Moment By Moment

I wise teacher of mine many years ago told me that life is nothing more than a series of moments and it is what we do with each of them that determines the quality of it. This brings up the question "what are you doing to make the most of this moment". At any given time, we can to focus on those activities which move our lives forward. The successful take control of their mindset in this way.

James Allen in his groundbreaking book As A Man Thinketh (available for free in the sidebar) alluded to the power of controlling our thoughts. He believed that success was determined by our thoughts. Since that time, many others followed the same concept. Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill is another such publication. Each moment is an opportunity to focus our attention on those details which really matter.

Tiger Woods has an outlook that really makes him a champion. His quest for the most wins of all time starts in his head. A few years ago this was exemplified in an interview. Woods stated that he goes into each golf tournament looking to win. Compare this with the guys who seek to "play well". Woods set the bar higher in his mind.

Jack Nicklaus, another golfing great, identified the power of the moment when he described his pre-shot routine. Nicklaus visualized the shot that was ahead of him turning out exactly how he wanted it. Notice he referred to the one he was about to hit. The putt that he made (or missed) on the last hole is irrelevant. The only thing that mattered was the shot before him.

What are you doing right now? Obviously, reading this article is helping you to understand this concept. However, what are you going to do when you are done with this? How are you going to apply this into your life? Too many try to live days, weeks, or years at a time. When one is doing this, he or she is missing the present. That person is skipping moments by looking ahead.

It is time to develop the mindset of a champion. Focus on those activities which are right in front of you. Planning is a wonderful tool. However, we cannot always be future focused. Tiger Woods is moving to the all time record by winning one tournament at a time. To do that, he hits one shot at a time. Concentrating on each moment will move us toward our goals. Begin to apply this in your life today.
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