The Power of "No"

"No is one of the most effective terms in our language. The word is clear and concise. It also is a vital tool for successful time management.

There is an old saying "you can have anything you want in life, you just cant have everything". The reason is that there are trade-offs we need to make in terms of time. Each minute that you focus upon one thing is a minute that is taken away from something else.

We want to do everything. This is a condition that is natural. Many of us fail to realize where our limitations are. The desire to say "yes" when asked is too much to resist. However, it is this behavior which often puts us in a state of overwhelm. It is crucial that we gain control of our time if we are ever to attain success.

Saying "no" is a powerful tool in preventing this situation. There are always people who are looking for assistance from us. Nevertheless, we need to prioritize our time so that we are spending it most effectively. This starts with turning down those low priority activities. Unfortunately, there are many things that we do which have little impact on our lives. These are the tasks which we need to eliminate. Remember this the next time someone asks you to do something that is not consequential.

People have a tendency to dump on others. This is something that many of us conditioned them to do. Whenever they are in a bind, they come to us. Over the years, we always say "yes" to whatever they need help with. This trains them to turn to us before trying to work things out themselves. We need to reverse the behavior by telling these people "no". It is the only way for you to gain control over your time. You success depends upon acquiring this essential skill.
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