycheck over yours. This is a fact of life. Even union employees, those who supposedly are protected, will find how little the union does for them when there are massive layoffs. Imagine the position union negotiators are in when dealing with GM. "Take the layoffs or we will be out of business in 24 months when we run out of money". Notice how limited their choices are. Take something now or get nothing in the long run.

Here is a memo: there is nobody looking out for you. The politicians do not care. These people only care about getting re-elected and gaining power. Some will say this is a cynical view of the political process yet I challenge anyone to debate the opposing point.If they cared so much about our situation, how come none of them have mentioned cutting their salaries by 50% from $130K-$150K until this crisis passes.

Of late, I have written a great deal about personal responsibility. It is something that vaporized over the last 20 years. We are a generation that excels at the blame game. Watch the politicians. It is interesting to note how nothing is ever their fault. There is someone else who can always be blamed. They mention how we can look to them to protect us while failing at every turn. How many times are we going to fall for that?

The bottom line is there is nobody to care for you but you. People, by their nature, have a degree of selfishness. They are going to tend to their own interests first. Understand this and get on board. Tend to your own interests (and that of your family). Become a person who is self reliant. Take those actions which will improve the circumstances for your family. Personal responsibility is the attribute we all need more of today. If we can do that, there will come a time when we can tell those who are promising to take care of us "thanks but no thanks".

Begin this process today.
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