Mindset In Action

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays for their worst-to-first season. They are now headed to the World Series with last night's victory. This is an amazing story on many levels. The best aspect of it in my opinion is the mindset that went into creating this reality.

For those who are not baseball fans, here is a brief rundown of the situation.

Tampa was the worst team in baseball since their inception 10 years ago. Over that time, they won about 40% of their games. This was an organization that had a loser's mindset. They were expected to lose. I think the players believed this as well. There was nothing that countered this idea.

In came Joe Madden. He was named manager and the first order of business was to begin changing the mindset. It is my understanding that he gathered the team together the first day of spring training and told them that losing was no longer tolerable. The team had the talent to win, something that he was determined to do.

Here we are 6 months later and the Rays are off to the World Series. This shows how powerful the mindset is. This was the worst (by far) organization in baseball. Everything was working against them, including payroll limitations that comes with being a small market team. Yet they won.

How does this compare to your own life? Perhaps you have achieved results that are less than you desired. Resolve to turn it around. Losing is no longer an option. If the change in mindset can reverse the fortunes of a baseball organizations, I guarantee it will work in your life too. Success first starts in your mind. Decide to win that battle today.
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