The Little Changes

I meet lots of people who want to change their life. They finally get to the point where they are not happy with how things are transpiring. Getting past the tendency to blame, they want to take personal responsibility for the course that life follows. That being said, they want to focus on making the major changes which can instantly transform things. This works in many instances. However, often there is a better way.

The desire to move, change jobs, get into/exit a relationship, or travel to a far away land all have a large impact. Each of this will set one's life in a different direction. Nevertheless, for many, these are not the steps one needs to take.

Most can radically alter their life if they are willing to make minor changes. This is a secret that is mostly overlooked. Small differences in behavior will offer a major impact down the road. This process is enhanced when one seeks to make many changes of this magnitude.

Health is an area that is viewed as a long term proposition. It also is the perfect example of how small changes have a large impact. What is the difference in your life if you started walking for 15 minutes everyday? Over a 20 years time period, it would be great. The same is true for eating fruit early in the morning. The positive effect long term is great.

This concept applies to all areas of your life. Look for those actions which seem minor. The benefit of focusing upon these activities is that it is easy to succeed. Also, the time invested is usually small. Spending 5 minutes a day doing something that will provide a tremendous difference in the quality of your life is a fantastic trade-off.

Begin today developing a list of changes you can make immediately. You need not choose a different career path. What are 5 activities that will profoundly affect you? Here are some examples:

-stretch daily
-return unanswered phone calls
-clean up your workspace
-drink 8-10 glasses of water a day
-work out 4 times per week
-clean out your car
-read a book for 1 hour a night

How many more can you come up with? There are thousands of actions which will alter your life. Individually, the impact might not be that large. However, the total effect will be. Begin taking some control today.
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Unknown said...

Life can be changed one activity at a time. One of the easiest changes to make is the change in attitude. This makes everything different in a flash.

kittenone said...

The best thing about these changes are they are simple and easy to do and you will notice the effects almost right away

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